17 Brilliant WordPress Themes For Graphic, Web, Product, Game And Freelance Designers In 2016

Being a modern designer is not without its difficulties. The innovative process often requirements a large amount of creativeness and creativity. However, the quality of one’s design does not assurance success, as there are additional aspects that impact the growth of a company. Any 100 % free, naturalist systems depend on marketing as a main method of material marketing.

In order to contend with other start-up companies, and even recognized organizations, one must run an effective strategy that is able to catch and indicate the same degree of creativeness that is predicted from the information itself. So how can this are achieved?

A quick look at the past, and we would see that most of our history was formed by the need for proper marketing. Streets were designed, typical monuments were constructed, and entire social styles appeared as a result advertisements. It is the reason why most stereo and TV shows cost nothing. However, the marketing area has expanded to a degree that is beyond the reach of middle-class Company. If we were to set aside paper ads and bus stop paper prints, there is little you can do without a few a huge numbers of dollars.

An unlikely remedy came from the World Wide Web. Originally designed as a way for researchers to get in touch with their colleagues from across the world, it has flourished into exclusive worldwide facilities whose whole potential has yet to be charted. Its services are mostly free or dirt-cheap, enabling start-ups to contend with even the wealthiest of organizations. Generally, if used effectively, the World Wide Web can be a tremendous billboard that the whole world can see. As a designer, this is a chance. Even with a very restricted price range, one could purchase a theme, make a web page, and start prominent his/her particular action market. A simple, bare-bones web site can do the job, but it is less amazing than a personalized web page which contains a top quality WordPress theme.

These styles themes are not just skins; they are useful packages similar to Europe Military Blades. Each designer tries to include as many plug-ins and functions as possible, planning the client for any situation. Indeed, most of the WordPress styles are so flexible, that they can be used on any web page, regardless of its designed objective. As an experienced designer, this many functions will give you an empty canvas. You will have the chance to form and pattern your web page, developing each detail in order to fit your requirements. This is an extravagance that past years of business owners could not manage, and as earlier described, the cost is minimal. If you will achieve developing an amazing web page for your organization or company, your audience figures will increase and the consumer platform will increase.

When considering public understanding, you really simply can’t manage to have a poor web site, especially if you are a designer. Would you believe in a customize that is badly dressed? The same concept is applicable to your web page. Do not hurry into deciding, because WordPress has an amazing wide range of styles theme that is available for everyone. Try and plan out your information, and think about the functions and plug-ins that you will need. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress themes for designers:

After choosing one of these WordPress Designer Themes, you will need a self-hosted WordPress website in order to use it.

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  3. Install WordPress: At some hosts you have to manually install WordPress. Not at Bluehost. Just log into your dashboard and click the install button and everything is take care of for you.
  4. Install Your Theme: Now for the fun part. Choose your favourite theme from this list and follow these directions on how to install it.


For many clients, it is relaxing to remove the dull color shade combinations of most websites. Fortunately, there are some website administrators that understand that professionalism and reliability does not equivalent joylessness. Vibes is a vibrant and fun WordPress design theme that can display your creativeness and maintain a decent level of professionalism and reliability. If WordPress is not a system that meets your needs, there is a HTML edition available for purchase.

Vibes includes some comprehensive online documentation, telling clients about this every single aspect of this theme. If you have any support or pre-sale relevant questions, the item feedback should take care of that. If your issues are associated to private information, a private texting system was also set up. The personalization process is very simple, thanks to the drag and drop performance and the user-friendly design.

It is advisable for clients to rate this product, as it gives the designers valuable reviews regarding their launch. The information will be used to develop better products in the future. The site designer feature is extremely simple to get around, with every option designed to increase comfort. Thanks to the drag and drop abilities, even a child can use Vibes to develop an amazing website. A creator for so few requirements was involved, along with 25 brief requirements that are available. Design can function on any device, as it prevents re-sizing issue and interface problems between several systems.

Regardless if the screen is big or small, Vibes is going to look beautiful. There are plenty of predetermined color shade styles that are involved in the theme basic package. However, if you do not like the standard options, you could make your own by making use of SASS. All of these added features will help you to thrill potential companies and clients, allowing you customize uplifting information or continue information. It should also be mentioned that icons for individuals like Flicker, Tweets, Instagram and Dribble were involved.



