18 Best WordPress Themes for Artists Such as Musicians, Singers, Painters and Other Creatives In 2016

The thing that creates art great? Why is it essential and how can it flourishing? These are all extremely essential concerns that any society must ask itself. All societies have art in various incarnations; it is as organic as respiration. But art needs a method to multiply, an atmosphere that will not only assurance its achievements, it will also assurance its achievements. By its very meaning, art is the directing and invocation of individual feelings, through various channels such as songs, statue, artwork etc.

It used to be the situation that performers required rich customers to enhance them, and finance their efforts at developing elegance through their art. This was a combined advantage, as the specialist was restricted to a set value, cautious not to hurt his rich members. In today’s contemporary atmosphere, these limitations have all but disappeared, thanks to technology such as the internet. Never again must innovative people pander to rich elites. Websites like WordPress offer immediate hyperlinks from the designer to the customer, endless by any pre-conceived idea.

With WordPress, the only very subjective viewpoint that means something is the encounter of the person that you are trying to achieve. In accessory for that, technologies have offered new and amazing resources for makers. For example, picture modifying and graphics can combination the conventional skills and perspective, with contemporary handling energy and technological innovation. The outcome is an amazing version that can make an impression on even the most negative of experts. Areas of art such as tattoo designs and the entire body color have also obtained broader public approval. We often see modernity as the fantastic age of enlightenment, but we ignore to bring up that it is also the fantastic age of art.

It is not an overstatement to say that limitations are destroyed, competition, sex, creed or color shade does not issue. If you are good, you will gradually rise above the crowd. Although it is not the only one, WordPress is probably one of the best illustrations of an online system that specialist can use to obtain interest. Being a painter does not really indicate information in web style, but WordPress has your back. There are themes styles, both free and offered, that are simple to set up and simple to use. You do not have to be a developer to be able to achieve achievements. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress styles themes for artists.

After choosing one of these WordPress Musicians, Singers, Painters and Other Creatives Themes, you will need a self-hosted WordPress website in order to use it.

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  3. Install WordPress: At some hosts you have to manually install WordPress. Not at Bluehost. Just log into your dashboard and click the install button and everything is take care of for you.
  4. Install Your Theme: Now for the fun part. Choose your favourite theme from this list and follow these directions on how to install it.

Performers require a rich atmosphere in which their ideas can succeed. Fortunately, WordPress styles such as StereoClub can provide you with this atmosphere, as it has a substantial list of convenient features. Its design is outstanding, appealing to entice many new supporters. Your layout structure can adjust to mobile phones, laptop computer systems, tablets, and personal computer systems. In addition, it works with all web internet browsers. This not only allows you to reach more people, but you may also upgrade content while on the move. StereoClub works with the Revolution Slider Top Premium quality Plug-in, making it possible to create amazing slides. Presenting your art has never been easier. Customers who purchase this product will benefit from outstanding theme improvements, and a structured theme rule.  Customized pictures can be submitted, and there are 13 custom widget areas.

StereoClub has Open Charts, an amazing Drop-Down Menu Selection, and customized header pictures. The theme is Gravatar-ready, and it comes with PSD and HTML information files. All supporters will get to use custom Share Control buttons in order to spread content straight from your site. You will have unlimited color combinations at your convenience, so take a moment to experience different styles designs. A sensible trial demo was made available for those who want to example StereoClub without having to spend any money.


As a painter, artist you are person, but you are also a product. You have to cure your name and popularity as if it were just another product, and proper product marketing needs a large online existence. MESH is an exceptional web page design theme which can make simpler and improve site development process. No programming or development knowledge is required, as even a starter can art a professional specialist page. Most web customers hate the theme of being rerouted to another web page, just to pay attention to an example track. It would be substandard to simply present hyperlinks, and that is why MESH has its own ipod. With just single click, lovers will be able to enjoy your music.

Even for sites with a multi-media concentrate, writing and also a blog is still a wise concept. Performers can detail their innovative trips, providing them nearer to their visitors and lovers. It is possible to create a specific area for activities, providing information regarding the schedules and locations. Awesome countdown electronic timers can be shown, ticking away the a few moments and building expectation. Capable will implement computerized content from systems such as Tweets, SoundCloud, Instagram and BandsInTown. In addition, the concept theme structure layout will never experience any resizing mistakes, given that it is fully responsive.


