25 Marvelous WordPress Photography Blog Themes For Hobby and Professional Photographers 2016

In the past, if you want your image taken, you would have to cause for an image. These days, even our cell mobile phones have high-resolution cameras. Although we have gotten used to the theme, it is awesome and powerful that you can catch time in supports and immortalize a special time.  Of course, you can waste this ability by taking bad images in odd perspectives, yet there are individuals with an artist’s touch. Of course, those skilled individuals will need a method through which they can show themselves. Developing your own camcorders blog seems like a smart theme, considering the buzz of this pattern. Even large camcorders beauty parlors use these sites as a kind of promotion, offering examples of their work. However, everyone desires a painter to have an eye for quality. If you own an inadequate website, individuals will not get to see your posting. They will move on, as soon as they see your homepage. In addition, you need to prevent problems like slowly running rates of speed, inadequate programming, or resizing mistakes. But how can you handle these problems, if you are a person who does not have technological expertise? The answer is to prevent them entirely. By buying WordPress theme, your site will gain a flexible kit that enhances its functionality and visual design.

After choosing one of these WordPress Photography Blog Themes, you will need a self-hosted WordPress website in order to use it.

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  3. Install WordPress: At some hosts you have to manually install WordPress. Not at Bluehost. Just log into your dashboard and click the install button and everything is take care of for you.
  4. Install Your Theme: Now for the fun part. Choose your favourite theme from this list and follow these directions on how to install it.

Kalium is a fresh and younger, light and portable and versatile, successfully oriented and very responsive WordPress creative multi-purpose, profile and online store website concept design theme. Kalium is a wonderful system for developing websites, an user-friendly, powerful solution capable of introducing all sorts of content material in the most attractive, attractive demonstrations, due to its stunning personalization features, the addition of the Visual Composer top quality premium plug-in to fine-tune your templates layouts without writing a line of code, and a huge 30 different styles portfolios for introducing your image domain portfolios and exhibits in interesting fashion to a critical audience.

Kalium is always clothed to thrill, with a simple approach and a refined feel that responsively adjusts to every device and web browser on the planet, so everyone can engage in your content material. Kalium is a perfect concept theme for photography lovers, travel photography lovers, photo blog writers and all related sectors and areas. If you are looking for the quickest and most versatile way to display your photography functions the public in the best possible light, Kalium is where you need to go. Exclusive, sleek float movement animation effects will make an impression on your visitors while they browse through your works performs, the LayerSlider and Revolution Slider will keep them amused and connected, while you sit back and have fun with the traffic!


Having and upgrading a top quality photography blog can be a very fulfilling and complicated effort. Moon is a top quality WordPress theme that is both highly effective and user-friendly. It is an online Swiss Army knife, with quite a number of features at its convenience. There are several publish post structure modifications such as video, conventional, link, picture, sound, and so on. You can also feature content from popular on the internet systems such as SoundCloud, Vimeo, and YouTube. The internet gives, but it also takes away.

Although it offers unknown opportunity, it can be hard to hold onto your perform while publishing on the internet. Moon has incorporated an intelligent picture security function for your images, making it difficult for someone to obtain your perform by right-clicking it. Certain web pages and segments can be shut towards most supporters in order to provide unique access for certain customers. No technological knowledge if required: simply choose the security password and let Moon do all of the perform task. This photography blog theme can help you to utilize the potential of public systems, as it has presented a user-friendly public customer interface. The consumer interface is non-intrusive, as it doesn’t take up a lot of screen space. For those who wish to example Moon, a live preview was made available.


Blogging is a WordPress theme that can improve every part of your photography website. It is also very flexible, considering that it can fill up almost any part. Blog development is assisted by the existence of unique widgets, icons, along with HTML5 and CCS3 markup.

This product is aware of that distribution is part of the creative process. With Blogging, your website components are well-organized, preventing screen space waste.  The entire layout structure is user-friendly and easy to get around, leading to one of the best surfing around encounters on the web. Generally, this theme gives you the sense that everything is where it needs to be. This additional level of company is vital for content-heavy weblogs that provide regular up-dates. Your site will be enhanced for search engine. This gives you a great chance of acquiring high internet look for results high positioning search engine rankings positions.