If you are an innovative person that is searching for a great skin for his web page, be sure to try KONCEPT. Created by the top level writer KROWN THEMES, they have involved a live preview and some screenshots for you to example. This is one of the most popular items on our list, with over 860 individual downloading and keeping track of. If you buy it, you can anticipate regular up-dates from the designers, as they regularly modify their item in order to offer the best experience possible.

This theme is highly effective yet stylish, as it tries to present a simple design that is designed to enhance your content and show off your creativeness. It is based on a remarkable flip idea and a tempting masonry grid lines for your profile. It is full of several options, functions and short requirements, causing in something that can provide to any website, regardless of its business area.

KONCEPT knows that some designers want to commercialize their products or service straight from their web page. The WooCommerce plug-in can accomplish these dealings, offering sound facilities for online trading. Establishing up your own internet store has never been easier. A topic web page can illustrate the excellent flavor of its owner, as it is the first and maybe only thing that the client will connect to. Designers must have ability to make excellent options, so be sure to take your time and properly personalize your website.

Thankfully, KONCEPT does not lack personalization options, as it is designed for optimum comfort and variety. There are several ways of directing your site’s web site pages, such as the sidebar, full, traditional or little designs. If you buy this theme, you can be confident that it will look awesome on every screen, such as those of cellular mobile phones. Each and every part of your website can be scaly down to support smartphones and tablets. It should be described that KONCEPT is slightly priced, and it is fully translatable and RTL ready. An extensive guide was made available, enabling the consumer to research every individual part of the purchasing. The theme can make an impression on customers with it speed, and it functions legitimate HTML 5 programming.



When most products are freed, they are considered separate items that are anticipated to warrant the cost that was paid. WordPress styles like Skills are different, due to the fact that they will regularly be modified by their makers, absolutely free. Currently, Abilities is at its 1.0.6 edition with more up-dates to come in the future. As the digital scenery changes and advances, so will your theme. This method very well designed, as one gets the impact that every pixel is where it needs to be. It concentrates on top quality typography, and an impressive design that is sure to thrill any potential client. Your profile lines will be completely responsive, and your visitors will be able to view it on any device, mobile or otherwise. On these lines, there is the option to publish stunning video clips images. The climbing of content happens easily, thanks to the top quality development.

Skills include the best WordPress Theme Customizer, which allows the customer to create a page that is truly his. Using it, you can access the ability to improve the headline of your website, move the feature color and even publish your personal logo. All of these features have a live preview function, as the user can assess the changes in real-time before he chooses to apply them. The developer’s designers were successful to fight the complex and annoying sections for theme choices. Skills feel light and portable yet highly effective, accompanied by the amazing font styles and typography choices. Any interface issue that might appear between web browser systems has been removed, creating this device completely responsive in any situation. In addition, Skills is enhanced for search engines, creating sure that your website will show up on the first few pages of look for results. The prices are very good, and the theme currently has a 4.71 out of 5 star ranking.



This is a WordPress theme that can be used in almost any situation. Its flexibility is due to its amazing number of functions, giving Helium something for every event. However, it is best suitable for the websites of blog writers or performers. It has 3 unique profile types portfolio, and a wonderful blog that is reinforced by the AJAX routing system. The designers are certain that this theme is the best product around, and it can give your website exactly what it needs. Showing your amazing tasks is fine, but you may also want to sell some products.

Your customers will need a website that they can believe in, before they make to a purchase. Fortunately, Helium contains the efficient Easy Digital Downloading plug-in, enabling the owner of the website to create a successful an online web store. As long as you put in this theme, you will not lack customization options. The live customizer will present you with every possible customization function, and they can be shuffled and used in real-time. You will be able to modify the size of your headers, exchange website color combinations, and change the headers of the website, and the tag line.

Currently, the theme has a perfect 5 out of 5 star ranking, and it was created by a top level writer. The user reaction was positive, as customers appreciate the variety of choices that they are given, in addition to the almost immediate running rates of speed. The support system is great, loaded with willing associates that want to help their potential customers. As a client, do not think twice to contact them. It is also prepared for WordPress 3.9 up-wards, and it is constructed on the popular Bootstrap 3 framework structure. All of the options, pages and requirements are enhanced for search engines, making it simpler to gain higher positions. The rule itself is well published and enhanced. The designers have added plenty of top quality rate plug-ins, absolutely free. There are lots of short requirements, a sophisticated website designer builder, and the theme is interpretation prepared.