If you enjoy often visiting music sites, VibeMusic is the item for you! It is one of the best songs music styles themes in the entire WordPress group. It may be used for the pages of groups, DJ’s and performers. It is evident that a lot of care went into the web development. A PDF computer file is roofed on the website, presenting some of the most popular questions regarding the theme. A client may also get involved in market research, offering beneficial critique and assisting to improve the item.

VibeMusic contains some informative screenshots on its website, along with a live preview. The theme has a responsive design, and a color personalization function that is easy to use. A responsive website can be utilized by anyone, regardless of what device they are currently using. The code rule is well structured and clean, and a contact page form is integrated. If a client has a problem with fitting the theme, client assistance must be approached. The assistance is willing to help you get rid of any issue. If you wished to make your own wonderful slides, you are in luck! The Revolution Slider can help you bring together awesome slides, linked with a sequence of stunning animation movement. A great Visual Composer is roofed as well. Even a beginner can make a tremendous page, thanks to the Move & Drop interface. There is no need to be tech-savvy. Should you purchase the theme, there is a HTML edition available for free.


Clubix is a great-looking WordPress theme design that is made for Night life, Songs, Music and Activities Events sites. Its effectiveness also expands to the web pages of various journals and online publications. If you are a fun-loving, party-starting, confident person, Clubix is definitely the theme for you! Please feel free have fun with yourself, and upgrade your supporters and clients with the locations that you like to regular. The appearance of Clubix is evident, and the actual amount of customization choices is enough to keep any client satisfied. Regardless of where you are on the website, you will get accessibility to the MP3 and stereo gamer. This is possible due to the impressive widgets icons and requirements. There are 2 variations of this gamer, regular and large.

Page customization and modifying has been decreased to something similar to child’s play, due to the Visible Composer Tool Device. The most things about it are that anyone can learn to use it in a matter of minutes. The Move & Drop function causes it to be quite simple to make your own customized web page. This is a time preserving product that any theme should have. Clubix causes it to be simple for the site proprietor to adhere to groups, and give up-dates on events, performers and locations. Guests will learn in regards to all excellent events in the area. This theme has a deeper, and a less heavy skin. Either way, you will be able to choose and apply your own customized background, for an included level of customization. Clubix has integrated the awesome Revolution slider, considering the development of lovely slideshows.


Sura is an amazing WordPress Music theme concept design, with a wide variety of functions and benefits. It is down to any site that commercializes art, to look good. Fortunately, Sura’s style design is well-tailored, and it is evident that a lot of effort went into it. It is not easy to set up and provide a well-known online music shop store. However, your job will be simple by the recommended WooCommerce plug-in. This plug-in is used by most of the WordPress world of business, and their clients upon WooCommerce are well-placed. It is efficient, effective, and it has an obvious separating between digital and actual items. One of this theme’s best features is that it contains the highly-demanded Ajax plug-in. Due to its capability to remove running times for gamers; it has become an almost compulsory element of any quality theme.

Should you occur to like the monitor that you are hearing to, buying it has been facilitated. Basically choose the Add to Wishlist/ Add to Trolley choices. This theme is lead from plenty of careful time of analysis, and it reveals. Every well-known choice is regarded, with only the most effective and enjoyable functions staying. The last method similar to Spotify, without some of the social factors. Social incorporation simply is down the web servers, and further waters down the user’s interest period. Should customers requirement a function later on, it will be included with hurry upon their requirement?

Overall, Sura is a WordPress theme design that remains genuine to its contacting. It is truly one of the best music styles themes out there!


Divi is an incredibly stunning and greatly eye-catching, successfully innovative and enhanced, amazingly technically top of the line and experientially enveloping, graphically enhanced and breathtaking, vibrant and fresh-faced, creative and unique, easily and greatly personalized, mobile friendly and responsive WordPress multiconcept, multi-purpose web page design theme. Divi is a purposely versatile and constantly shape-shifting WordPress theme, blessed with a sufficient set of giant tools and functions as well as tech-savvy widgets, icons and short codes nicely included in theme primary.

