24 Professional WordPress Technology Themes For Apps, Landing Pages and Tech Startups In 2016

This contemporary age is definitely difficult to pin down and classify. Conventional types of generational and traditional research are becoming less appropriate as the entire globe becomes ever more dynamic—things are modifying at such intense speed, nothing and no one can keep up, and nothing is a continuous eventually. These are times where companies and government authorities go up and down as soon as good information can be entered, a moment where what happens in people’s pockets—like what applications they download—hits the industry more complicated than the industry strikes people’s pouches back. In this disorderly, fearless marketplace, one factor does stay a long term, though ever-changing constant; technology innovation.

Technical existence is the quintessence of the 21st century, and even the current several years is often described as a mobile—technological—time. The writing’s on the walls, and those who can study it, should pay attention to its terms. Technology is an almost universal part of the present, and technology will be even more popular in the upcoming. Those who project into technology and technical relevant projects are most likely making a good choice that will drive this trend to amazing success. Offered, of course, they can swim, rather than drain, in the strong ocean of the web. The following assortment of themes styles has been put together with such main concerns and background in mind, and symbolizes theme most effective for developing and also technological and technical relevant web sites.

After choosing one of these WordPress Technology Theme For Apps, Landing Pages and Tech Themes, you will need a self-hosted WordPress website in order to use it.

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  4. Install Your Theme: Now for the fun part. Choose your favourite theme from this list and follow these directions on how to install it.

Unicon is an entirely exclusive, extremely amazing, creatively famous, attractive and identifiable, modern and unique, efficient and versatile WordPress multi-purpose design-driven theme, built with the flexibility and actual strength to easily deal with a whole variety of different web page typologies, needs and requirements while at the same time setting it planets apart from the competition by benefit of Unicon’s extremely amazing, conceptual layouts, layouts templates, home-page routines demos and more.

Unicon is completely prepared to handle the needs of tech and technical related sites, as its design-driven interface perfectly provides natural sites that easily incorporate high end technical features like innovative Parallax visual effects and efficiently cartoon animation sliders, headers and footers with a site-spanning visual thematic identification that connections your entire web page together into an unforgettable, famous whole that is sure to speak out loud with viewers anywhere. Unicon is also fully personalized, so that not only one place or cranny of your site goes unbranded, and offers both individual page and multi-page abilities thanks to its powerful framework layout structure. WooCommerce incorporation is included out of the box, with plenty of exclusive shop layouts that link completely with your Unicon web site. If you want a tech-savvy web site that is capable of making a long long-term mark in your visitor’s eyes and thoughts, Unicon is your concept theme.


Avada is a truly mind-boggling, constantly extensive, incredibly feature-dense, amazingly innovative, technically innovative, regularly changing, creatively stunning and functionally refined WordPress responsive multi-purpose theme, built with the committed goal of perfectly exceeding the expectations of any kind of possible website, whatever its content material, audience or objective may be. To that effect, Avada is almost flexible, with unknown amounts of layouts, full-fledged trial sites and elegant website templates to meet any role you could possibly require when creating a site.

That’s why Avada is preferably suited with regards to running a tech or technical related website. Its exclusively changing nature makes Avada regularly up-to-date with the latest improvements in technology, making for a theme that is vibrant and intense with possibilities. Static sites, Parallax visual effects, unlimited, sophisticated content material sliders, slide carousel sliders, smoothly animated CSS3 and HTML5 featured and popular posts sliders, remarkable social media networking follow and share incorporation, extreme code marketing for utterly unrivaled loading times and SEO(search engine optimization), all delivered in a stylish presentation that is easily customized with a visual drag and drop section and layout manager and innovative, powerful administration panel choices and custom post and website choices to boot. Avada is truly the complete hi-tech package.


Salientis an incredibly elegant, creatively amazing, functionally resource, feature-rich and graphically heavy WordPress responsive multi-purpose theme, designed to deal with the needs of virtually any form of website, regardless of the nature of its content, customers or data, due to Salient’s extremely highly effective framework structure that enables it to smooth manage different workloads at no added difficulty to the website owner. Salient was designed for sites that need to outperform the competitors, in soaked markets, or in playing areas where you just can’t make it to the next level without a visual edge that creates you stand out.