As its name indicates, Flatoo is a Smooth, professional, simple and flexible WordPress theme that can help you create an maximum website. It can function in any scenario; however, it is best used for all web pages of supervisors, developers, or designers. It can display your continue and profile in the best looking way possible, making it possible to generate the believe in of your clients. The design layout structure has a one web page structure, and the visual attraction is truly powerful.

Flatoo has a drag and drop web page designer builder, that liberates you from the trouble of having to get around complex choices and choices. Just click on something, and drag it where you think that it needs to be. It’s as simple as that! This impressive designer is not only practical; it also has the potential of expanding your client platform by getting access to people that are not that technical smart. There are 3 pre-determined templates layouts and all of them can perform together with both pc and cellular phones.

The developers have also involved a full size slide show for your web page background, and a picture grid lines background function. The entire theme was designed with comfort in mind, and it is based on the popular Tweets Bootstrap v3 framework structure. It is also CSS3 and HTML5 ready. Filterable profile choices were included, along with efficient PHP contact types and cross-browser interface. Some very useful documentation choices were involved, enabling the client to get around any issue. Be sure to check the theme’s live preview, and search through the example screenshots. It is affordable, and it has a perfect ranking of 5 out of 5 star ranking.



Throne is a completely excellent, extremely personalized, creatively flexible and flexible, graphically expertly designed and very designer friendly, modern and complex, elegant and put together responsive WordPress simple multi-purpose concept theme, an attractive and practical theme that has been constructed for highest designer ambiance and thorough user intuitiveness, with numerous tools, features, plug-ins and icons that are each substantially and thoroughly personalized to your heart´s desire, with an intensely annotated, easily stated Bootstrap framework-based flip code that is easily changeable to suit your needs.

Throne is thus ideal for style industry sites of all kinds, which range from independent designer domain portfolios to professional style firm sites, mobile designer application showcases; web designer domain portfolios and much more. If you wish to display the depth and length of your content to the world at large in a brilliant and refined presentation that places you completely in the driver’s seat for all the website building experience, Throne is your design theme. Equipped with a lot of icons, widgets, stunning CSS3 animated graphics, innovative HTML5 YouTube and Vimeo support, efficient Contact Form 7 page layouts and a lot of Home-page, Profile, structure and grid lines styles, Throne is a scaffold for you to brace up the design and style tasks and domain portfolios of your craziest dreams. Boost to the Throne!



This is an innovative WordPress design theme with a one web page layout structure. Its style is very clean and attractive, as it tries to demonstrate your work in the best way possible. After all, both independent and organization developers need to influence their clients that they can make a classy reflection of their achievements. Viska shuns convenience, as it comes loaded with amazing functions that can help you make an effective business web site or profile.

Regardless if you plan to use it for your organization web page or your own personal blog, Viska has the necessary functions that can get the job done. It is both simple to use and practical, offering clients with an unforgettable and quality experience. To help make an informed decision regarding its purchase, Viska lets you test out the WordPress customizer. There are other options to example the information, such as some screenshots and a live preview that is present on the theme’s web site.

You will no longer reluctantly need to remove individuals from watching your web page, based on what device they use to see it. Viska is entirely responsive, and it cans assurance that anyone can access and enjoy your posts, expanding your focus on market. However, the developers realize that it will not be a Viska web page, as the web page needs to signify your organization brand. Now you are able to leave your indicate and cover your web page with your company logo, a feature that is fully sustained by Viska. You can’t really claim to be a good designer and not include some amazing graphics. This theme has an amazing Parallax background, and an option to use a YouTube video as the history for your information.