This them features Divi Builder Designer, a visual page builder built with over 40 custom block-based flip elements at your convenience. Divi functions complex settings choices for the deft and dexterous managing of all types and types of multi-media content material in any quality, being completely Retina-ready out of the box down to the last Typeface Symbol Icon, of which hundreds are available. Limitless mixtures of colors, templates layouts, multi-media light boxes and galleries exhibits, top drawer domain portfolios and features make Divi a perfect theme for performers, as it is one of the most powerful styles themes currently available rated by ability to positively structure content material for the world to see and appreciate, features completely suited for established or up-and-coming artistes that are looking for a site to reside in. Try Divi today!


Creativeness can be a very delicate thing, as it often needs an atmosphere that motivates appearance and thought. Styles Themes like FWRD can accomplish the production of such surroundings, by permitting customers to art exciting websites. Created by the top writer, FWRD is one of the best Music themes of WordPress, and its success is due to a substantial selection of useful functions and features. It can be used for any DJ, artist, website owner and music manufacturer web pages. There are several theme routines demos available upon set up, sparing you from having to start on your own. However, every trial demo can be customized and improved, to get to know the owner’s specifications.

FWRD has incorporated the Visual Composer top premium quality plug-in for free, and you can save $33. It has 13 customized widgets icons which were designed just for you. Move and Drop technology is used, making it simpler for unskilled customers to personalize their site. No programming knowledge is required. In addition, you will have access to an Easy Menu Selection Designer Builder with 100 header design variations. It is possible to apply full-width, encased, sailing, traditional or 3D pusher menus choices. For those who want to example FWRD and features, a useful live preview was made available.


Colibri is a fresh contemporary and extremely personalized WordPress design theme suitable for performers, DJs, Groups and other artists looking to develop innovative and delightful web sites. This theme is well incorporated with public networking sites such as SoundCloud, BandInTown, Instagram, Tweets and others.

Colibri works as hub for your digital existence and even if you don’t concentrate aimed at your web page and end up forgetting to upgrade it, it will do it for you by taking pictures from instagram, show routine from BandInTown and your newest information from Tweets. This is the right device for every specialist and specialist out there who would like have fun with hands-off method for your web page as long as you keep your public networking sites modified.

If we are looking into more technological thing then it is worth to focus on that this concept is constructed on Bootstrap 3 and configurations are operated with Redux Structure. Colibri comes with Visible Musician Move & Fall Page Designer for easier CMS. This is a truly awesome concept and you definitely should check its demo!

This is the right tool for every musician and artist out there who would like to enjoy hands-off approach for your website as long as you keep your social networks updated.

If we are looking into more technical thing then it is worth to highlight that this theme is built on Bootstrap 3 and settings are powered with Redux Layout Framework. Colibri comes with Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder for easier content management. This is a truly amazing theme and you definitely should check its demo!


Musisi is a wonderful and well-organized, very qualified and tech-savvy, highly responsive WordPress songs music group, artist and music multi-purpose website theme design. Musisi has been developed by a team of developers and designers with a single concern in mind, and that is, to spread musical show content to a huge, demographically undifferentiated online viewers in an effective, unforgettable manner. To that end, Musisi contains top quality premium features such as the WordPress Live Customizer to let website owners with or without past development experience design their own templates in an user-friendly, move and fall interface, or the remarkably highly effective Innovative Theme Options Board, with an amazingly simple configurations procedure and live previews, down to the simple one click trial transfer procedure and the top level seo included with Musisi. That means that your own unique, personalized websites will feature awesome, top drawer brought in styles designs, completely labeled concept theme configurations to package your needs and completely efficient brought in trial templates layouts personalized to your liking, all within an hour of initial installation.


As any successful specialist can tell you; simply behaving at making art is sometimes not enough. You also need a method of submission, a gallery collection, or a really excellent public show of your expertise. Actual life galleries exhibits were the best way of increasing your chances for success, but that is different. Styles Themes like Bedford have customized the scenery, providing you the best online alternative at the low cost of only $49.

The theme is best used for the information of performers, although it can be used to show off and personalize the website of any small company. Each of your records can be easily customized, thank to its included move and drop website page builder designer. Badford works with with CSS3 and HTML 5 programming. This is a skin that can be used on any device, mobile or otherwise. It is retina-ready, appropriate for several web browsers and features well recorded and well arranged design information. An Aqua website designer builder was also added.

