23 Most Popular And Unique WordPress Themes For Startups, Companies, Blogs And Portfolio In 2016

The main advantage of the internet market companies are independence. Long gone the days of business caravans that would find it difficult to navigate the world’s business tracks. In return, we have a non-physical industry that covers the whole world. People from across the world can do company, without having to bother with oppressive control or 3rd party participation.

However, there can are certain disadvantages to it. How can a shrub take a position out, when it is placed in a forest? Regardless of your area of action and company niche market, there will be hundreds of other websites that have the same objectives, and focus on the same niche market. When confronted with such competitors, there are two types of battling back: quality products and an identifiable item.

Of course, no WordPress theme can enhance your item or service or production procedure. Still, it can aid in from the of a legendary item. On the web, you will be unseen. Your clients will only communicate with your site, and you will be assessed based on its style design. Making it as exclusive as possible, guarantees a more identifiable on the internet impact. WordPress themes styles can help you to personalize font’s styles, color shades, and add slider mobile phones, multi-media assistance, and many other useful functions. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best Unique WordPress themes.

After choosing one of these WordPress Popular And Unique Themes For Startups, Companies, Blogs And Portfolio, you will need a self-hosted WordPress website in order to use it.

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  3. Install WordPress: At some hosts you have to manually install WordPress. Not at Bluehost. Just log into your dashboard and click the install button and everything is take care of for you.
  4. Install Your Theme: Now for the fun part. Choose your favourite theme from this list and follow these directions on how to install it.

X Theme
In the past, only the wealthiest companies can manage top quality marketing on a extensive. Fortunately, the internet is a great equalizer, and it allows anyone to generate a worldwide viewers. However, it also produces plenty of opponents. When confronted with so many similar websites, you must make sure that your product appears out. Fortunately, WordPress themes styles like X can provide you with a flexible tool set. Online marketers will be able to art exclusive web pages, given that everything and option will be under their control.

This concept theme is one of the quickest promoting products on WordPress, due to its flexibility and dedication towards top quality.  In addition, X has integrated a huge assortment of features, whose complete value is over $1200. Considering that the actual price is just $64, the standard of this purchase is evident. Even those who absence web design knowledge will be able to customize and upgrade their websites. No two web pages will ever be similar. It should also be described that design is completely responsive, and it can be on any system display. You may pattern between wide or encased modifications, based on your needs. For more information regarding this exclusive WordPress theme, be sure to access its live preview.


Massive Dynamic
Massive Dynamic is an imaginative and liquid, versatile and vast, innovative and impressive, highly responsive WordPress innovative multi-purpose web page designer builder. Massive Dynamic is an amazing system for designing the most unique, unique and identifiable websites out there currently available. Massive Dynamic places you in finish control of every aspect of your website’s look, feel and actions from the inside out, with the real-time Live Website Builder allowing you pattern, shape and improve your web pages before you, modifying templates layouts with finish independence, including and eliminating short requirements, playing with all configurations existing, all in one place.

Utterly impressive structure layout designs, further personalized through styles and version, ensure your Massive Dynamic web page appears like none other out there. A simple, structured codebase improved for SEO from the top down, mixed with incredibly light and portable web pages and brilliant Massive Dynamic Running technology make Massive Dynamic both simple on the eyes and simple on the web server plenty. A stunning and efficiently efficient Notification Center, operated by AJAX, keeps your users informed of new or popular articles, items or posts content, of their e-commerce software solution content material or their private information, and much more, without ever having to so much as look at a line of code yourself! Massive Dynamic is in charge!


Quality WordPress themes styles such as Kalium are made for those who wish to spearhead online advancement. This item has a finish program, easily controlling visual design and functionality. Customization is not only possible, it is extremely motivated. Kalium has over 600+ amazing Google fonts’ styles. Given that a user’s look will be mostly targeted on published collections, it is smart to customize your typography. With so several choices, even the most negative clients can find a font typeface that suits their choice.

If you wish to invest less time on location personalization, you can always apply a pre-designed website skin. There is a design style for any special event, as Kalium is quite convenient. Also, pre-designed content material can act as a design for upcoming developments and changes. As a person, you should always choose an item that gets continuous up-dates. This removes the need to purchase new themes styles when the technical scenery advances and changes. With the most latest upgrade, Kalium has included Costs Platforms, Content Partitioning, Blog Post Publish Symbols Widgets, SoundCloud and VK Symbols, and a New Standard Font. It seems great to know that you own an item which regularly increases its abilities and functions. For details, please check out the stay theme preview.