This highly effective flexibility mixed with such a purposeful memorability creates Salient an exclusively highly effective theme for the development and upkeep of attractive, professional-looking, efficient, highly effective and successful technical and tech related sites of any ilk, varying from technical news publications to iPhone gossip blogs, mobile app designer sites and application development companies, application support service companies and independent technical professionals, all can greatly benefit from Salient’s unimaginably effective resources, such as stunning, efficiently animation sliders, Parallax allowed headers, segments, footers and background, fixed video background scenes, extensive MaxiMenus and user-friendly visual builders—Salient is a technical heaven, for customers and administrators as well. Step up to home dish now!


Ronneby is an absolutely well-designed, extremely impressive, incredibly design style conscious, tech-savvy and modern, hip and attractive WordPress responsive multi-purpose deign theme, developed with sufficient strength and flexibility to offer itself to great array of different reasons in all possible groups and programs, though exclusively made for the purpose of maintenance websites that serve a higher end customers, marketing great end products and services and thusly demanding a higher octane, top rated theme that is both extremely, naturally attractive and equally, thoroughly effective and reliable.

Ronneby is thus equipped with extremely well-coded, fast-loading, graphically improved, expertly developed widgets, icons and tools that are not only pleasantly refined but potently efficient, making Ronneby a very suitable theme for the needs of all sorts of tech and technical relevant web page programs. Ronneby’s unique selection of well-designed templates layouts offers a truly one-of-a-kind series of solutions for all kinds of pages you can require, including corporate blogs, technical blogs, product domain portfolios, and much, much more, in highly unforgettable, identifiable designs that can be easily personalized to your heart’s content to mirror your brand identification. Ronneby’s unique, impressive routines will be amazing time saving bed when it comes to building your technical relevant web site, and guarantee that you are dressed to thrill.


BRIDGE is an incredibly extensive, incredibly well-liked, technically qualified, successfully loads of, boundlessly personalized, user-friendly, accessible and user-friendly WordPress responsive impressive multi-purpose theme, designed to provide top quality, professional-looking, impressive and creative sites for all sorts of tasks and needs across the board, but specifically concentrated on the visible and design needs of highly impressive sites.  That is why BRIDGE is peculiarly highly effective as a topic for technical and tech related programs and websites—the mixture of its over 100 exclusive trial sites includes such a wide, huge selection of opportunities that it is very difficult for successfully prepared technical sites not to find a home-page they can call home.

After any amount of easy, simple and easy modifications and fine-tuning you may desire to interact with in using the included Visual Composer plug-in, on top of limitless material slider abilities with the LayerSlider plug-in and over 80 personalized short code elements to further increase your website’s capabilities. Over 24 entirely different conceptual layouts templates are available, capable of creating any possible website you could envision, with exclusive, one-of-a-kind connections and pagination systems that will surprise and interact with your audiences with your posts in an enchanting yet expert manner. Complete screen picture and video sliders, thorough social media networking incorporation, stunning symbol typeface fonts offers and extremely flexible typographical options on top of natural SEO(search engine optimization) round off BRIDGE’s full value package.


Divi is an exceptionally powerful, extremely versatile, incredibly modern, technically amazing, intuitive, user-friendly and easy to use WordPress responsive multi-purpose theme, a veritable one stop shop solution for all sort of web page needs possible, from business to personal, from corporate to commercial, small blogs or big eCommerce stores as well can benefit from Divi’s exclusively versatile, extremely effective framework structure and tools. That is why Divi is an ideal fit for a technology innovation and technical related web page project—it’s extremely up-to-date programming includes the latest HTML5, CSS3, BootStrap and Parallax technological innovation available, making every Divi web page a top gemstone of technical development and a paragon of amazing web style design.

The unique Divi Designer Builder makes short work of most web page building tasks, such as structure construction and designs, through simple block-like segments that you collection, shape and re-size as you see fit, easily implementing a multitude of custom segments that encourage your site with all sorts of functions like Static Parallax Video Background scenes for segments, web pages or content, efficiently animated galleries Exhibits, amazing Profile web pages, entertaining and interesting sliders and countless more advanced functions that make Divi a glowing example of what a technology innovation web site theme should be capable of. Go with Divi, and you’ll never look back.


