17 Simple WordPress Dentist Themes To Take Dentistry Practice To The Next Level 2016

Dentists practitioners are the unsung characters of community. They create lifestyle possible, by dealing with one of the most common human ailments: corrosion. Without this useful service, lifestyle would be a brief and agonizing event. One might think that dental care and web design are two very different areas of activity. However, the market requirements an online internet business. At the end of the day, every business on the world must be promoted and showed on the internet. Still, not everyone is techs-savvy.

Thankfully, WordPress can hold those who are new to website development. This systems serves many committed and skilled theme designers, each competitive for your attention. At their primary, their styles are flexible web improvement packages that can improve your websites and increase its abilities.

Features like Google Map incorporation, Mobile interface, and Look for Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization are available. When a potential client looks for a good dental professional, this theme can ensure that your website will appear on their search listing. Affordability is another important aspect. Choosing a web design company is not cheap, and WordPress products can provide a better alternative. They are quick to set up, and personalized, providing a quality experience for both customers, and owners.

After choosing one of these WordPress Dentist Themes, you will need a self-hosted WordPress website in order to use it.

  1. Choose a Hosting: When you opting for a web hosting, you want to feel much better about the company from day one. Bluehost is the assistance we’ve found that provides satisfaction that your site is in excellent arms. It’s cost-effective costs and efficient assistance are two huge aspects that make it a great buy, plus their client support care is spot-on, 24/7, and extremely helpful. For a limited time you can get hosting at Bluehost for 40% off. GET 40% OFF HOSTING »
  2. Choose a Domain: When picking a domain you get to put on your creative hat. The available domains are fewer and farther between, so think up a few ideas you like and then check their availability at Bluehost. Best of all… at ” Bluehost your domain is free “.
  3. Install WordPress: At some hosts you have to manually install WordPress. Not at Bluehost. Just log into your dashboard and click the install button and everything is take care of for you.
  4. Install Your Theme: Now for the fun part. Choose your favourite theme from this list and follow these directions on how to install it.


Cosmedical is a modern WordPress theme that allows you to show your work, or market your company business. This theme does it best to support every website, improving on pages and material. Personalization is easy and user-friendly, as customers can easily choose their page’s color plan. Sliders can show your top material, along with amazing changes and animated graphics. This allows you to put your best foot forward, as you attempt to thrill patients and customers. Upon buying this theme, you will get access to a specific, extensive theme documentation source. It contains appropriate information regarding all functions, and it gives information customers through installation process.

Cosmedical contains top quality plug-ins such as the amazing Revolution Slider. It would normally cost $18, yet it is available for free. Amazing trial material was added to a XML transfer computer file. From beginning to end, you can set up a page in a matter of minutes. In order to accomplish customization, site material offer several variations: Gallery, Standard, Audio, Video, Link and Quote. With Cosmedical, web pages can be converted into different ‘languages’. This can increase your site’s view depend, thus providing more patients for your company business. Have a look at regarding this theme; be sure to check out the live preview.



Clinico is a well-designed WordPress concept design theme for customers who care about their business. It is quite flexible, as it has a great number of realistic features. Despite its capability to work with any market, Clinico’s main objective is to boost health-related sites. It can be used for dental professional, medical center, or medical center web pages. Upon set up, customers can choose between a full size and boxed layout structure. Either way, your posts will look awesome. There are 6 pre-designed site colors, but there is nothing avoiding you from developing your own. Several page templates layout, icons, and material components were included. You may even benefit from Tweets incorporation, enabling you to discuss up-dates with your social media networking supporters.

The coding is clean and well-written, leading to lightning-fast running times for web site. Clinico is completely responsive, as it has completely removed resizing or interface problems. Your content material can be observed on laptop computers, tablets, mobile phones, and PCs. As long as it has an Internet Relationship and a display, it containers Clinico-based web pages. In addition, the realistic Theme Options board is very easy to use, even by those who absence any technological skills. If you are interested to learn more about this theme, you can either look at the comprehensive documentation resource, or access the live preview.


