20 Of The Best WordPress Themes For Musicians, Singers And Artists In 2016

WordPress is by far, the best on the internet system for creating a website. Over the years, it has become a customer of the humanities, supporting the development of blogs, artists, musicians and young business owners. It provides you with the greatest canvas, an empty standing that is highly personalized and simple to use. Here, the entire globe is your oyster, given that you are innovative enough to take every opportunity.

In the internet, your web surfer profile, portfolio has become one of your most useful resources. Regardless of your actual profession, your blog or website will allow you an edge against their competitors. For many supporters, this will be their first chance to have interaction with your material. Musicians cannot hope to ever commercialize their sound without an excellent online marketing strategy and a well-designed, well applied, WordPress customer profile. You owe it to yourself and to your company business, to increase your chances by focusing on everything.

If you are not technical smart, it’s easy to get lost in the facts. It is not unusual to see an artist that selects a dull, standard theme. Everyone must understand that the covering is also essential, not just the sweets. On WordPress, the user interface is extremely simple to use. Generally, if you can read, you can set up your own customer profile. Then it becomes an issue of personalization, and showing yourself through an internet based method. Fortunately, WordPress also serves some of the best content theme makers on the globe. They appreciate creating styles themes for artists, and it is potential that one of those attractive themes has your name on it.

The actual amount of variety assures success; you are limited to discover something that you like. Try to choose a WordPress Musician Artist theme that combinations both visual attraction and performance. The appearance of your selected website design must be user-friendly, and attractive. But, pretty styles themes are ineffective if their style obscures essential information. Try to look for a balance, between elements of style design and info shows. That being said, let’s take a look at some excellent WordPress themes for musicians:

After choosing one of these WordPress Musicians, Singers and Artists Themes, you will need a self-hosted WordPress website in order to use it.

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  3. Install WordPress: At some hosts you have to manually install WordPress. Not at Bluehost. Just log into your dashboard and click the install button and everything is take care of for you.
  4. Install Your Theme: Now for the fun part. Choose your favourite theme from this list and follow these directions on how to install it.


Advertising your content on the internet can be challenging, for those that are not technical smart. Speaker is a WordPress music theme that offers a solution to that problem. Its design is simple to use, perfect for experts and newbies as well. The simple to use experience is further assisted by the rule, considering convenient adjustment. Speaker’s assistance system should also be described, as it utilizes well qualified, well-mannered experts. This theme is very simple to setup, and it is Retina prepared. If the client desires to sell some of his/her product, Speaker is able to back up web stores through WooCommerce. Its background can be customized by using the Press Media Library Collection, as they also offer video backgrounds scenes. The theme is interpretation prepared, with many layout structure options and Search engine Google font styles.



Motivated by masonry layout structure, JamSession is a nice-looking, wonderful WordPress music theme. It has customized content for activities, discographies, video clips and galleries exhibits. User-friendly and easy to configure; JamSessions tries to fulfill all customers, not just the technical smart. It may also be used any type of device, increasing its availability ranking. The menu’s qualities can be easily customized, as customers can modify its opacity, color shades and position. When a establishing is modified, a preview option seems to be. Exterior video clips can be connected or a part of the main page and the administration area has a drag & drop feature. Also, the wonderful masonry layout structure is entertaining.



This WordPress music design theme uses HTML 5, as it is intended to be completely responsive and personalized. Perfect for musician’s artists that are trying to sell their product and activities, MusicVent is the way to go. It is not difficult to set up, one just has to go to the Option Theme area and start customizing their configurations. The theme provides emphasize color shading and Google fonts styles. It is possible to choose from experience that has a picture slider, or a video cycle. MusicVent has incorporated many widgets and icons such as Flickr Photos, Included Video clips, Social profile Information and Popular Publish post Details lists.



Music is about stability, harmony, and information. Your website must indicate those features, and themes like FWRD guarantee to accomplish the website development process. Its design is outstanding, and its layout structure is completely responsive towards all systems. You will not have to bother with resizing mistakes. You are entitled to a web page that of deserving of website hosting service your art. It is possible to show one of your outstanding music video clips straight on the website, as FWRD facilitates Video and Parallax background scenes. The theme has incorporated a Music Record and Sound Audio function, enabling customers to publish their tracks and MP3s. Of course, you will be able to create and arrange playlists. Individual albums collections will have Review and Lyrics segments. It is possible to add these players on any website, due to the FWRD customized widgets icons.

For your live activities, the Events and Gigs Administrator cost was involved. Musicians can show their upcoming events, and provide as many information as possible. Thanks to WooCommerce, a personal online store can be designed. It is now much easier to spread products and equipment, thanks to this constant and available system. If you want to example FWRD without having to spend any money, be sure to access the live preview.



The art of storytelling has been essential to human community. As we progressed past our modest roots, we integrated technological innovation into our tale informing methods. Share is a WordPress theme that carries on that extremely pleased custom, providing features that are meant to aid in the artist’s trip. It can be used for poems, blog, composing, and traveler or viewpoint sites.