If you are serious about your internet business profession, you simply can’t manage to ignore Divi. This quality WordPress theme is great at improving recognized ideas, making them available to anyone. Features and resources that were used by designers and web-developers are now in your hands. This level of independence guarantees that you will be able to create a website concept theme that shows your perspective.

Although visual customization is nothing new, Divi has simple the entire process. Every single factor that seems to be on the user’s page has been transformed into visual prevents. This makes it much simpler to move things around, and organize them in a more joyful way. Structure Layout customization has never much simpler.

Despite its power and flexibility, Divi continues to be very user-friendly. Although specific knowledge will enhance your possibilities of success, it is not a fundamental need. As long as clients can get around simple menus choices and options, they can design a highly-successful website. Cross-platforms support is provided for all gadgets. Product and Smart phone clients will get to enjoy endless access, free from any resizing or interface mistakes. In addition, Divi can be shown on every major web browser. For more information regarding this theme, a live preview can be utilized.


Uncode is a extremely powerful and absolutely creatively amazing, extremely easy to use and personalize, technically amazing and very smooth and refined, user and designer helpful, highly responsive WordPress creative multiconcept, multi-purpose website design theme. Uncode is a smartly designed and laboriously written WordPress website theme, put together with unbearable attention to details and careful, adequate permission for thorough personalization without ever having to write a single line of code yourself.

Uncode includes lots of amazing, giant tools and plug-ins, templates layouts and short codes, resources and features that can easily take your website to the next level within minutes, through user-friendly, designer helpful visible connections. The top quality premium Visual Composer web page builder designer plug-in is included to create short work of most web development projects, while the iLightbox, LayerSlider and Revolution Trend Slider plug-ins merge to provide your website an entirely one of a kind look and feel. Uncode is your ideal website design theme if you are seeking a extensive solution to different website building needs that never is unable to create a unique impact on each guest. Uncode has been created to stand out from the pack without breaking a sweating. Try Uncode’s grateful, stylish templates web page layouts on for size. Give Uncode a go today!


Insight is a simple journal WordPress theme concept that aspects your business. It does not overflow the display with needless functions. Insight wisely allocates display space, decreasing website mess. It offers many wonderful and practical plug-ins, each applied in order to flourish your page’s abilities. This product can be used for blog, journal, photography or book web sites. The theme homepage will have many widgetized locations you can build and customize every factor. In addition to its current list of plug-ins, many additional functions can be included from Jetpack: Related Content, Tiled Galleries Exhibits, Icons and Additional Side Bars.

Upon set up, Understanding customers can choose between 3 primary color schemes: blue, yellow-colored and green. However, there is nothing avoiding you from choosing your own color shades. This can be carried out by obtaining the Visual Customizer tool. This theme has a fully responsive layout structure which can display your articles on mobile displays. Every gallery collection and picture will reduce or up, without suffering from any mistakes. With Understanding, product and smart phone customers can enjoy a quality surfing around experience. Building a homepage area can be quite interesting. You can even include presented groups categories. You may also add widgets, considering that the theme will instantly integrate them into the widgetized places.


Few WordPress themes styles can ever desire to coordinate the quality of Moon. This exclusive and impressive product is sure to thrill even the most negative customer. Moon is perfect for those who want to develop professional photography, blog, or gallery collection sites. There is no technological information need, as the options will do most of the work. There are 24 exclusive home layouts templates, providing a massive amount of difference when it comes to visual personalization. As you publish and publish different images, the nearby colors shades can coordinate the scheme of the image. This provides a more natural and good image.

The press administrator system was included for comfort, as it permits you to easily arrange every Picture. It is also possible to feature pictures and music from third party sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud. Those who want to read your informative articles can stimulate a more relaxed studying method. Moon allows you to show where each photograph was taken, on a World Map. All functions and pictures can be utilized by any system, regardless of its monitor size.  The layout structure is cross-browser suitable. Be sure to access the live preview, for more information regarding this exclusive WordPress theme design.