Your submissions are not actually linked with this theme, as it provides 3 customized post types due to its surrounded plug-ins.

Its flexibility is further improved by the fact that it is interpretation prepared, giving you the option to pass on your posts into any language. In addition, you also theme written text establishing and POT information files. The trial demo will show you an overall feel of the product, and it may also show some of its retina prepared symbols icons that are available for purchase. Currently, it has sold over 600 copies.


Ink Tattoo Studio
Most of the specialist WordPress themes styles on this list are not limited to specialist website. Their wide range of features, and incredible amount of variety, allows them to support even the most challenging web pages, creative or otherwise. Ink Tattoo Studio is definitely no different to that concept theme, as it allows for the customization of other creative and personal web pages for demonstration. As far as details go, it is only one website concept, with 2 large predetermined website styles theme. It works with and responsive with HTML 5, given its flexible and interesting Bootstrap 3 framework structure. It also offers the consumer some additional website templates; it has several color combinations and has some awesome choices regarding blog web pages. The epidermis is also built with an Options framework structure, to further increase its abilities.

Although Ink Tattoo is only one website concept theme by design, it can easily be changed into a multi website theme if the consumer uses several web layouts and additional menu choices for the content. If your desire is to use only one picture for your main theme, it’s as simple as choosing “front website design with slider” option, and including the short code for the Meta slider in order to display the picture on the primary area of the theme.

You may also play around with the epidermis colors, by going to the dash board and choosing choices board. If for some reason, a mistake happens, go to the .css area and vacant it. That will usually totally reset the concept to its standard palette scheme.

The theme currently costs $39, but the price is subject to change as time goes on. Reviews and reactions are mostly positive, as the customers are happy with the product that they have obtained.


Shutter is a creatively strong and significant, elegant and revealing, eye-catching and eye-catching, successfully clean and simple, enhanced and grateful, sleek and liquid, technically communicate and modern, innovative and highly innovative, naturally navigable and handsomely organized responsive WordPress art and photography multi-purpose website design theme. Shutter is a well developed and considerately designed all-inclusive tool set for website owners from any background and of any capability to easily and effectively turn out top drawer, efficient and flexible websites based on the distribution of top quality, Retina-ready visual content of your works, conveyed to a huge online viewers.

Shutter has been clothed with amazing and breath-taking layouts and page layouts templates for amazing galleries exhibits and unique profile demonstrations, with effectively designed animated graphics and immersive, interesting Parallax visual effects and sleek scrolling, as well as dark and light themes that can easily be color personalized to suit any brand or personal identification you must conform to. Shutter is perfect for performers looking for a simple, organized process for creating soapboxes on the internet from whence their art can come to life across a new method and be valued by an unimaginably wide region of people. Shutter is the theme for lastly capturing that big break, or simply getting the word out!


Frost has a Responsive Layout Structure and an Amazing revolution trend slider. It is a more general purpose theme, as it can be used for more than just creative, artistic webs sites. It can be presented in a one website and multipage variety, causing in a unique profile that is perfect for digital companies, photography lovers, visual artists, photographers, personal freelance worker and digital studios. Basically, if you have a business and want to do to it rights, Frost is the WordPress theme for you.

It has 20 website designer builder choices, built on the flexible and efficient Tweets Bootstrap framework structure. It is able to suitable any screen, regardless of its actual dimension. This feature allows Frost to be observed on any device, consist of mobile systems. You are able to carefully personalize and modify your profile and short article choices, while its responsiveness improves flexibility. Make use of the farming tool, using it to cut any image down to the dimension and viewpoint that you like.

Its other vital features consist of a webpage designer builder, several color combinations, WPML assistance, an emblem, a one click installation tool, a live customizer, a theme for children, a move and drop order, a revolution trend slider, and a Five celebrity assistance system. Their highly able assistance is willing to resolve any issue, regardless of its intensity. It has obtained a 4.83 celebrity ranking out of 5, a sign of a warm wedding celebration.


If you are an independent content designer or work for a innovative organization, ROUA will become your new closest buddy. Creating an effective and important online user profile will always be endless, difficult competitors. With this theme, at least you will get a jump start on competitors. It can be used on any type of user profile, but it is most effective for graphic designers, photography lovers, visual artists, photographers and illustrators. It keeps things simple yet fashionable, attractive and simple to use.