As a result, both your view depends and your profit edge can increase. If a website is not responsive towards cellular phones, its fan base can reduce. Fortunately, that is a situation that Blogging prevents, given that it can display your stunning pictures on tablets, PCs, laptop computers and mobile phones. It will also work with most major web internet browsers. For an example of this theme’s features, the live trial can be utilized.


Interactive is a wonderful, modern and obsessive web page theme. If your objective is to produce an amazing photography blog that controls to entertain its viewers, this device can be your biggest friend. With Interactive, you will be able to change one-time audiences into die-hard lovers who adhere to every publish post articles. If published opinions aren’t your thing, be sure to check out the Live Trial in order to experience the theme’s main features. In conditions of visual personalization, Interactive allows you change the blog’s shade scheme. Don’t be afraid of operating out of options, as there are an endless number of options. This supplement does its best to decrease the speed of display space. For example, the execution of an Off Canvas Mobile Menu Selection guarantees that the options interface will be invisible if it is not being used. For more extensive information of Interactive, the extensive Documentation source can be discussed.

It is especially useful if you are new to the WordPress system. Most of us will justifiably reject to stick to a page with gradual operating rates of speed. Fortunately, your site will be lightning-fast, showing your artistic content without wait. It should be described that following the purchase, this theme can be used on more than one page website.


When searching for an excellent, high-quality WordPress theme, why accept anything less than WordX? It is effective and effective, while providing an attractive and user-friendly user interface. Despite its power, it continues to be simple and easy to use. WordX understands that not every user has an on-line level.

Fortunately, its personalization and set up process can be performed by a child. It is also very quick. From beginning to end, it only continues a few minutes. You can basically design a top-notch photography blog during your lunchtime hour. WordX facilitates top quality pictures, guaranteeing that your customers can enjoy your best performance on their Retina device displays. In addition, this theme is completely responsive. Every single publish can be presented on the displays of laptop computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

Cross-browser user interface was involved as well. This flexible concept will allow you to operate from anywhere, publishing and upgrading content while on the move. WordX has integrated a wonderful option that allows you artistic pictures on a jaw-dropping slide carousel. If you plan on publishing often, this selection is a must-have. Of course, you are entitled to be paid for your effort. AdSense was added to ensure a continuous flow of advertising income, while preventing invasive ads that can damage your reader’s surfing around experience.


If you are a specialist who is trying to produce a jaw-dropping website, look no further than NewsPaper. This high-quality WordPress theme can be your biggest friend, considering that it has many realistic features. Nothing can damage your website more than slowly running rates of speed.

Customers might absolve a low-quality publish, but they will never forget if you spend their time. Fortunately, with NewsPaper, you won’t be worried about those problems. This is one of the quickest styles themes on the web, offering a perfect surfing around experience for your faithful supporters. NewsPaper is enhanced for search engines, providing you a great chance of going up those annoying online look for engine results positioning positions. SEO-readiness usually results in more visibility, and an increase income flow. If you purchase NewsPaper, you can use it for other sites. The offer appears, even if the website in question is not yours. However, your theme support benefit will not increase to the new sites, and they can only be protected if Membership Account plan is bought. For those who wish to example this theme, a live trial demo was involved. In addition, you can also view the talked guide video clips. Despite their short period of time, they are able to describe everything in depth.


Soledad is a completely creatively amazing and extensive, graphically refined and eye-catching, highly technically communicate and carefully developed, well-structured and very versatile, feature-rich and easily personalized responsive WordPress journal and blog design theme. Soledad is a theme that while sufficiently strong enough and nimble to adjust itself to a whole number of different web page archetypes, has been exclusively meant to perform at top level as a blog and journal web page theme, and due to its visual expertise and image-laden layouts and design approach, is peculiarly well suited for the purpose of developing, building and also modern, innovative and stylish photography blog and web sites.

Whether you are inexperienced expert photographer or an expert, an independent travel expert photographer or an expert wedding photo studio room, Soledad has the right plug-ins, features, resources, tools, layouts and short requirements to let you efficiently cruise your way to a stunning and powerful photography blog that lets you tell your stories and show your works in the best highlight, every single time. Soledad includes over 250 fresh-faced trial demo sites with 250 different Live Customizer options for you to muck around with, so there is no doubt your photography web page will definitely be one of a kind. Swagger your stuff, with Soledad!