Compass is a WordPress theme that can point you in the right route. It is quite flexible, despite its focus on the journal, magazine and book business niche market.  Compass has integrated many theme functions, and an quickly customized layout structure for your homepage. In addition, the item can be further improved by the other abilities provided by Jetpack. For example, online marketers can choose to apply additional side bars, tiled galleries exhibits, widgets, icons and related content posts. Regardless of your capability, you will be able to control every part of your web page. This is not just an item for developers and theme coders.

Your homepage can include a wonderful slide show, which allows you to display your best material in order to make an impression on prospective customers.  Every homepage area will have specific widgetized areas, enabling the execution of customized WPZOOM widgets icons. On the internet, success is equal to popularity. Everyone is rushing to have more audiences. However, few realize the prospective of multilingual sites. By converting your content, you will be able to attraction to census that many opponents have ignored. Your foreign lovers will certainly appreciate the other effort. For more information regarding Compass and it functions, a live concept trial demo can be quickly utilized.


If our objective is to create a popular cooking website, look no further than Foodica. It can display blogs, dishes, publications, or any other niche-related area. Thanks to the Release of the wonderful Zoom capability layout structure, people are able to easily customize their sites. Upon purchase, the concept will have 6 primary shade variations: Yellow-colored, Light red, Black, Light Natural, Red and Black Natural. Foodica has many visual customization configurations. Customers are able to choose specific font styles and colors via the Visual Customizer.  It provides 4 conventional places for banner ads. These are your page’s marketing areas, where you can either place Search engines Google adsense or publish banner ads.

Of course, Foodica has many conventional theme short requirements. However, it has also presented two customized variations: Guidelines and Ingredients. These new requirements accomplish and improve the formula development process. This theme has a completely responsive, liquid layout structure. Mobile users are an ever-growing market, and a sensible business cannot manage to disregard them. Foodica has removed interface and resizing mistakes, ensuring a quality surfing around experience for all. In addition, it will work with all web internet browsers and operating-system. This could eventually increase your income and your view count. For more information regarding Foodica, a live preview can be utilized.


If you are an business owner who wants to design a exclusive website, look no further than Interactive. This stunning and well-coded WordPress theme can be used for any company niche market. The higher degree of flexibility is a result of the awesome selection of practical theme features. They allow Interactive to boost every factor of content-rich sites, optimizing interaction between the website owner and his supporters.

Of course, your primary objective is to make your website as exclusive as possible. Personalized typography is the first step, considering that the website visitor’s eyes will be concentrated on written text. Fortunately, Interactive has over 630 awesome Google font styles. Regardless of your flavor, you will be able to find a typeface that suits your website or blog.

In terms of visual personalization, customers benefit from complete independence. They can choose from thousands of color modifications. There is nothing avoiding you from developing your ideal website. The final purpose of a company is to produce profit. In the internet, money is often obtained by promoting business marketing area. However, promoting too much would damage the customer’s surfing around experience because ads are very invasive. Google Adsense makes better use of the available area on your interface. This guarantees a stable source of income without destructive the quality of your blog site.


TwoFold is a greatly attractive, creatively amazing and highly attractive, easily responsive WordPress top quality full screen photography website theme. TwoFold is a very vibrant and create system for the user-friendly and rapid development of innovative modern photography sites across all areas and niche markets. TwoFold comes with a host of different settings options and layout structure designs for you to make the most of your visual property and ensure your best performs get the eye itself time they are entitled to from your viewers.

With TwoFold’s interesting, amazing Collection layouts templates, such as several brickwork and lines versions, your pictures will look considerably consisting. Retina ready design are plentiful within TwoFold’s visual elements and control buttons, which can easily handle factors like AJAX powered filtration or public networking discussing incorporation. The filtration performs quite nicely with your Choices, where you can put together custom designed selections of your performs to display at your enjoyment, perfect for public media-friendly labeling and categorizing, or even for personal sites such as travel photo weblogs. Beautiful blog designs are included with TwoFold, so blog writers can get their words out there as well as their associated with photography in a smooth demonstration. With TwoFold, everything photography are easy as pie. Want to give TwoFold a try?