It contains an awesome system for your blog site, along with wonderful picture galleries exhibits that can display your most unforgettable minutes. You may enhance your supporters even on a trip, because Share is entirely responsive. Be it cellular phones or laptop computers, you website will look great. The theme is well layout structured and enhanced, providing lightning-fast running rate for video clips and pictures.

The layout structure is very simple to get around, and you do not need to seek the services of professional directors in order to handle and spread content material. This product has multi-media support, providing to display pictures, sound tracks, and video clips. If you want to try out the information, you can check out the live preview. The WordPress customizer allows with regard to customization of your web page. You may add personal images, modify establishing, and even exchange the theme’s color shades. All of this without in contact with a single line of code!


Available in both Windowed and Full Display options, Remix is a remarkable music theme for WordPress. It seems that its biggest resource is its visual style design. There is something exciting about dark color shades, including a sense of mystery and category. Its composing is shown in white with some purple features, in order to provide comparison with the dark background. It prevents certain traditional components, focusing on a more contemporary look.

It has a responsive design style, and the theme works with Shoutcast or Soundcloud, providing you to transfer and include sound audio tracks. After you purchase it, the theme will also give you a Slider and Visual Composer for no additional cost. Niceroll, 7 layer PSD information file, 17 customized widgets, and over 600 symbols icons are also available.


Vice is a perfect choice for those that would like a tremendous WordPress music theme. You can use it to make an artistic and motivating web page that is sure to entice a lot of holiday makers. If you are just starting out, the training videos are useful resources. They can information you through the set up process, describing everything in details.

Customers can set up a large number of segments, each with customized background scenes. You can also make as many One-Page web pages as you need. In order to increase the visual benefit of your site, a YouTube movie can be set as your background. The design style is set to simulate the look of clear cup, providing everything a modern, stylized look. Guests can view your content on high quality Retina shows. There are tons of color shade options, helping you to style design the site that you always desired.

Vice comes with a black and light scheme, and it comes with a customized picture for you background. Clients may also take advantage of over 120 customized symbols icons. The theme offers a 2-tier drop down menu selection, and 25 social symbols icons. It is going to look awesome with any system, mobile or otherwise. In addition, it functions the best Music Player on WordPress.



If you are an specialist and you want to create a cheap, yet effective web page, look no further than Colibri. It is suitable for groups, singers, hard drive jockeys, guitar players or any other type of specialist. In today’s marketing scenery, public networking incorporation is essential for success. In addition, social media networking sites can also complete content material holes when you are too busy to upgrade your pages on a consistent basis. With this theme, your website can be provided with content material from Tweets, Soundcloud, Instagram and BandsInTown.

The Visual composer specialist is a great tool for web page development. Easy to use and handy, it will provide you with a very great variety of build options. If you want to keep it simple, the One Page function lets you design a little yet wonderful website. The Redux Framework layout Structure administration board is powerful and simple to use. Routing navigation is very user-friendly, making it accessible to everyone. Both developers and beginners can enjoy its versatility. There is an endless variety of colors, along with video and scrapbook incorporation. Every single web page can have its own Background Image, an element that results in more appearance for your web page.


Music Club

This WordPress music club design theme is created to benefit all songs, music lovers. One of its signature functions is the addition of floating music player. It is shown in the reduced 50 percent of the web page, and it can be modified to an ordinary, fixed design. Customers can choose between 3 unique editions of list style. The theme also comes with a Full screen or boxed layout structure, and an awesome GoodLayers Importer. It has completely personalized sidebars, great short codes, and an endless color shade scheme. Music club is appropriate for WooCommerce, and it can be used on all gadgets, making it completely responsive. It may be personalized in almost every way, and it is retina ready.



While art is very subjective, quality is not. Hugo is a WordPress theme that can accomplish the production of your specialist web page. It has a large selection of impressive features, in addition to 8 stunning theme skins. Every skin was designed to provide to a different category of music, and they can be further customized by the customer. Hugo is much customized, given the addition of the Visual Composer plug-in. This contemporary device uses Drag and Drop technology, and it features some essential content components. With this theme, even beginner customers will be able to art popular specialist web pages.

If your business strategy plan contains the submission of music, you are in fortune. Hugo has integrated WooCommerce, which allows online marketers to open their own web stores. You can also use it to sell products, songs, music equipment, and so on. Of course, lovers will want to listen to some example music. Your website will have a wonderful customized mp3 music player that features playlist and selection features. The layout structure is responsive, and it has completely removed resizing mistakes. Even the display sliders will react to touchscreen technology instructions. For those who want to example this theme before they make to a purchase, a live preview was made available.