WordX is an extremely powerful, creatively brilliant, expert and enhanced, practical and complex, contemporary and attractive WordPress responsive information and blog design theme, built for expert blog writers and information publications to create elegant, enhanced websites that look right, feel right and act incredibly, while providing vast amounts of high quality visuals, information and video posts a massive viewers. WordX’s comprehensive personalization abilities, extremely innovative functions and technical execution, as well as its extremely responsive programming, entertaining functions and overall contemporary interface make it an excellent fit for technical and tech relevant information publications and blogs.

Whether you’re confirming the latest iPhone gossips out of Chinese suppliers or publishing discussions with up and coming separate game designers, if you’re in the business of circulating tech-related material to huge online viewers, WordX is the theme you seek, chock-full with the options and tools you’ll need to run your successful technical blog or technical information journal. WordX is exclusively enhanced to lower bounce rates, so that you can maintain your visitors in the soaked market of technical information, and thorough AdSense incorporation, so you can turn your technical website into a revenue stream easily. SEO (Search engine optimization) assures you’ll be on the map where it matters—the rest is up to you!


Matador is a highly flexible, extremely ductile, effective and solid, simple and clean, brilliant and time-saving, contemporary and efficient WordPress responsive information, journal and blog concept theme, exclusively built with the show purpose of making a modern, creative, user friendly solutions for contemporary, design conscious blogs, publications and information sites, rich with advanced personalization abilities and extensive, innovative icons, tools and features that greatly enhance the capabilities of your Matador web site.

That’s why Matador is such a great theme for technical information sites, technical publications and technical blogs—the nature of the content and viewers that rules the technical section is sure to appreciate Matador’s refined, efficient templates layouts, extremely personalized theme choices, page and post choices with thorough marketing choices, the attractive, personalized Mega Menus for convenient, simple routing, the unlimited, efficiently animated sidebars, the extremely helpful short code creator with its many upon a multitude of incredibly on-point short codes that can take care of just about anything your technical information, tech blog or technical journal web site may need, from video content fixed Parallax background scenes to contact blurbs, if you can name it, there’s a short code for it in Matador. Kill the competition in design, with Matador, while you make a killing!



Interactive is a exclusively powerful, creatively fluid, technically smart, thoroughly responsive, carefully crafted, stunning intriguing WordPress sensitive multi-purpose theme, built for the general purpose of producing extremely interactive, interesting sites that are able to handle all sorts of posts, pages and usage types while offering a continually vibrant, powerful, responsive consumer experience that maintains customer attention, decreases guest bounce prices and increases returning guest prices immediately. These features make Interactive an uncommonly good match for the needs of technical sites and technical relevant sites, including technical news blogs, technical corporate blogs, software development companies, game development companies and any other technical relevant web sites efforts.

Interactive is simple to use, extremely personalized through the customized advanced administration panel options, simple to install with single click and loaded with useful templates to help you speed along your site building. Interactive is enhanced for very quickly loading, which is increasingly important in the cellular web, and includes an attractive off-canvas, swipe-friendly cellular menu that you can enable at the film of a switch. No programming is required at any point in Interactive. All of this increased with extensive social media networking incorporation, makes Interactive an excellent candidate for a permanent web site solution for technical relevant applications.


Genesis is an expansively effective, hugely practical, technically advanced, stylish and innovative, creatively amazing and graphically well-designed WordPress responsive multi-purpose framework structure theme, a fundamental theme that was created to be designed upon to achieve amazing levels. Genesis is a theme that brings together a unique, custom developed sequence of resources that incorporate into a specifically designed primary those abilities your entire website to achieve all of its potential. Genesis is natively effective and responsive, significance its programming is both highly secure, looking towards an progressively dangerous, progressively economically connected internet, and designed to last, as it will display handsomely across devices and systems of present and future styles and sizes easily, due to powerful Bootstrap programming.

Genesis has all the various resources boasting required to make technologically gifted websites that are amazing and eye-catching, from personalized full size elements to entertaining sidebars, Parallax allowed headers and footers, fixed image background scenes, and many, many more functions that enable website owners to easily produce professional-looking, efficient, feature-rich websites in a couple of minutes, and without ever having to write a single line of code. Seo(Search engine optimization) is also designed into Genesis, ensuring more traffic.