NewsPaper is a WordPress creation that is aware of the need of content-rich websites. It has a large list of practical functions, each applied in order to improve your page’s abilities. This method quite flexible and it can adjust to any business niche. However, it is best suited for websites, regardless of their groups.

NewsPaper has a stunning design that will enthrall your supporters. This guarantees higher user preservation rates, given the improved visual appeal. A shiny and professional layout structure is assured. Also, all websites will be entirely responsive. It will be able to display your well-written content on smart phones and mobile phones. Interface and resizing mistakes no longer endanger the customer’s success. In addition, NewsPaper will continue to interact with each other with most major web browsers, and any OS (operating system).

Not many first-time users will take the chance to clean through your content material. You must bring your best performance to them, with the use of presented segments. These segments can incorporate text and high-definition pictures. A page that doesn’t respect your persistence is not deserving of your attention. If a site functions slow running rates of speed, it will lose most of its customers. Fortunately, NewsPaper is well-optimized, reducing running times and improving your position on online searches engine results positioning positions.


You really can’t go incorrect, if you choose WordX. This is an experienced and aesthetically-pleasing concept theme for WordPress, which can improve every component of your content-filled site. It allows you to add high-definition pictures, and contend with your most legendary opponents. WordX makes sure that its layout structure is completely responsive. It can adjust its dimension in order to fit small sized displays of cellular phones. Smartphone and Tablets customers will relish a quality surfing around experience, without having to bother with resizing mistakes. Of course, the concept is also suitable with all significant web browsers and operating-system.

In regards to design, this product is great. It knows how to use display space, and immediate the reader’s look towards the most important element: the information. Even the most beautiful websites can don’t succeed, if their running times are gradual. Fortunately, WordX is one of the fastest styles on WordPress, able to fill in the flicker of an eye. This guarantees that your lovers will not be kept patiently waiting. If you plan on generating frequent material, you must provide a way for customers to accessibility mature content. Past material can be outlined using the eye-catching slide carousel choice. This function can glow a highlight on your biggest success.


With a name like Blogging a blog, it is really simple to think this theme’s objective. It is probably one of the best products on WordPress, due to its dedication towards quality and reliability. Blogging a blog has significantly enhanced its rate. Quicker web page running times will reduce jump prices, and enhance your search listing place. Generally, every factor of you site will be enhanced, if the user’s time is not lost. All client websites will be SEO-ready. Seo is a very important function, given that it can improve web page traffic. Blogging a blog makes good choices regarding search phrases, and uses them to enhance positions.

If you have produced frequent content, your best work can be overshadowed and hidden by other content. Fortunately, this theme has a presented area which allows you to glow a highlight on your biggest accomplishment. If used smartly, it can turn informal visitors into die-hard supporters. Blogging a blog does not requirement any programming information. Those without technological background scenes can still make their websites. Still, if you do have those abilities, you can benefit from the Stated and Structured Rule of Code. Clients can easily modify any line. For more information regarding this concept and its functions, be sure to check out the Writing a blog live preview.


Bridge is a WordPress theme that can navigate the gap between informal and professional websites. It is highly effective and modern, but it preserves a user-friendly layout structure that is very pleasant to first-time online marketers. Bridge can be your best resource, regardless of your business market or career. Due to a higher degree of availability, multilingual web pages usually have more supporters. In order to increase your users list and increase your reputation, you must consider website interpretation. Your international lovers will definitely appreciate this selection.

An awesome look for operate was included to Kalium sites, appealing to boost the user’s web browser encounter. If you seem to post regular content up-dates, a large number of articles will create an overwhelming encounter for new supporters. Thanks to looking operate; you can now go straight to your subject of interest, without having to search through limitless content posts. A wonderful Full Screen Selection Menu is provided. This menu is enhanced and structured, providing highly effective options for website directors. It should be described that the layout structure is responsive towards cellular phones, as it has removed resizing mistakes. In addition, it is able to work with any OS (operating system) and most major internet web browsers. A live preview was included for those who wish to example Kalium’s main features.


Salient is an excellent concept theme for WordPress pages that means to boost every aspect of your business website. It has many functions, each applied in order to draw in more audiences. In addition, Significant is completely sensitive, capable of showing your content on every device screen. It will work with mobile phones, tablets, laptop computers and PCs. Cross-browser interface is also offered.

