X WordPress Theme Review

X design theme is known as the last concept theme you will ever buy. The statements are apparent as X design from Themeco works as a self-sustained website designer with the chance to obtain unlimited unique sites, only restricted to the designer creativity. Today we are going to evaluate the review statements that Themeco has set forward. The newest launch of the Theme 4.0 has also introduced some new changes in the whole program. A lot of new additions have been a part of the already awesome program.

X theme has certainly modified the WordPress themes market last year and they continue to increase on the same direction, providing more and more offerings for the customers can use in their newest 4.0 launch. Let’s move on with evaluation.

Themeco is well-known for offering state of the art additions for their customers. The additions extensions quickly act as ice on the dessert moreover with stacks. The personalization of stacks and the extensible of the additions carry new life to the whole web page designed by Themeco web page designer X theme. On top of that, the additions extensions are designed to benefit the X environment. In their latest edition, they have offered a lot of additions extensions free of cost! The list record is big and we don’t want to overlook anything. The additions are detailed below.

Video Lock
Video Secure configures the power of X environment to provide an amazing promotion. When used to complete potential, the proactive approach plug-in can bring lots of clients and improve CTR (Click through Rates).

Content Dock
A perfect plug-in for an advertising and promotion web page that is looking to interact with visitors with exciting or promotion material. They fly-in as designed and also contain a proactive approach key button, if necessary.

Custom 404
This easy plug-in lets you develop customized 404 webpages with the, easy text, and appears to be. The creativeness in creating customized 404 webpages can be limitless and with comedy the whole pastime changes.

Olark helps the business to improve the user’s experience and consequently increase sales, take care of issues and meet clients at their door step.More than half-dozen plug-ins that are presented in edition 3.0 which contains Sleek Search, SQLiloQuy and more.

Typekit is a top quality service which you get without charge with every purchase of the X theme. With this extension, you can create wonderful styles design by the Typekitfonts styles into your web page.

ConvertPlug is an extremely effective top quality device for prospecting and to enhance your transformation to help you earn more money from your site. You can use this plug-in to develop your subscriber lists, to enhance your social supporters, show targeted offers, offer discount rates, show marketing video clips and a lot more. And the best part is that you will get this expansion without charge with the X theme.

You get a number of other top quality additions like the Visual Composer, tech Slider Revolution, Layer Slider, Essential Grid and many such plug-ins.

What makes the X Theme so flexible?
X theme depends on collection stack execution, currently 4 in number and boosts later on. The collection stack symbolizes one whole idea of personalization such as flat or smooth design. The four-stack that are currently present in the X theme are:
– Icon
– Renew
– Integrity
– Ethos


The style stack component of each collection allows clients to create endless exclusive websites with the help of the website designer builder. In addition, each collection can be turned into child theme which itself signify a simple exclusive enterprise for further analysis and growth.

To get started, X Theme has involved a number of child styles themes.

More About Stacks
Stacks signify the primary of the whole X Theme. Stacks signify the exclusive design style factors and each hold, much information, and value to clients. The whole viewpoint of the theme can be found within the stacks. In future, Themeco designed to launch more stacks, major more value to the clients. The up-dates will be free for current clients.

Icon is the revival of writing a blogging community aspired by modern writing your blog. The Icon Symbol collection style places content material at the center level. Blogging is all about putting forward blogger’s idea and concepts and without giving the language the existence, your blog is imperfect.

Icon stack style design gives away all the bling-bling and concentrates its main performance on enhancing typography and legibility of the information. The stack style design uses other theme options such that each style symbolizes the character and approach of the blogger.

Icon Stack Features:
– Minimal Blog Design
– Clean Portfolio Design
– Modern Shop
– Change Post Colors
– Independent Scrolling Sidebar


Ethos Stack Style design depends on comprising the best for journal and newspaper websites. The user can create one of a kind and unique journal websites with Ethos. The design and style satisfies the idea of accelerating the click through. The current web is full of information related websites and the customers who are looking to jump strong into the blog/news/magazine classification will love Ethos and treasure every time of improved business.