Share is a WordPress theme that is aware of the innovative creative process. It does its best to provide your work, as it increases and enhances your website. Its wide list of functions delivers excellent flexibility, enabling Share to provide picture collection, blog, music or movie websites. Regardless of your perspective, this wonderful product can make it come true. If you purchase this theme, you will be in excellent company. Travelers, authors, artists, photography lovers, and blog authors from across the world have made the exact same choice. Share is entirely responsive, ensuring that your content will look amazing with any device.

This allows you to upgrade your supporters while journeying. In addition, the responsive marketing technology speeds up the running times of video clips and images. Taking a page out of nature’s book, Share preserves balance and ease in its design. Regardless of its market, your blog site will be able to support several file modifications. Be it information, images or movie, every fan will be able to enjoy stunning multi-media material. Also, your site can feature eye-catching animation movement that simply comes in existence as it is being considered. For more information regarding Share and it’s amazing functions, be sure to check out the live theme preview.


If you are looking for a WordPress theme with a perfect, spectacular design, be sure to check out Tulip. Its layout structure is structured and clean, while its user interface is user-friendly and user-friendly. Tulip features many useful features, causing in an amazing degree of flexibility. Generally, it can fit any part or niche market. However, it is best for specialist, photography, or writing websites. Indeed, this product can properly display your pictures, video clips, exhibits, or articles. Regardless of your user’s device, he/she will be able to access your content. Product and smart phone owners can benefit from the same quality experience as their laptop and PC-loving alternatives.

In order to accomplish personalization, Tulip features 9 different layout structure variations for your blog. You can also assign difficult sticky content post; eliminate the need to determine specific groups for post sliders. In addition, this theme features Unique Personalized Icons and 7 Personalized Widgets. Increasing brand attention is crucial for any decent advertising strategy. Fortunately, you may now apply your own customized logo via the amazing WordPress customizer. With it, customers can also change the background pictures, include custom favicons, cover up segments, and so on. Typography variations are simple to apply, considering that there are over 600 Google Fonts.


Brook is a huge, light and flexible WordPress theme for website blogs. Its primary purpose is to boost each and every component of your site, increasing it to new levels of creative quality. The site development and personalization process has been significantly simple, due to the addition of a large list of realistic features.

While developing a theme that is equipped for web page designers is a good goal, Brook has gone down another path. Recognizing that most of its customers lack any development knowledge, it has structured and simple each and every function. With Brook, even a child can create a tremendous web page. In addition to being very user-friendly, this theme offers enhanced speed. Few WordPress products can coordinate its lightning-fast running times. For more information regarding Brook, you can either check out the extensive documentation source, or you can access the live theme preview.

Your web site or blog page will integrate customized widgets for: blog collection plants, about writer segments, blog details, Instagram, and social networking hyperlinks. These widgets increase the theme’s abilities, and improve its market value. It is without a doubt that Brook can are able to increase your view depend, and your benefit edge. It should also be described that your entire page can be converted, due to the incorporation of WPML support.


Compared with other styles theme which cure writing a blog as an postscript, Redwood is created for this many niche market. This high-quality WordPress theme will surely are able to thrill supporters with its stunning, traditional and clean visual style. It features an outstanding slider that can display your most artistic images, putting them in the forefront. This can improve user preservation rates, as it places your best foot forward.

Most styles will only give you a dark or light website skin option. However, Redwood offers an endless color scheme. It unshackles your page from the constraints of complying, providing you to style a photography blog that suit your eyesight. It is relaxing to know that this product aims to be a worldwide solution to every web development problem. It fact, Redwood is probably the last WordPress theme that you will ever need to buy. Its layout structure can re-size and adjust to the displays of laptop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Regardless of the device, web browser, or OS(operating system), your images will turn some leads.  Several post structure modifications were added, such as Music Posts, Video Posts, Gallery Posts, and Standard Posts Content. As your website develops in popularity, you might want to keep your supporters modified. Thanks to the impressive MailChimp feature, you can now write exciting updates.


In a time when 600 web site blogs is create every moment, you have to make sure that your speech is observed. Fortunately, Falive is aware of the needs of webmasters, as it easily combinations an extremely efficient interface with a jaw-dropping visual layout structure. Shunning consistency and motivating creativeness is part of the creative process, and this viewpoint is shown Falive’s design. For example, there are 5 exclusive header layout structure modifications, each with own exclusive appeal and sweetness. For your home page; here are 5 Presented Featured Slider Choices. Every slider can be changed and modified, leading to a highly-customization experience. Based upon on your needs, you might want to change between the Boxed and Full Size editions of design layout.