If you know what you are doing, it will take you only a few minutes from the time when you click the buy key, to the time when your process is finished. It controls to keep its visual attraction, without full performance and convenience of use. It’s hard to say what makes it feel so unique, but ROUA definitely appears apart when it is in comparison to its opponents.

Users regularly compliment the benefit with which it can be personalized, and the helpfulness of the client care program. It uses a Bootstrap 3.x Framework Structure, customized page layouts templates, an Ajax Profile, and a Redux Framework Structure. It has involved as well a lot of Trial Demo data, a free assistance program, and some amazing Parallax headers. ROUA is fully appropriate for all multi-media systems, such as cellular phones.


Regardless of the site that could eventually use it, Atjeh’s major theme is that of professionalism and reliability. The fact that it is responsive indicates that it may be used on any show, of any system. Smartphone’s, tablets, computer systems, if it has a presentation and it can connect into a walls, it can also show your web website. Great for Business websites, Organizations, Performers and Freelance workers, Atjeh is the innovative WordPress theme that can promise client care. It is currently in its 1.2 edition, with more up-dates to come. Not only is it appropriate for cellular phones, it can also offer you a special menu selection for those systems. Customizing something and which makes it your own may be enjoyable, but what if you get it wrong? That entire attempt would have gone to spend. Atjeh is wiser than most styles themes, because it allows you to preview changes to your skin, and experience them without having to invest in anything. Discussing of making, the move and drop website designer and highly effective choices for administration, assurance that the actual will have full control over every single part of his upcoming web site or blog. These functions not only hand you the rules, they also make it very easy to compliment the deliver.

Atjeh is enhanced for search engines, which makes it more likely for your content to pop up during a frequent look for. You may also add your very own Java script program or CSS rule to the theme. It seems that the designers were awesome enough to make a list of documentation content material, so you won’t have to start on your own after you put in it.


Explanations and opinions can only get you so far. In order to truly experience some content material, you must try it out individually. Nikka has a trial demo edition that is waiting for any client that is willing to try it out. Fortunately, Nikka is a WordPress profile theme that is not scared to put itself out there, and show off its eye capturing functions. It has over 40 types of profile items and it is completely responsive, significance that it can be on any multi-media system. The amazing theme choices are retina ready, presenting sharp animation movement, and an Ajax profile and website blog.

If your job is to provide other with amazing, exciting, and inventive content material, Nikka is the best system through which your objectives can be carried out. It enhances your time and effort completely, storing its fashionable style design with amazing programming and technological innovation. It is the best of both planets, where technical know-how has permitted designers to become true customers of the artistry. The Ajax technological innovation implementations have brought up Nikka to the point where it is also suitable for blog writers. It’s about making the most of what you have, and allowing the eye capturing style design talk for itself.

Minute information can be modified, even the rate of the consequences that will go along with your animated graphics. The off canvas routing navigation menus choices will create your job much simpler, while the Advanced Search Engine Optimization Marketing will allow people to find you with internet queries.


Inkd. Tattoo Studio One-Page Theme
As its name indicates, this is a WordPress specialist theme design that is created for body art performers and their websites. It comes with today’s, edgy look that doesn’t are not able to make an impression on those who will choose to visit your site. It has an Impressive Parallax style design that allows it lots of fluidity, causing in an immersive experience that no use will forget. It is constructed on the strong Bootstrap 3 framework layout structure, presenting comprehensive choices for a lot of customization.

Google web fonts styles were also included, as well as some Developed modal ms windows. Move and drop and functions are involved, an also a comprehensive Redux option for your framework structure. The page installation is easy to use, due to its extremely stylized and clean visual feel. Review choices and content examples will guarantee that you will not absence attention regarding this theme, before you buy it. Some of its other functions include CSS3 transitions changes, Developed Google maps, an addition of example information, a reservation modal, convenience of adjustment and an eye-catching schedule calendar style design.

The current price is $44, but it may differ during the future year. For all its functions and benefits. It is money wisely invested. The customer surveys are overall positive, as those who purchased this theme are pleased with the service quality, and the careful assistance system that is willing, and able to fix any of your problems.