Compass is an extremely personalized, natively flexible, substantially highly effective, simple to use, innovative and expert WordPress responsive information and journal theme, constructed with sufficient efficiency and versatility to simply offer itself to a host of different applications, but especially designed with the needs and requirements of information and journal sites in mind, equipped with a responsive, Retina-ready WPZOOM Framework Structure that abilities every aspect of this liquid, vibrant theme, a great match for technical publications, gaming publications, technical information sites and all similar or relevant projects.

Compass is definitely clothed to thrill with the highly effective Visual Customizer, while the ZOOM Framework Structure enables all sorts of version and adjustment and the Powerful Home-page Builder Designer churns out amazing, expert, technically efficient websites in a matter of instants, all revved-up with Jetpack’s numerous improvements and extensive features, such as Tiled Galleries Exhibits, Related Content Posts, plenty and plenty of Widgets, Icons, and many more custom elements that you just cannot find elsewhere and that are exclusively well suited for building your technical information news web site or technical journal web page. Compass is SEO friendly, simple to use and user-friendly, built on a firm foundation of HTML5 and CSS3, and consistently modified eventually, ensuring a web site that stands the ages.


Appsperia is a creatively amazing, technically accomplished, ultra-modern and extremely stylized, entertaining, interesting and fascinating WordPress responsive app squeeze landing page theme, a very specific WordPress design theme built to meet and surpass the objectives of application designers and application companies that need to produce professional-looking, creatively refined, officially innovative, efficiently cartoon websites to promote their future produces or to acquire traffic from their active products—whatever the case may be, if you have crowd of folks simply clicking or hitting something and dealing somewhere, Appsperia is the concept you want to make the position that can get them cordially and make them feel welcome and at home.

Appsperia is thusly an ideal website concept theme for technical programs in general, not least due to its easily configurable interface, light and dark themes, easily obtainable Parallax visual effects which range from fixed video background scenes to sleek scrolling and hanging results, a huge multiplicity of social media networking symbols to choose from and personalize, working contact forms of all sorts for users to further consult or position purchases, a simple design that easily combines with any preexistent brand identification or remains clutter-free to center the focus on your works—Appsperia knows it’s company business, and its business is squeeze landing pages.


ReTouch is an exclusively fresh-faced, younger and brilliant, tech-savvy and time-saving, effective and efficient, eye-catching and attractive WordPress responsive cellular app, designer and start-up design theme, versatile enough to support a variety of different sites, such as personal or business blogs, professional freelance worker domain portfolios and many other such sites, but especially designed with the purposeful objective of developing a perfect web page solution for cellular program designers, software, program companies and related technical businesses.

ReTouch has been designed to completely fit app developers particularly, with a lot of practical features and resources that will make simpler your work-flow as you attempt to display your wonderful applications to the world, market them to the public and achieve as many people as possible with your ReTouch web site. From a lot of extremely useful routines demos and specific design web pages and templates layouts for you to choose from and get started with, to innovative information, like the addition of visual information to design your app on all the newest cellular phones, such as iPhone 6 and others, with new visual designs included with every new version. ReTouch is more than just responsive; it is constructed for the cellular experience and happens to range well to desktop computers. Let your applications glow, with ReTouch.


NewsTube is a highly technically innovative, creatively stunning, easily functional, entertaining and fascinating, refined and put-together WordPress responsive magazine, blog and movie theme, built with the flexibility and raw power needed to easily handle the requirements of news publications, rumors blogs, video blogs, video programs, movie playlist sites, video material aggregators and many other similar, relevant sites, making NewsTube an excellent fit for a technological and technical relevant website solution.

NewsTube has been crafted using the most innovative web technologies available, to produce an incredibly modern theme that is easy to use for website owners of any capability, and encourages all to generate the most professional-looking movie publications and technical blogs out there, using the highly effective page designer in conjunction with NewsTube’s customized layouts for unlimited visual possibilities. NewsTube makes use of a highly effective frontend framework structure to easily process user-generated content material, such as content, videos and more, with a lot of special features for video material, such as programs, playlists, video ads, customer registration, and front-end submission, all out of the box and at the drop of a hat. With a lot of widgets, icons to engage your visitors in public social media networking nourishes and popular content, extensive public networking follow and share incorporation and highly effective advertising solutions; NewsTube is a full package for all it technical sites you can think of.


xMobile is a highly innovative, technically advanced, creatively natural, functionally specific, modern and getting WordPress responsive app landing page website theme, built specifically for maintenance the unique needs of cellular application squeeze web landing pages, special squeeze web pages, promotional pages and similar, relevant, technical relevant web website needs. xMobile’s expertise can be found in its expert knowledge of the crucial aspects of web websites, and its preemptively designed home-page and background styles and variations, which you can merge to make your very own squeeze web landing pages that are both awesome looking and entirely unique.