Ethos Stack Features:
– Post Carousel
– Magazine Blog Design
– Custom Portfolio
– Integrated Shop Design
– Real-time blog index filtering
– Multiple Featured Image Options
– Post Sliders for Blog and Blog Post Archives


Renew essence exists in making a smooth style design for different websites. Flat style design is getting popular in the world of web. Flat design style is being easily accepted by current web-developers as it provides simple style strategy ridiculing the use of 3D aspects of a web page. This stack just like Symbol Icon features content in brief and clear manner.

Renew Stack Features:
– Flat Blog Design
– Integrated Portfolio Design
– Flat Shop Design
– Change background color


Integrity has its origins described in creating magnificently designed websites for all known reasons. The stack is well suitable for both professionals and beginners as well. Creativeness can locate its path through Integrity stack and with good analysis the user can simply land with a unique, wonderful.

Integrity Design Features:
– Light/Dark Options
– All-purpose blog design
– Professional Portfolio Design
– All-purpose shop Design
– Transparency Options
– Custom welcome messages


X Customizer
The X Customizer delivers all the juice to the X design theme, allowing customers to develop their exclusive customized websites. The Customizer is identical to what we see in the standard WordPress set up as it is constructed upon the local WordPress theme personalization menu selection. The personalized features lot of functions to control to such as header positioning, sidebar place, background scenes, images and many more.

So what makes the customizer worth? The customizer let the customers preview live changes in the same web browser. This decreases a lot of growth time. Fast growth is possible and this also decreases a lot of disappointment on the developer’s part.

Site Layout
Generally, modifying the layout structure of your website can be a trial as it needs customized programming and if you are not comfortable with a rule you will never be able to modify the structure and even if you try to modify the rule you will end up splitting the website. But X gives you out of the box option to modify the overall layout structure of the website with the just click of a button; you can make your website full size or encased with on just click in the live customizer.

Background Options
Thistheme offers you a number of choices to perform with your website, you can have picture, design as well as strong color as the of your website. You can even use several pictures that change in every post or page.

Magic of Short codes
Short codes perform a big part in interpreting the ability to move of the concept theme. Currently, X Theme facilitates 40 amazing short codes from small projects such as writer info to obtain control buttons. On top of that, all the short codes are available through a custom built-in plug-in for quick access and servicing.

Short-codes such as Accordion, writer, prevent grid lines, callout, package, Drop cap etc. are available within the X theme.

X theme facilitates easy modification to an e-commerce web page. So, there is nothing to be concerned if you need to turn your website into an e-commerce web site. This is obtained by the help of WooCommerce plug-in. By using the plug-in, the website running speed won’t suffer.All four stacks assistance their own shop style and this further increases the extensibility of the X theme.

One Website Homepage
Over the past one year, one-page home pages are getting all the attention and to be true, it looks awesome. All the area of the page can be performed from the menu selection and the home-page variety all the area in a very stylish smooth way. X theme facilitates horizontally navigation routing which is fully reinforced to work with one-page home pages. The horizontally routing navigation works well with full-width.

Responsive Design
Responsive style is a must these days. Any website that doesn’t assistance responsive style will gradually lead to loss of life. X theme facilitates 100% fluid responsive design style which ends up in more user communications. All the current system screen quality is sustained by X theme.

BuddyPress and bbPress Compatible
Another best part of this them is that it is completely suitable for BuddyPress as well as bbPress plug-in. So you can use this design theme to produce a completely presented group website using WordPress system. BuddyPress is the most popular WordPress group plug-in which is an free project and it enables you to produce a modern social media website within a little bit but you will need a BuddyPress suitable theme as all styles don’t perform with this group plug-in.

Stunning Profile Site
X can be used by the innovative to display their work performance with amazing domain portfolios. It comes with a variety of designs to produce a portfolio website easily. From a very simple blog to an amazing magazine-style website X will fit into everything perfectly and if you are an innovative professional, you can also make your weblog along with great looking domain portfolios to display your perform.
Other Functions value mentioning.

If I continue to write more about the feature list attributes, the list will be an endless one. They are as:

– Tons of fonts included into the theme, approx. 600 fonts
– All the backgrounds present within the theme supports images, different patterns, and solid colors.
– The theme currently supports 400 responsive icons.
– Supports latest retina ready displays.
– Includes PSD
– Slider Revolution
– Supports mega menus to display a lot of content in the menu.
– Supports box and wide site layout
– Supports Sidebars
– Supports Integrated BBPress forums.
– Comes with WPML compatibility which makes the translation to other languages easy

Search Engine Optimized
The theme is SEO helpful and provides semantic rule for the web. The marketing is obtained by using newest web growth methods and technological innovation such as HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.