It would be a pity to remove symbols from the amazing personalization. With Symbol Icon Font, you can easily decide on a symbol and modify its color, size and visual style design. Your web site will be entirely interpretation prepared, starting your posts to a worldwide viewers. This is another step in giving your profile a great deal of availability. However, all of these functions and style choices would be a waste of effort if not for the seo. Search engines are designed to focus on specific keyword and key phrase options to be able to pick what individuals want to see, and display the outcomes. Are not able to improve your web page, and it will show up on the 4th or 5th web page of outcomes, generally condemning it to privacy. Fortunately, Viska is prepared for any online look for search engine.
In terms of speed, this concept is unmatched. In just a couple of seconds your layout structure can fill without having to worry about accidents, gets frozen or bugs. It works with any web browser, and the price is reasonable.


Web Design Agency

Web Design Agency is an eye-catching concept designed theme to attract customers and increase sales. A lot of web design organizations these days use web templates to make web design process fast and efficient. This concept theme is designed web design companies, internet promotion organizations, internet promotion agency and many more. With it endless color shade choices, you are able to choose along with plan that leaves a positive impression to your targeted traffic. This concept is perfect for presenting your creativeness in developing inimitable websites. It provides custom post types that you can use for gaining clients, showing your best works, associates, connections and many more. Web Design Agency contains awesome theme features such as sliced PSD files, back to top button, schedule, drop down cart, dropdown menu selection, Favicon, Google map, Search engines web font styles, tab, social choices, an eye, tag reasoning and tool tips. This modern music theme is designed with best SEO methods in mind to help your web page acquire more traffic and rank well on online search engine.



Presenting Nexus, a WordPress theme design that can turn your developer web page into something that is truly special. Screenshots and a live preview were made available on the theme’s web site. Be sure to follow the designers on tweets, for continuous up-dates regarding their product. Talking about up-dates, a discussion board was involved, allowing clients the opportunity to eliminate any problem.

Nexus is entirely responsive, as it will not experience any resizing, climbing or interface problem when shifting to a mobile screen. There are 9 routines demos available, presenting unique pre-made templates layouts. The web page developer is very comprehensive, as it allows the customer to modify and personalize any possible varying. There are over 100 options that allow for excellent theme personalization. This will result in a web page that perfectly symbolizes your personality and perspective.

A frustrating amount of Font Icons symbols is available; with over 300 things choose from. Moreover, you may also publish your own PNG products. The theme works well with WPML, a top-notch WordPress plug-in that is used for content interpretation. Using it, people will be able to read and get around your web page without difficulty, regardless of their nation of source. The Slider Revolution function would usually cost you an inclusion $16, however, the designers have involved it absolutely free. There are several levels of Parallax effects that can significantly improve visual benefit of any web site. The background and color shade modifications are without restricting, and the theme is affordable.



Fusion is a fresh, modern and fully- responsive WordPress design theme made for app designers and innovative style agencies. This SEO-optimized theme includes all the features individuals or firms require for their innovative profile of applications, items and/or services. Its stylish design utilizes fresh typography and white-space effectively, supporting designers in presenting their cellular phone applications or software items without leaving out any element when considered either through cellular or pc.

This theme is completely personalized with limitless choices for colors and more than 500 Google print styles in the Theme choices board for website titles, background scenes and sidebars. With a standard of 6 customized publish post types and more than 1500 retina-ready symbols icons, designers can build either a single-page or a multi-page site and set up customized sidebars on several pages and content especially if specific sidebar widget elements are to be integrated on a webpage or an article.

A boxed layout structure may also be used and customized with background scenes which can either be a customized color, design or an image. In the header place, you may fit in customized titles, quotations, background scenes and explanations with feedback containers. The header are may also be customized with several short code features configurable via HTML programming. Another feature you could provide your Homepage with is slider cellular phones, Top quality Revolution slider, Nivo slider and Flexi slider which can be placed in any other publish or website and is associated with a touch run support.

Minor improvements on the party’s theme after initial establishing will not overrule every individual feature for the reason that Fusion is specifically prepared as child theme prepared. These changes could be done via the customized CSS board in the Theme choices place. More than 60 powerful short codes are surrounded in the theme for quick and convenient article writing. The short code designer builder tool in WordPress visual manager includes short codes for video clips, parallax background scenes, control buttons, an eye, slider cellular phones, blog articles, contact page, social events, symbols, content, quotations and portfolios/galleries. Fusion facilitates WordPress collection short codes with up to 9 columns content and sayings. Establishing domain portfolios and galleries exhibits could be done either through the built-in WordPress collection designer builder or the option, collection customized publish post type.