Handsome Parallax effects are available to bedazzle your viewers as they explore your app collection, costs information or any other content you may choose to put up, using xMobile’s user-friendly, beautiful layouts templates. A lot of colors are included for your aesthetical comfort, though you can quickly art your own on your own, and convenient cell phone mockup data files are added for you to display your applications on iOS, Android operating system or Windows phones quickly, out of the box. Over 500 Retina-ready, high quality symbols icons are available, as well as thorough, local responsive design, which makes xMobile naturally display just as stunning on your cell cell phone as it does on your big pc screen.


Lorem is a smart and properly designed, eye-catching and well developed, smooth and successfully elegant and beautiful, modern and mobile friendly, easy to use and extremely personalized, extremely responsive WordPress innovative multi-purpose website theme. Lorem has been blessed with a really committed potential for versatility and flexibility beyond your craziest goals, with a particular skills in implementing innovative technical features and sources in a fashionable, seamless and smooth demonstration that users can interact with and correspond with, with wide attraction across a variety of census. Lorem is exclusively suitable to the purpose of designing, developing and creating innovative technical sites of all kinds and reasons.

With Lorem, website owners from absolutely any background with or without past growth experience are motivated to art stunning and effective sites to serve as systems for their products, services, tasks or business tasks of any kind within the technical industry, varying from software as a service systems to technical news, blogs, devices or app growth companies, among many more possible programs. Visual personalization is completely user-friendly and amazingly simple with Lorem on your side, and you’ll find that presenting your works is a whole different ballgame when you are using Lorem. Try it now!


Chirps is an extremely communicative, extremely significant, creatively elegant, functionally innovative, refined and breathtaking, contemporary and brilliant WordPress responsive journal design theme, designed with a wide set of highly effective tools that encourage it to easily handle the needs of sites which range from blogs to domain portfolios, but especially effective when implemented for its true purpose, the design and style of extremely stylized, contemporary and fresh-faced journal sites, which is why it is also a perfect fit for technical journal web sites.

Chirps has a wonderful, creatively awesome style design that is sure to get people discussing, completely personalized from head to toe in terms of color, forms, actions, sizes and layouts, contains truly awesome article web page layouts with a heavy focus on photography or on content itself, as you may desire, wonderful evaluation web page layouts, and sleek, awesome headline overlay effects. Chirps is a truly advanced journal website for the new creation, with built in SEO (search engine optimization) to improve your positions across the board and drive more and more traffic your way, a completely incorporated MailChimp publication marketing system, and contemporary AJAX pagination options, Chirps is a truly tech-savvy, one-stop shop solution your all your tech and technical related journal needs. Make some noise!


Apply is an extremely modern, entirely hi-tech, incredibly user-friendly, effective and efficient, successfully enjoyable and creatively innovative WordPress responsive cellular app relevant theme, designed with enough power and adaptability to house sites as different as squeeze landing pages and technology blogs, but especially designed for the purpose of building and keeping cellular app relevant sites, mobile app features, cellular app designer sites and other app relevant sites in general. Apply is operated by the latest and cross-compatible HTML5 and CSS3 technological innovation, on Twitter’s BootStrap framework layout structure for a natively responsive code that machines easily from pc and laptop internet web browsers to cellular and product displays without missing a defeat or losing any legibility.

Apply sites are a breeze to build, starting with any of Apply’s many included home-page routines demos and web page designs template, which are easily personalized with the innovative theme personalization choices, innovative web page and post choices and the powerful Visual Composer layout structure manager. Apply comes with a group of specific tools to ease the production of your technical app relevant website, along with a unique app mockup slider, where you can present several device mockups such as Nexus, iPhone and iPads scrolling about with shows of your applications, while a video background shows the full potential of your products. Nothing is as apt as Apply.


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