Health & Medical
It would be difficult to acquire a WordPress theme that suits the high quality of Health & Medical. This awesome product is ideal for health treatment centers, medical centers, dental practitioners, or any other health-related website. However, its impressive features allow it to fit any part or company market. Every single website factor can be personalized and made to fit your requirements. Health & Medical is a fully responsive theme, as it works with personal computer systems, laptop computer systems, mobile phones and tablets. Your content submissions are sure to look awesome on any screen, regardless of its size or quality. This can improve the surfing around experience of customers and website administrators; given that material can be modified on the fly.

Depending on your company business strategy plan, you might want to sell products. In order to do so, you must create a high-quality web store. Fortunately, Health & Medical has integrated WooCommerce, one of the best plug-ins on WordPress. It allows you to design awesome website stores, showing to your customers that you care about high quality. Due to the execution of some awesome multilingual plug-ins, your website can now welcome non-English speaking and discussing users.



Medical is an ideal choice for those who wish to make health-related websites. This impressive item assures quality, as its structure is structured and user-friendly. Healthcare can be used for the web pages of dental practitioners, physicians, dentists and wellness treatment centers. The design is versatile and clean, appropriate for top quality Retina shows. In addition, your posts can be seen from cellular phones. Medical has completely removed resizing mistakes. This is a very feature-rich item, full of many versatile customization configurations.

Should you experience any problems with your theme, make sure you post your issues on the discussion board. Its subjects are well-written and useful. Despite its power, the administration board remains user-friendly. Every option is where it needs to be, assisting routing for new users. Personalization has also been simple, thanks to the impressive Visual Composer plug-in tool. This is not a theme that was made just for developers. Anyone can make an amazing site in a matter of minutes.

As you attempt to appeal to wider census, it is a wise decision to convert your content posts. Fortunately, Medical has integrated the WPML plug-in, assisting the production of multilingual web pages. Your foreign customers will certainly appreciate the extra effort. For those who wish to example this theme, a live preview was added.


Few WordPress styles themes can desire to coordinate the quality of eDental. This excellent product can improve sites of orthodontists, oral practitioners, periodontitis, or any other oral treatment professional. The personalization process has been significantly simple, enabling anyone to art a remarkable web page. eDental uses the newest CSS3 and HTML 5 techniques, and it is designed on the Bootstrap 3 structure framework. Due to their more compact displays, cellular phones experience their reasonable proportion of resizing problems. Fortunately, your site can welcome anyone, regardless of their system choice. In addition, this concept will work with most major web browsers.

Content typography can be easily customized, due to the execution of 800 awesome Google Font styles. Parallax background scenes are available, and they can increase your page’s appearance. In the contact area, customers can now incorporate a Google Maps operate. This will make it simpler for sufferers to find your location. A Landmark Milestone Counter can also track important activities or activities. eDental has specific segments for weblogs and domain portfolios. A difficult routing demo operate was involved as well. If you are a new customer who desires to learn more about this theme and its features, an extensive documentation source can be discussed. It is quite useful and realistic.


HealthFlex is a powerful and insightfully impressive, technically impressive, user friendly and extremely personalized, incredibly user-friendly and structurally navigable, expert and refined, warm and pleasant, mobile-friendly and highly responsive WordPress business and corporate expert multi-purpose website theme. HealthFlex is an amazing and practical WordPress theme, the result of a careful and purposeful design and development process aimed particularly towards creating a flexible multi-purpose theme, readily able to handle sites from a huge selection of areas, interests and sectors, but exclusively well-geared towards handling the creation and up keeping of web sites in the health industry and relevant careers.

HealthFlex has a wealth of useful and time-saving trial sites for a variety of expert applications, from doctors to dental practitioners. HealthFlex’s elegant and attractive trial for dental practitioners, ornithologists and orthodontists has a whole number of effective and convenient pages and short codes designed for a clean, breathtaking and expert look as well as a deep performance that contains advanced user contact forms, smooth staff blurbs and today’s, user-friendly and user friendly structure for building and developing dental professional and dentistry-related sites, with premium plug-ins exclusively personalized and improved to make short work of developing and modifying contemporary sites for expert dentists!


Medicus is a top-notch theme for WordPress. It is very versatile, capable of changing any market. However, most of its impressive features are focused towards medical centre, oral medical centre and dental centre websites. Generally, all health-related websites can be improved by this excellent product.