This is a very innovative Profile WordPress theme along with a clean, fashionable design with a very nice touch. The overall part is Polygon based, giving your posts its own unique appeal that customers are likely to appreciate. Currently the theme is at the 1.7 edition, with more up-dates to come. This does not mean that the designers have launched a partial product; it just reveals that they are willing to improve and assistance it as long as it is applicable.

It is relaxing to know that your theme will develop as it goes along. Prospective clients can be confident that NO8 is completely responsive, as it can show wonderful, sharp material on any device or screen. Upon purchase, the user will not only get continuous up-dates, but the assistance of a devoted and willing team. Any issue, complaint or question that you might have will be instantly handled. Be sure to preview the theme by see the formal web site, to help make an advised decision. This allows you to experience the information without the need to buy it first.

It features .po and .mo information, causing in the site being fully translatable. This increases your prospective range of clients and web page guests, to include those that are not from English discussing background scenes. Everything about this device has been simple and structured, and generally anyone can use it. No specific programming knowledge is needed, making NO8 available for both and guests and administrators. There are unboxed and encased web page structure options, and a per-page sidebar position management function. Icons for Dribbble, Tweets and Reddit were added, along with per-page bottom footer area management. You will have the option to bypass and modify information and theme features, and your web site will be friendly towards third party plug-ins and features. There is a customized sidebar creator, an unlimited number of side bars, innovative short requirements for sidebars, and customized widget length configurations.



Corpus is an exceptionally versatile, incredibly highly effective, incredibly personalized WordPress responsive multi-purpose theme, built to perfectly manage from the and designs of websites across the board, from personal to corporate, from commercial to charitable, but exclusively well suited for developers, illustrators and performers of all kinds—graphic developers, website developers, illustrators, computer artists, independent performers in general; Corpus features the impact to create your posts brilliant and boasting, with Retina prepared design that’ll create colors jump out of the screen and sleek, innovative CSS animated design that will advantage up every aspect of your user’s navigational experience.

Get in the driver’s seat with the highly effective Redux framework structure administration board choices and WPBakery’s Visual Composer. Once you’ve designed your dream pages with all the convenient short codes and icons at hand, you’re prepared to start stuffing them out with your posts. Video clips, high quality pictures, image exhibits, numerous profile choices, profile carousel rides to show off your work, Presented segments to display your smartest works, HTML5, CSS3 and LESS-powered amazing Parallax scrolling and background segments, full-width domain portfolios, background scenes and elements, limitless sidebars and amazing sliders—Corpus is a visual bonanza, prepared to encourage your posts to attract all eyes online to it. Are you prepared for all the attention?



If you are looking for an amazing, flat WordPress theme, look no further than Zonya. It contains an experienced, structured and clean design that is best suitable for blogs, business sites, domain portfolios and other expert web web pages. The theme is operated by the amazing Tweets Bootstrap v3 framework structure, making it fully sensitive and capable of adjusting to any device, pc or otherwise. There are many web page designer components, along with a large range of colors. It is best to take your time and pick between the several types of headers.

There are various choices for your blog and profile, and you may crop and change your pictures. The web pages are available is both their full size and boxed layouts templates, and the user can easily toggle between them via the theme choices board. The Ebor Super layouts Mega Menu selection was included into the theme itself, as the users can change web page designer components at will. As a designer, you may also want to sell some of your services and products straight on your site. Fortunately, Zonya contains the amazing Woocommerce plug-in, enabling in order to obtain an honest an online web store. Almost all WordPress themes styles use this plug-in, so you will be in decent company. It takes only seconds to set up your website. With just one click, the trial information installation can begin the process and transfer all appropriate information.


Charm is a greatly fashionable and very efficiently enhanced, stylish and moderate, strong and wonderful, simple and style conscious, hip and classy, eye-catching and eye-catching, efficient and versatile, personalized and well organized, feature-rich and very versatile responsive WordPress profile and freelance worker web site theme. Charm is an innovative WordPress theme that has been created with an eye for style and a deep sense of beauty, leading to an interesting and experientially wonderful design theme that is very user-friendly and easy to master for website owners of any background or capability.