This is a Mailchimp Intregated WordPress theme for the expert DJ. Its design is simply wonderful, made to thrill any prospective client. If you are an experienced musician artist or team proprietor, it will help you message your occasion. Appearance aside, this theme is also extremely flexible, loaded with functions and ready for Cellular use. Vocal can act as an information panel or poster, showing solution costs and place location. Its color shade choice is somewhat restricted, but it allows the client to add mp3 tracks or link outside video clips. Some of its other functions consist of Customized Widgets, Icons, Bootstrap 3.2, and an Ajax Contact Type.



Designed to be the professional musician’s best buddy, Beatheaven is a highly entertaining and very responsive WordPress theme. It functions several slider choices, and it is Retina prepared. Beatheaven also offers customers a Symbol Typeface Incorporation function that allows you to substitute several symbols icons, incorporated in the same font computer file. Its page layout structure can be customized, providing a few built-in choices such as Activities, Specialist, About Us, and Activities. The theme allows for the integration of an example sound computer file, thanks to the HTML 5 sound audio player. It is enhanced for search engines, interpretation prepared and it functions endless sidebars.



Designed to accomplish the online experience of musicians, artists and Disk Jockeys, Calendo is one of the best music styles themes available for WordPress. It can be utilized from most web internet web browsers, enhanced for HTML rule. The Calendo theme is SEO prepared, boasting a retina prepared layout structure. This layout structure is smooth, modern, and attractive. Calendo is also suitable for Woocommerce, supporting any future dealings that the user might need. Establishing up your shop is easy, and it takes only a few minutes, given that your computer web browser has the plug-in. There are similarly a many widgets icons and short codes combined with a full interpretation criteria that are able to show your page in a variety of ‘languages’. Its user interface is highly personalized, as it allows you choose color shades, font styles, and many additional functions.



Enhanced for speed and appropriate for several web browsers, Noise is a great WordPress music design theme. Designed for Hard drive Jockeys and groups, it facilitates social media networking discussing, several music players, Retina ready design and symbols icons. It is a One-page theme that involved Parallax Background scenes. The designers, developers often take the reviews from customers into consideration, such as variations for the top slider. Small changes like the addition of volume control go a long way towards developing community trust. The animated design is sharp and enticing; while the variety analyzer lets you imagine any track. The theme has involved as well its own inner ranking system.



With music as its common theme, Lush tries to support all designs and styles. It has a page designer and a visual composer, supporting customers in building their customized online pages. Its menu selection features a 3D show, which can be turned, forced and scaly. Event and gig countdowns have been added, helping you to build more buzz. It is retina ready and extremely user available. Lush is appropriate for WooCommerce, giving you an opportunity to sell your product and generate income out of your interest. The theme offers customers many color shades; font designs and layout structure, Lush further increase the experience.



UNIK is a WordPress theme design that is designed to enhance content from any musical show style. Extremely flexible and cost-effective, this theme features a layer slider WordPress plug-in, a Revolution Slider, unlimited sidebars, and a search engine-optimized rule. It seems very responsive, as it uses bootstrap 3.2. This allows UNIK to be suitable for all gadgets. As far as money making goes, it is suitable for WooCommernce, assisting the development of an online store.



Without a question, StereoClub is one of the best WordPress styles themes on the market. Over and over again, it was selected by experts because of its capability to save your efforts and increase earnings. Buying StereoClub is an excellent financial commitment, especially if your objective includes with regards to a musician artist website. You will be able to write Trip Tour Schedules, open charts, and publish customized website images and logos. Threaded surveys are available, along with 13 special widget areas. WordPress APIs are well known, and there are 5 customized publish post type variations. An awesome theme documentation resource is available, for customers who wish to learn more about their website.

There are StereoClub Conventional and Developer editions, with different costs designs. Those who purchase Developer edition can use this product for all venture and customers, and they will get access to HTML and Layer PSD files. Seutp process does not require programming knowledge, and it only takes a few minutes. Supporters will get to enjoy customized Discuss Share Control buttons, as they can share content straight from your page. StereoClub also has an Innovative Advanced Theme Options Board, which gives you control over every establishing. Despite its power, the panel is offered and easy to use.



Some WordPress music songs themes styles can be extremely complicated, to the point where it becomes annoying. If you are looking for a basic, realistic theme, look no further than Applause. It is simple; one web page style theme was designed using Bootstrap, with css3 and html5 programming. Applause shows your music and will also help you arrange playlists, activities and exhibits galleries. The case event adviser can show you the solution costs and the place of the gig, by tagging it on the map. The music player can be used for mp3’s or exterior hyperlinks. Overall, it is a powerful, efficient WordPress music theme, completely designed for any musician artist.



Flycase is great for those that are trying to determine a powerful on the internet existence. It is enhanced for any system, it’s easy to use, and comes with a lot of personalization choices that allow you to show your personality. Flycase is e-commerce suitable, assisting all types of on the internet deal. As soon as you obtain the WPML plug-in, you will be able to run its interpretation function. Lovers from across the world can now appreciate our content. There is a preview choice for the personalization system, making it simpler to choose one of the various configurations. This theme is retina ready, and also has galleries exhibits, several background scenes and several playlists.


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