Once the theme is purchased, the client will get to enjoy a large group of 100 % free up-dates. This can increase your page’s abilities, ensuring that it can keep up with the latest improvements in the internet. You can save a lot of money with Salient, because you don’t need to shop around for more styles themes.

Should you experience a problem during set up, make sure you contact the 100 % free support system. Big or small, your issues will be settled in regular basis. The theme code is well-implemented, enhanced, and structured. As a result, your website can a great position on look for search engine ranking positions, given that Google often focus on sites with solid requirements. The client will have complete control over his content, considering that Salient offers complete Yoast SEO interface. Those who wish to example the theme’s functions can simply access a no cost live preview.


If you were to compose a list of the best styles themes on WordPress, it would be difficult to remove Ronneby. It has a large amount of recent functions, and a layout structure whose appeal can have more audiences. Generally, this concept theme is an expert in switching interested targeted traffic into frequent lovers. If you are new to WordPress, do not think twice to contact the assistance for advice or problem solving. The assistance associates are willing and courteous, making you feel welcome in the Ronneby group.

If you wish to learn more about your theme’s functions, you can always access the documentation source. It is quite useful and well-written, providing to help potential clients through installation process. In complete, there are over 40 customized templates layouts. Pre-made content is extremely useful for those who have limited plans. From beginning to end, you can design a completely efficient website in a couple of minutes. Further personalization is possible, as you get to modify every option. There are many personalization configurations for your profile and blog, and clients can change the publish typography and color shades. Also, a live concept preview is created available for those who wish to example Ronneby’s functions.


If your main objective is to make a efficient, versatile, and impressive website, Unicon can be your most useful resource. This product proposes to reduce the pressure of website possession, by handling the more problematic technological factors. You are left with hands released, able to enjoy the innovative process of customization and article content writing. With Unicon, there is no need to spend cash on additional plug-ins. It has every essential function, sparing you from having to purchase the items of third-party designers.

Every page area will be under your control. Innovative customization is not only possible, it is inspired.  Fortunately, Unicon tries to provide all customers, not just those with development levels. There is no access hurdle, given that anyone can make wonderful websites. As long as you can get around choices and then simply click options, you’ll be fine!

At the end of the day, an internet based company’s objective is to produce benefit. Unicon can bring more people to your website, thus improving your income flow. In addition, you can produce income by promoting products. It is possible to make constant, high-quality WordPress web stores via WooCommerce. It is one of the most popular and efficient plug-ins on the market.


Lorem is a powerful and remarkably creative, tech-savvy and incredibly innovative, user and designer friendly, mobile and Retina prepared, vibrant and fashionable, trendy and stylish, highly responsive WordPress innovative multi-purpose web page concept theme. Lorem is a significantly innovative and extremely pliable and flexible WordPress concept theme, constructed with a sufficient range of programs and web page archetypes in mind, and thus given an hugely wide set of tools, short codes, icons, widgets top quality plug-ins and personalization abilities as well as an amazing structure designed to enable you to put together the most refined and professional sites that serve as a soapbox for your speech and your tasks of absolutely any nature.

Lorem offered retail store for all your creativity to flow easily and handsomely in wonderful and clean Bootstrap programming and integrating W3C legitimate HTML5 code as well as innovative CSS3 scripting technological innovation, making you the true master of every area of your website’s look and feel. With Visual Musician, Revolution Trend Slider and the latest web development technological innovation, Lorem is capable of saving you persistence, with fantastic and smooth trial demo sites prepared to be implemented upon photography sites, design studio room sites, performance arts sites and a variety more different programs. Let your creativity run wild, with Lorem!


Panama is an ideal choice for your photography or profile website. This WordPress theme has full AJAX abilities, plenty of conversion effects and useful features. It also has a practical Page Designer Builder device tool. Using this awesome feature, you are able to design a completely efficient website in a couple of minutes. For customers who wish to learn more about Panama, a online documentation source was included. It is quite well-written, comprehensive, and useful.

However, even with the help of this document, you may not be able to complete the website development process due to routine limitations. Fortunately, this theme offers some wonderful trial demo content material which can be used with single click.  Panama can also be used to improve wedding, organization, fashion, art, blog, and one website sites. Regardless of your niche market or choice, the information will look awesome.