If your goal is to create a great specialist web site or blog, Uncode can be your biggest friend. This top-quality WordPress concept theme will not be average, as it provides a flexible list of innovative features. Top rated and attention to details is the support beams of its style design. Uncode can also provide those who prefer hand-held devices, as it is capable of adjusting to any monitor size. Indeed, this theme can work with tablets, PCs, mobile phones and laptop computers.

An artist’s creativeness can only be indicated if he has access to some comprehensive customization tools. Your site will benefit from a wonderful option program that allows you to take management over each structure layout. The power to develop anything is right at your convenience, and you will only be restricted by what you can imagine. A high level grid lines program was also applied, enabling the site manager to manage straight and horizontally gap configurations, full-with series, and size factors.

Uncode has some incredible themes skins for your site, and an awesome Visual Composer device that provides to simply the customization process. There are 6 different menu selection styles, each offering some innovative effects and options. In addition, you will get to enjoy 16 unique templates layouts for your blog and profile. Generally, this theme changes your web page into a group of clay-based, ready to be formed by those with creative perspective.


Photography has truly grown up into an art form, given the increase in technology. It’s one of the most powerful things that you can do: to lock up a time of lifestyle, to catch it permanently. As its name indicates, the CONTRAST – Top level Photography & Information WP theme design is more than capable of assisting you to develop an online profile that will surpass that of competitors.

Thanks to professional programming, the designers and developers have applied a Flash-Like system, which is based on JavaScript techniques and CSS3. Upon purchase, the product will come with 7 modifications of your potential new gallery collection, providing you a great amount of choice and innovative independence. It is completely appropriate for any given system, and it may fit any display thanks to the convenient structure plants that can be either straight or horizontally. The theme also has a wide color shade scheme, and some wonderful animated graphics. It facilitates all types of posts content and it can even let you add your own logo. In Comparison, any specialist will find the opportunity necessary to increase towards the biggest mountains of success.


Being Freelance worker is not that easy. First, you have to create and improve your abilities, while handling to differentiate yourself from your competitors. In order to do so, you will need a good WordPress theme such as MIMESI. It is expert and fresh, yet one could tell that is was made with a freelancer in mind. Although it may seem like a wise course of action sometimes, asking for your theme with several fancy results and animated graphics will actually damage the way in which people understand your customer profile. You want to seem like an experienced, and not like a young lady.

Mimesi allows you to modify the most important interpreting functions of your customer profile, but also gives you the choice to search further into its information, if you are likely to do so. It is appropriate for HTML 5, with a clear and semantic structure. It is retina prepared and it has involved powerful AJAX performance, enhancing its rate and fluidity. Complete localization assistance is provided, such as .mo and .po structure information. The theme uses Search engines font’s styles which are secure for web routing, and a very useful search key (Load More). Additional functions consist of a padded PSD for Personalization, information documentation, Unbranded theme choices, a lot of short codes and a Profile that can be strained. This is a great deal, given the amount of content material that the customer gets for his money.


Presenting PSD information in 6 levels of layers, and a very personalized layout structure, Kappe is a strong WordPress theme. It seems like nothing new, and it is not. It uses ideas and programming that other styles use, so it does not transform the rim. And maybe that’s a great factor. It is a simple, efficient epidermis that uses a tried and real system. Retina prepared and pixel ideal, if adoring Kappe is incorrect, I don’t know many those who want to be right.


Looking for a great WordPress specialist theme that has a lot boasting and an impressive design? Look no further than Lion, one of the community’s most valued resources. Currently at edition 1.01, it provides a move and drop designer builder, a complete display slider, and straight or horizontally headers. The designers can are proud of their 7 exclusive and attractive themes skins. Generally anyone can use this theme; you do not have to be a computer developer to be able to begin. The design manager is made from the floor up, to be able to support the needs of any customer.

Lion can be shown in both an average settings, or in a one web page layout structure that is used by the writing a blog group. A stay preview is available, just so you know what you are getting into, before opting to buy anything. This WordPress theme is extremely simple to use, and it can let you create your structure straight in your internet browser. With over 30 segments of content, a world of limitless probability is waiting for, as you effort to develop your own web page. Given its 7 different themes, and the great number of choices that are available, no two sites will ever look the same. In the real world you would use a sweep or device to convey yourself, but here on the internet, it is best to use the Lion WordPress Theme. With just single just click, you are able to easily change between a complete display structure and a boxed substitute.


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