With other themes, website development is a challenging process. Medicus customers can enjoy, as their websites will benefit from the drag and drop website designer builder. This is a highly-flexible device tool that makes easier personalization. Even a child can create an awesome website in a matter of minutes. You only need to pick a preferred factor, drop it across the show, and fall it where it needs to be. It’s that easy!

Site directors can enjoy a real-time customizer operate. Changes can be previewed before they are used, enabling for immediate reviews. In order to increase your site’s reputation and view depend, you must welcome non-English discussing customers with open hands. Medicus is completely translatable, and it can show content material in every terminology. Mobile customers often experience resizing and interface problems. This theme has settled those problems, given that it is entirely sensitive. Regardless of the show on which it is being considered, your material will look awesome.



Attention to details is an integral part of this sort of career. You must make sure that your web site shows this high quality, as you search for to generate the quality that believes in of your patients. iMedica is a WordPress theme that can enhance every component of your website. In just a few minutes, you may art a high-quality page which fits your eyesight. For new customers, it provides specific guides and release video clips. Despite its power and flexibility, this product continues to be extremely available. You do not need an on-line level in order to design a stunning website. If you do not have the chance to start on your own, you can apply one of the 20 pre-designed home web pages. Further personalization is possible, as each establishing is improved and customized.

iMedica controls to easily combination complexions and user-friendliness, as it features a tremendous number of impressive features. It has wonderful Parallax background scenes, a moment desk option, and Before/After Sliders. Mobile customers can often experience resizing and interface mistakes. Fortunately, iMedica is defense to those problems, given that it is entirely responsive. Your dental professional or health-care web site will look awesome on the displays of laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones. For more information, be sure to check out the live trial.


In times of illness and hardship, people will turn towards their physicians for treatment and assistance. Considering that your web site represents your business, you need to make sure that it is absolutely perfect. MentalPress is a WordPress design theme that is aware of the needs of health and psychological proper care experts. It is one of the most innovative and structured WordPress products on the market. From beginning to end, the installation process will only last seconds, due to the execution of the one-click trial importer. This spare parts you from having to begin from the beginning, when developing your web page.

For beginner customers, useful training videos were involved, along with a well-written theme documentation resource. If any problems are experienced, customers can easily publish assistance demands. It is evident that a lot of proper care and research went into the growth of this product. It is designed towards the needs of internet marketers, and every function is user-friendly and user-friendly. Cellular interface was included, as your content can be utilized from cell phones and tablets. Resizing mistakes will not be experienced, leading to an enjoyable surfing around experience for all customers. It should also be described that your web page will be WPML-compatible, considering easy site translation.


Divi is one of the best website design theme on WordPress. It delivers great flexibility, and a large amount of useful functions. This product assures that any customers will be able to art a wonderful web page, with little effort. From beginning to end, the installation process will only last a few minutes. Divi can hold those who absence programming or web design abilities. Design is well structured and user-friendly, providing an excellent surfing around experience for your targeted traffic.

Innovative resources such as the Divi Designer Builder were involved. It helps the growth of exclusive, eye-catching sites. However, many folks do not have time to develop their sites from the beginning. Fortunately, Divi has a solution: pre-made templates layouts. There are 18 in complete, each appealing to provide your web page with a complete, fully-functional interface. Further personalization is possible, as you may change and change their configurations.

Regardless of your site’s configurations, it will be able to support all gadgets. Be it tablets, laptop computers, or mobile phones, your content will look amazing. With Divi, resizing and interface mistakes are removed. In addition, your dental professional web page will be appropriate for most significant web browsers. For more information regarding Divi and its functions, be sure to check out the live demo.


Apicona is an ideal choice for medical professionals. This high-quality WordPress theme can accomplish the production of an amazing website. It offers many personalization options, and a user-friendly layout structure that never is unable to thrill prospective customers. In a period when levels of competitors are so intense, Apicona can be your greatest friend. This theme’s program code is highly effective and well-written, causing in lightning-fast running rates of speed for your content material. There are 3 header variations: Left Logo, Middle Logo above selection, and Middle Logo between menu choices. In general, multilingual pages are much easier than their monolingual alternatives. Apicona has integrated .po and .mo information, considering simple site interpretation. The flexible WPML plug-in was involved as well.