Also, your layout structure will be appropriate for the smaller sized displays of tablets and mobile phones. Customers will be able to access website content without having to worry about annoying resizing mistakes. There are 5 different layout structure modifications for your concept theme gallery collection, and each can be completely personalized. For more info, be sure to check out the Panama preview.


Amazing, highly effective, and beautiful, this WordPress theme is a power of characteristics. Hudson allows you to make a website that can surpass all opponents. It provides many of well-designed, aesthetically-pleasing web pages. There are limitless alternatives for every need, as Hudson can adjust to almost any business niche market. You only need to choose a quality homepage in order to get started. There’s no question that a lot time went into enhancing this concept theme. Every detail is refined and structured.

If you experience any problems, do not think twice to contact the assistance group. Their visitors can provide quick alternatives, while keeping a courteous and helpful mind-set. Customers are able to personalize their site’s typography without difficulty. Hudson functions over 600 Google Font Typeface. Regardless of your flavor, this selection has something for you. There are also 6 different symbol icon functions, causing in more visual personalization choices.

For new users who wish to discover this product’s functions, a well-written online documentation resource was included. It is quite useful, as it provides to assist you through the set up experience. Hudson can be completely converted, due to the addition of the WPML plug-in and po/mo information. Your international users will appreciate the extra attempt.


If you are going to contend in the on the internet industry, make sure that Kinetika is on your side. This quality WordPress theme guarantees to boost every single part of your photography web page. To be able to increase income, many customers choose to sell their items on the internet. Fortunately, Kinetika has integrated the WooCommerce plug-in. This plug-in can accomplish the production of stunning, professional on the internet shops. Countless numbers of sites from across the world have selected to use WooCommerce.

Your page’s layout structure will be completely responsive, able to evolve to the smaller displays of mobile phones and tablets. Regardless of your follower’s device, OS (operating system) or web browser choice, you will look amazing. To be able to increase your current market, you must provide the needs of non-English discussing supporters. This can be performed by converting your site via the WPML multilingual plug-in and mo/po information.

Content rich pages need a way to display their glorious success. With the full screen Slide show feature, you will be able to display your best content and images. In addition, you can include background slides with different amount of visibility and opacity. For more information regarding Kinetika, the live preview can be utilized.


Bionick is a professional, absolutely responsive, and flexible concept for WordPress websites. It has a webpage scrolling area, which allows you to show your top-quality online domain portfolios. This theme is very flexible, and it can be used for any niche business market. Photography, design, representation, designer and video manufacturer sites can benefit from its awesome features. Generally, if you want to display your work in an eye-catching, easy and effective manner, Bionick can be your biggest friend.

From beginning to end, even a child can create an absolutely efficient web website in a few moments. This is due to the execution of the Visual Composer device tool. It makes easier an otherwise complex process, making it available for those who lack technological knowledge. Bionick is Retina ready and absolutely responsive. As a result, your content will look awesome on laptop computers, pc PCs, mobile phones and tablets. In addition, both multi website and single website types are reinforced. Cross-browser interface was added as well.

Any smart salesman understands that you need to put your best foot forward. Customers can choose their top content posts and pictures, and show them on wonderful slides. These slides can be easily created via the Revolution Trend Slider plug-in.


Photo Me
If your website symbolizes you and your business, you have to make sure that it is awesome. For purchasers who choose Photo Me, the work of developing exclusive, stunning web pages has been significantly simple. You never have to touch a single line of coding. Many clients have very limited plans. Due to these restrictions, they often have to seek the services of web design companies. Fortunately, Photo Me has presented 8 exclusive pre-made routines demos. Instead of starting from the beginning, one of these routines demos can be easily brought in via the 1 just clicks trial installation. From beginning to end, an outstanding website can be designed in a matter of minutes.

There are over 50 options for your profile and exhibits galleries. These allow you to display your top quality content in a very aesthetically-pleasing structure. Any personalization change can be previewed thanks to the Stay Customizer device. It should also be described that Picture Me is completely sensitive. With the Move and Fall Website designer, page growth has been significantly simple. You only need to simply just click a feature, drag it in all directions, and place it where it needs to be. It’s that easy! For more information regarding this concept and its modern features, be sure to check out the Photo Me live preview.


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