Typography comprises the art of cutting-edge font’s styles that looks attractive to the sight. X Theme has unique rules in the typography area. They have offered all the manages in your arms of the customer where the customer can change each and every area according to their needs. The theme facilitates over 600 Google Fonts styles which are dynamically packed, improving site running rate. Furthermore, customers can select to modify dimension, correspondence space, capital and more with X Customizer.

Getting Ready for the first time
The setup is simple and user-friendly, just like any other WordPress theme. Publish the theme by going to WordPress administration dash panel.

Choose Apperance-> Styles -> Add New.
Upon set up, the theme requests the customer to set up 4 additional plug-ins. They are Contact Form 7, Force Regenerate Thumbnails, Slider Revolution and X Short-codes.

Dummy information is set up on the first set up such that the customer doesn’t feel missing after the first set up. The X theme also provides understanding that contains all it video clip and written text guides tutorials.The only disadvantage of X Theme is a minor studying bend. But, with determination X Theme can be easily perfected. For designers, studying X theme won’t be any problem.

Cornerstone Page Builder
Cornerstone web page designer builder is the new addition to X theme, it’s an excellent highly effective web page designer tools which is made by the Themeco group. X theme used to offer Visual Composer as their web page designer from the beginning of the theme, now you have one more choice. Cornerstone web page designer is a 100% front-end web page designer plug-in that will take your web page building encounter to a whole new level. You will get a copy of this plug-in with every purchase of X theme, so you will have the choice to choose between two most effective web page builders.

As Cornerstone is a front-end designer builder you will see the changes you are making instantly without having to load the website every time you are making changes. The plug-in is beginner friendly and comes with specific documentation like everything else related to X theme. It offers you a tropical clean interface to build your website in an App like interface which makes the skills really amazing.


X theme assistance support can be utilized by components found in their knowledge base. The knowledge base also serves video clips that help customers to set up and use X theme successfully. On the other hand, boards can also be used by customers to get immediate responses to their problems. The assistance support doesn’t end here as the member’s area also offers video clips that further increase the consumer experience.

X theme is currently available for just $64 on ThemeForest. The cost of the theme is a little bit on the greater part but for the options the consumer is getting, the prices are justified
Build your next site with X WordPress Theme

Final Thoughts
With the newest 4.41 launch and the addition of a multitude of additions for free has modified the opportunity of X theme as the final concept of 2016. With the New Year on the skyline, the upgrade is a perfect present for their customers on Xmas. Keeping the upgrade apart, X theme is still the most powerful competitor in the market. The opportunity of the theme is tremendous with the opportunity to develop unique templates at user’s will. There are pretty fewer possibilities that any two templates come out to be same. X theme is a mixture of market best methods in one program. X concept is an irresistible creativeness in regards to structure design, additions, and customization. Strongly suggested from my side. Now it’s your turn, discuss your opinion of X-Theme and maybe how you make your business?

Detailed Features Of X WordPress Theme

  • Created on: 22 Nov 2013
  • Last Updated: 26 Jan 2016
  • Compatible with: WordPress 3.6+
  • Tested up to: WordPress 4.4
  • Auto update: No
  • No. of columns: 4
  • Layout: Responsive
  • Widget: Yes
  • Retina display ready: Yes
  • Page builder: Yes
  • Theme author: Themeforest
  • Documentation: Well documented
  • BuddyPress: Yes
  • WooCommerce: Yes
  • Ticket Support: Yes
  • Email Support: Yes
  • Community Support: Yes
  • Compatible browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE10+, IE7, IE8+, IE9+, Opera, Safari
  • Supported Versions: WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.3, WordPress 4.4

Check Out official X demo site. X WordPress Theme

Discuss your ideas in comments area if you have any questions regarding this X WordPress concept design theme evaluation. Have you used this theme in the past? If you plan to purchase it, what are most of your concerns?

X WordPress Theme Review
8.5 Total Score

Design and UX
Responsiveness Layout
Ease of Theme Customization
SEO Optimized
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