You can easily do so by obtaining the user-friendly theme Choices area. Every site factor is very responsive. Your images will look amazing on high quality Retina or HiDPI displays. Customers preferring cellular phones such as mobile phones and tablets can now delight, given that Falive has absolutely removed resizing mistakes. Thanks to the Stay Manager device, every single change can be previewed before it is used. No other customizer is able to providing immediate reviews. For more information, be sure to check out the live theme design preview.


The Voux
For blog writers who are searching for an ideal WordPress theme, The Voux is a perfect fit. It contains a huge number of useful functions, causing in flexible site that can fit any part. Generally, every factor was concerned with the likelihood of success. With this product, your blog can have more audiences, switching informal lovers into die-hard supporters. Love it or dislike it, the effect of social networking in community is unquestionable.

Its importance makes difficult to disregard, if you are seeking to run a business.  Usually, WordPress blogs will include some symbol social widgets icons to carry out their attributes. However, The Voux goes all out. There is a special area for public networking information in the Theme Options device. Factors such as information importance and accessibility can be managed from the theme after sales. You can even choose individual systems on which to post up-dates. The Voux guarantees a running function that can display articles while the audience scrolling. In addition, it is now easier to link specific content posts, as the URL instantly adjusts to the page that is being presented. If you wish to experience these functions without having to spend cash, you can always access the live theme preview.


What can be more attractive, than an cost-effective solution for all of your web design problems? If you are a committed photography blog writer who wants to catch glimpses of truth, this fun WordPress theme can accomplish your desire. Airashi provides a tremendous layout structure, and a user-friendly customer interface. With this product, you will not need to seek the services of a web design company. Set up and personalization have been simple and structured. From beginning to end, any customer can create an attractive website in a couple of minutes. If you want to learn more about Airashi and its awesome features, you can always read the Online Documentation source.

It is well-written and very useful. If time is an issue, you can be saved from having to personalize your web page. Thanks to the 1-click Trial Importer, you can now apply fully-functional pre-made websites content material. Further enhancement and personalization can take place, once your routine opens up. Trial sites often act as templates layouts for excellent styles designs. Airashi also has an awesome Ajax look for operate, and some customized 404 Page Content. Several Page layouts templates and several side bar roles were involved as well. This theme significantly enhances your chances of success, given that it is enhanced for search engines.


With Gulvvy, your photography blog is sure to have more visitors. This quality WordPress theme is an expert in switching curios audiences into die-hard lovers. Design layout is stunning and well-designed, appealing an excellent surfing around experience for anyone who trips your website or blog.

Gulvvy can take care of the uninspiring technological factors, while you get to pay attention to creativeness and visual personalization. This makes it available for everyone, not just designers and web-developers. In just seconds, even a beginner client can create a web site or blog that suits his perspective. Site directors can choose from an unlimited range of colors, as they get to show their creative tendency.

In addition, you can easily toggle between light or black page styles, by obtaining the Theme Options Area. Every publish post can be placed into one of the following categories: video, sound, glide show, and presented picture. This allows for better company, optimizing your blog’s structure. Gulvvy uses modern components and realistic features which are operated by the amazing Ulkit Frontend Framework Layout Structure. Customers are able to build stunning plants that can fit any screen. This theme is entirely responsive, capable of flexible users who choose tablets and mobile phones. Gulvvy is also appropriate for most major web browsers.


Rosemary is a WordPress theme that will catch your heart. This is an item that can improve your website, properly presenting your artistic images. Rosemary’s convenience and commitment towards quality will never go out of style. This supplement shuns excess, and focuses on what is important: your images. It offers some publish and structure editions and it includes an amazing area slider tool.

Several publish types are available, including: music, collection, video and standard content. Also, there are 5 different layouts templates for your blog, each bringing something different to the table. Even if you do not possess development or coding knowledge, you can easily customize your website via the WordPress Customizer plugin. Options are simple, user-friendly, and user-friendly. From beginning to end, even a child can create a good website in a matter of minutes. Any website that wants to grow must consider converting its content for worldwide viewers. Fortunately, Rosemary customers can design an excellent multilingual website that is sure to thrill users from around the world.