Charm theme has been clothed with all the necessary tools, types, page layouts and plug-ins required to actually set up a smooth and eye-catching professional profile or freelance worker web page within minutes, without ever writing a single line of code. Charm is very brilliant and tech-savvy, and it has been written with the highest performance to make the most light and portable pages on the web, compromising absolutely none of its Retina ready visible expertise while still handling to overcome the quickest running times on the market through the smart and particular use of powerful HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap technological innovation, with splashes of hardware-powered Parallax visual effects on customized segments as well as for unlimited scrolling features.



Created by the top writer, NEWERA is a WordPress theme design utilizing a simple and fresh style. It is extremely versatile and versatile, well recorded and quite easily changeable and personalized. These features make it suitable for both personal web site and company sites. Using it, you will be able to set up a simple and fast HTML5 profile that shows your work. Be sure to personalize your design style, presenting both the comprehensive theme options and your creativeness as an artist. The item was written for jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. It is based on the popular Bootstrap v3 framework structure, a function that allows content to range between several display dimensions without limiting any quality. In fact, it has a 320px to 1260px size range, making it extremely responsive.

Newera is cautious not to exaggerate it, as it combinations the minimalist desin style with just the right number of functions. The designers report that they put a ton of attempt in creating this theme, and they wish that their clients enjoy the item. Using AJAX publish running, they recognized a couple of amazing templates layouts for your profile. However, you also have the choice to modify a unique layout structure for each venture web page that is on your site. With such a number of functions, the only restricting aspect will be your creativity. The designers have included several customized web page templates layouts, including: Contact, About, Costs and so on. Generally, if you can think of it, you can also make it.



It is difficult to find a WordPress theme that is more legendary than One. Although it can work well for almost any type of site, it is designed for domain portfolios and individual continues. It is entirely responsive, so you will not have any trouble while trying to achieve mobile clients. Its interface expands to web browser clients as well, as it works with all of the major web browsers on the web. It is great for introducing your design success, and introducing your private information to your prospective clients.

A live evaluation preview is available, along with some nice screenshots of the product. One is designed on the acquainted Bootstrap v3.1.1 framework structure, a group choice here at WordPress. It is very easy to customize and modify, developing your website to fit your specifications perspective. It contains HTML and CSS3 development, and an awesome experience schedule that helps prospective people to view your improvement over the years. Pie graph skills were included, along with an innovative profile and Sass information. It is a much less expensive option than other themes from the same market, making this an ideal choice for start-up companies or freelance workers. The consumer wedding celebration seems positive, as it has a 5 out of 5 begin evaluation review ranking.



This is a Parallax-based WordPress theme that is perfect for sites of developers. It comes with amazing functions and plug-ins as it looks for to exceed the average templates layouts of other products. This is a one web page design theme, which contains a Parallax background that increases the visual benefit of your site, including a part of detail and sweetness.

A live preview is available, along with some awesome screenshots. It should be described that upon purchase, the primary program will also include 9 top quality premium plug-ins for no additional price. Generally, you are getting something that would normally price $173 for only $48. The testimonials are very positive, given the top quality of the product, and the awesome characteristics of the developers.

Despite all of the options boasting, Oxygen continues to be relatively easy to use. The drag and drop manager was customized in order to match your needs, and the One-click trial installation can start the installation process with just a simple just click. There are a lot of routines demos available, if you want to get an impact of what your web page can look like.

Users will be able to access your content from any system or web browser, given that Oxygen is well designed, extremely responsive and it contains an effective rule. As earlier described, the large wide range of parallax effect impact increases your web page, and shows your work in an amazing way. There are 2 predetermined templates layouts available in the form of the average light and dark layouts templates. It should also be described that the icon symbol collection contains over 400 items for customers to enjoy.


Almost every example of innovative appearance will require resources. Be it musical show equipment or styling color brushes, top quality resources will result in top quality art work. In digital age, WordPress designs like NewArt have performed that part, and they can help you art an eye-catching web site page and display your abilities. NewArt is a very elegant and simple concept for Designer sites. It is also realistic for personal profile, organization and other innovative web webpages. The structure prevents can be easily moved and structured, as the customer can make his/her own exclusive product that differs from the others. This is possible thanks to the move and fall abilities of the theme. The function needs little description, as it does exactly what its name indicates. It used to be the case that programming information was required in order to art and personalize your own web page. These days, you only need to simply just click something and move it to the place that you want it to be. If you are looking for a more realistic type of this theme’s ability, take a moment to check out the live preview that is found on its web site, or any of the great screenshots.