Running an effective dental professional practice is no simple task. Apicona understands that period is a limited source, and it has involved trial material in order to treat that problem. From beginning to end, a fully-functional page can be created in just five minutes via the One-Click Demo importer. It should be mentioned that this product features some of the best WordPress top quality plugins: the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer. For those who wish to learn more about Apicona and its features, a live theme preview was added.


Dentalux is an awesome WordPress item that can improve dental medical center, hospital center, drugstore, or research center websites. Generally, any health-related web page can benefit from this theme’s features. The professionalism and reliability of its style is unquestionable. Realistic and structured, the interface is simply awesome. You website will display some very comforting and soothing color shades, designed to motivate believe in and relaxed atmosphere. With Dentalux, you can influence your customers that your business does not bargain when it comes to quality.

This item has added a number of impressive theme options, providing you to easily handle your web page content material. Moreover, some practical short requirements and icons were involved. For those who wish to example what Dentalux has to provide, a live review was made available. Should you enjoy this preview, you can transfer it to your website via the One-Click Trial Installation software. This selection is especially useful if you do not have the time to personalize a website from the beginning.

With Dentalux, all dental professional or health-related sites will be mobile-responsive. Content can be shown on tablets and mobile phones. Moreover, your website can provide touch-screen search performance, and it will be cross-browser suitable. Using incredible Visual Composer device tools, customers are able to style awesome pages without having to contact a single line of code.


Health Medical Center
Health Medical Center is a WordPress design theme that can improve any medical-based website. However, its flexibility allows it to fit any role, and provide every market. It can also be used for non-profit, ecological, gym, meeting, governmental, Parallax, spa, and company pages. Regardless of your needs, Health Medical Center can offer an amazing encounter. Of course, you want your online company to be taken seriously. Fortunately, this product has applied many niche-specific website tools such as schedules, consultation types, routine segments, and so on. With Health Medical Center, your website will feel like a natural expansion of your actual office.

For many themes, their assistance system is a postscript. You are entitled to more than that, as Health Medical Center sites will benefit from a solution and email-based assistance structure. The associates are very friendly, courteous, as well as to help all customers. Their average reaction time is about 8 hours. In terms of personalization, users are offered a Boxed or Full Size layout structure, 10 header variations, sticky header roles, and over 20 templates layouts for footers. Also, you may select a one website menu selection option for your website. If you wish to encounter Health Medical Center without having to spend anything, be sure to check out the live theme trial.


If your main objective is to develop an awesome Healthcare and Wellness web site, look no further than MedicalPress. Few WordPress styles can desire to suit its quality and availability. You can use it for dental professional, physician, health center, medical center, and surgery treatment sites. This product has a niche-oriented design, and it integrate a number of specific features that are relevant to the healthcare industry. MedicalPress has segments that allow you to handle features, types, sessions, employees, recommendations, collection components, news up-dates, and so on.

Every theme option is designed to improve performance. Changes can be easily applied, simplifying the site administrator’s job. This removes the need to employ a web development company, given that anyone can make an effective web site. The layout structure is simple, structured and highly-intuitive. MedicalPress is designed using the Tweets Bootstrap structure framework, and it is entirely responsive. As a result, your content will look awesome regardless of what system is being used. Combination browser-compatibility was also applied.

Depending on your business strategy plan, you might want to spread products. This theme can hold your needs, as it has integrated the legendary WooCommerce plug-in. Your online store will be nothing less than professional. If you wish to learn more about MedicalPress, you can access the live design theme preview.


Health & Medical
Health & Medical is a high-quality WordPress design theme for those who wish to create an awesome website. This is a feature-rich product that can improve your website, showing to your customers that you are worth their consideration. Customers can readily build awesome slides via the Visual Editor Manager. The process needs no programming knowledge, as it is based on drag and drop technology. You only need to choose a function, move it across the screen, and fall it into place. It’s that easy!

The designers care about you, and your website. Forever of up-dates is available, as soon as the theme is bought. Additionally, the support system can guide you through any issues. For new users, an in depth certification source was involved, along with some useful training videos.

Health & Medical is completely translatable, able to show off your content in any language. Additionally, your website will be entirely responsive. Smartphone and product users can delight, given that they can now quickly access your web page. Health & Medical has involved left and right sidebar templates layouts, 2 publish slider areas, and a user-friendly administration board. For those who wish to learn more about this theme, a live preview was involved.


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