Elegance is a WordPress theme that can help you remain appropriate in a hyper-competitive atmosphere. Surprisingly, internet company success does not rely on skills alone. It entails research, marketing techniques, and a deep knowledge of search engines.

Without look for engines like Google, the web would be an unconnected load of sites. Themes like Elegance understand the methods and requirements that are used by search engines. Every website factor, keyword and key phrase, and rule, is applied in order to increase your look for position roles. With this product, your view depends and benefit edge are sure to improve, as a result of the higher visibility. In addition to making money, marketing shops can distribute attention regarding your website.

However, customers will reject to do company with a shop that they do not believe in. Fortunately, Elegance has applied one of the most reliable eCommerce plug-ins on the market: WooCommerce. If you are short on time, you can always transfer some trial webpages. This spare parts you from having to start on your own. Also, trial web pages allow for further personalization and enhancement, performing as basic design templates layouts. Elegance has applied a useful off-Canvas Menu Selection, and an unlimited scroll operates. If you wish to example these features, a live theme trial can be utilized.



Piemont is an excellent WordPress theme for photography blog writers. Using its amazing features, you can design a completely efficient site in less than 2 moments. It features some useful top quality plug-ins that further increases its abilities.

For example, WooCommerce helps the development of online shops through which products can be allocated. Considering that a large number of sites have selected WooCommerce, it must be doing something right. In conditions of personalization, the chances are almost limitless. There are 20 different designs for headers, 5 different blog designs layouts, 5 listing templates, over 650 fonts styles, and 4 Featured Post Slider Layouts.

For those who want to modify the pages color shade plan, there are 11 pre-defined templates layouts. However, nothing is avoiding you from developing your own. All options can be managed and changed via the highly effective Piemont Control Board. Despite is size and opportunity, this panel is well-organized and user-friendly. Everything is where it needs to be, assisting routing navigation even for beginner customers. If you wish to learn more about Piemont, the free Documentation resource can be utilized. In addition, a useful Theme trial was included. It should also be described that your blog site will unlimited selection modifications, varying logo roles, and a MailChimp newsletter publication option.


Lily completely shows the creative soul by applying a sophisticated and simple design. Every post can be enhanced and accompanied by this WordPress theme, given its wide list of realistic features. It also offers flexibility, as it is able to adjust to any web or blog market. Lily has 4 unique modifications for your homepage, in addition to some eye-catching Parallax segments and CSS3 animated graphics.

The power of any popular product can be found with its availability. While many websites have ignored mobile phone incorporation, this theme has selected the other path. All Lily site components are completely responsive, capable of presenting your quality pictures on mobile phones and tablets.

Generally, as long as something has a screen and a Wireless connection, it can look at your content. It should also be described that your blog site will feature cross-browser interface. Typeface Amazing Fonts Symbols Icons were integrated, along with 600 Google fonts’ styles. All successful websites must consider a multilingual structure, given that it can increase your perspective depend and profit edge. Fortunately, Lily has integrated the flexible WPML plug-in, which helps the interpretation of your blog site. Right to Left Writing is also reinforced, for different languages such as Hebrew, Persia or Japanese people. For more information, be sure to access the theme live preview.


Few WordPress styles can ever wish to get to the same level as Oxie. This is a wonderful, structured and simple item that declines to be average. Its durability can be found in its and realistic layout design, free from any needless interface components. Oxie is quite flexible and it can adjust to any part. However, is most effective for image-heavy blogs, travel, food, fashion, and family web pages.

Compared with other WordPress products, Oxie offers more than just a binary dark-light color plan. A large range of colors is for your use, and you can create your perfect website. Indeed, you photography blog will only be restricted by what its owner would ever guess. Personalized typography can significantly improve the attraction of a website. Fortunately, this device integrated over 600 amazing Google fonts’ styles.

With such a wide selection, even the most negative customers can find something that matches their needs. There are 20 modifications for houses web pages, in addition to 30 unique blog templates layouts. Money making and social networking support was involved. At the end of the day, Oxie manages the distressing parts, while allowing you to enjoy the interest and creativeness of blog possession. If you wish to see what it has to offer, you can check out the live theme preview.


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