The personalization process is not only comprehensive, but it is also readily available. The administration board has a user-friendly choice area and common layout structure that is quite simple to use. This shows the dedication of the designers towards making their client’s lifestyles easier, with impressive design and acquainted connections. There are a couple of different designs for headers, and the layout structure can be personalized in either the grid lines or masonry configurations. If you purchase this theme, you have the assurance that it will look outstanding on all gadgets and systems. It allows you start and handle your blog, and even set up an online web shop for the commercialization of your services and products.


Amax is a quality WordPress theme that can improve your site, ensuring that it will get more audiences. This is a product for the modern age, given its excellent feature list, amazing flexibility, and persistent desire of excellence. Indeed, it is able to changing any web site, regardless of its niche or target market. It is designed to offer a structured encounter for customers, as it has gained very great ratings in Google Web page Speed assessments. The trial content material can be brought in easily, as it requires only single click. Amax lets you choose between two very popular sliders: the Layer Slider and Slider Revolution. Both of these products are excellent, and many WordPress customers would treasure the opportunity to use them. Eye-catching Video or Parallax background scenes can add another sizing to your already amazing web site.

Either as an administration or as a webpage guest, resizing and interface problems can adversely impact your encounter. With Amax, those problems are no longer a cause for worry. Your web site will be entirely responsive, able to showing and adjusting prepared to any system. This will improve reader’s encounter, and allow the site manager to manage content material while on the move. Pages can also be observed on top quality Retina Shows.



This is an innovative and well-constructed WordPress design theme that is made for manufacturers wanting to show off their expertise. It is currently at the 1.4.1 edition, with more up-dates to come. A live preview was included, along with some screenshots. If you are having problems during the set up process, the developers have involved some useful training videos, along with some amazing online documentation. Pile is wonderful, flexible and structured, which makes it perfect for showing personal tasks and domain portfolios. It can be used by typographers, innovative organizations, photography lovers, and art illustrators. As an artist, recommendations cannot perfectly signify your work. You need to display examples and presentations, and fortunately, Pile has everything you need in order to reach that goal.

It has a simple to use venture builder developer, along with a drag and drop user interface. Creating your own website has become very simple, thanks to this theme. The developer’s effort to attack a difficult stability, making their product fit for business, yet creative and full of character. This makes a great feeling of controlled energy and low competition potential, which can only be utilized by the best developers.

It makes good use of display space, where you will get the sense that there is something outstanding invisible within the all-too acquainted layout structure requirements. Between page prevents, the theme utilizes smooth parallax scrolling, directing your look towards specific areas of your display. This is an excursion without terms, and an excellent way of indicating your expertise over your art. All of its features seem to have compensated off, as Pile has been downloadable over 1274 times, and keeping track of.

Setup is not hard and user-friendly, so you will not have to hold back around a long time. It only takes a few minutes from when of purchase, until the site is up and running. Functionality performs a key part, as the theme is anticipated to be clear and understandable, even by those that are not that technical smart.



When it comes to versatility, Electric is second to none. Just like its name current, it moves and adjusts to any situation. It can be used for large, business sites, or small, wonderful, personal tasks. Regardless of your needs, this WordPress theme can fulfill them. It has involved the brand new Layer Slider, one of the best plug-ins on WordPress. Thanks to its execution, customers are able to make slides with several levels, respiration life into an otherwise tedious sequence of pictures. In addition, it has integrated full HD design and amazing transition effects.

Visual Composer could well be the top personalization plug-in for sites. It allows for easy personalization of any website factor. Drag and Drop technologies are used, switching a complex process into a very simple exercise of pulling components across the display, and losing them into place. Although most styles themes offer several header variations, none can hold a candlestick to Electric headers. Each has its own enhanced, enhanced look that is sure to make an impression on your targeted traffic. Also, each of them can be made difficult. Customized color shades are available, as customers get to choose something that meets their flavor. For more information, be sure to browse the extensive online documentation.


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