18 Best Minimal HTML5 Website Templates To Create a Simple Yet Professional Website In 2016

Since the appearance of the web and its crack into the popular customer market somewhere in the unclear beginning 90s, the scenery of web sites out there has progressed in the ‘radical’ sadly undersells. Several reincarnations and reinterpretations of what a website is, what it does, what it looks like and how you should communicate with it have come and gone, each developing upon the last technically but always reinventing itself successfully to adapt to new paradigmatic techniques, digital visual terminology complexity and the flavor of the times.

It has been a lengthy street from the delayed 90s sites with their tiled distinctive background scenes and slow-loading GIF-laden, soaked and baroque templates layouts. Gone forever are the days of the dance baby GIF, and with technological innovation version of the web, by means of the new HTML5 framework structure, the visual requirements of the web have once again been brought up to coordinate the power of new technological innovation. With contemporary display dimensions and solutions being greatly highly effective enough to deal with the simple details of a minimalist design style, and contemporary viewers being creatively enhanced enough to easily get around their way around minimalistic digital visual ‘languages’, this is the era of less is more. The following assortment of HTML5 templates are among the most enhanced and refined minimal templates around.

After choosing one of these Minimal HTML5 Website Templates Themes, you will need a self-hosted WordPress website in order to use it.

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  4. Install Your Theme: Now for the fun part. Choose your favourite theme from this list and follow these directions on how to install it.

Falco is an exceptionally flexible and shape moving, creatively simple, as well as simple, successfully modern and professional, technically clean and well refined, extremely efficient and extremely efficient sensitive HTML5 multi-purpose web page design template. It is an extremely well designed template and extremely developed design that features the strength required to meet the requirements and needs of a whole number of different web page archetypes, easily adjusting itself to every situation with its signature simple, fresh design.

Falco is constantly brilliant and brilliant, loaded with personalization options and opportunities, and it has an easy set of three Home trial demo websites, four different color themes, a Working Contact Form and a huge 60 innovative HTML5 page layouts templates included, which can be easily implemented upon many different situations and personalized to no end to match your website’s needs. Website owners of all expertise sets will find Falco a charming and extremely changeable tool, with creatively amazing Straight and Revolution Slider mobile phones. Falco contains amazing CSS3 animated graphics and sleek changes, with wonderful and stunning Google Maps performance out of the box and Retina-ready visual elements available. Falco is substantially recorded and thoroughly annotated, so you can be sure to make the most out of Falco by discovering the bulk of information already available to you.


SPOONS is an entirely stunning, creatively attractive and significantly interesting, entirely hip and modern, technically efficient and expertly graphically designed, practical minimal HTML5 single and multipage multi-purpose web page design template, a clean and minimalist web page solution packaging a remarkable 100+ preconfigured templates layouts within, each equally unique and creative while elegant and moderate. SPOONS is built on top of the versatile and effective Neko Framework Structure, a wonderfully reliable and pleasantly user-friendly tool set that rates of speed and helps the site building process to no end, operating on top of a innovative HTML5 base which combines Twitter’s Bootstrap flip design and an easily personalized, incredibly efficiently animated CSS3 visual environment.

SPOONS levels out these elements with highest care and focus on details, while staying a discreet graphical scaffold for your content to get all the interest, with no repetitive mess annoying users from your precious works. SPOONS includes a prosperity of Retina-ready, fully fleshed out trial demo sites, in both one page and multipage demonstrations, which permit website owners of any capability to hit the ground operating and easily produce a multitude of absolutely refined websites within minutes. SPOONS sites are naturally responsible and mobile friendly, due to their Bootstrap codebase, and search engine-optimized to start. What else could you ask for?


Exa is a creatively fresh and very clean, successfully unmarked and extremely refined, innovative and highly well organized, incredibly versatile and incredibly efficient, greatly graphically thought out and entirely extensive sensitive HTML5 innovative profile design template. It is a highly effective and outstanding design template that is jam-packed with strongly significant, successfully open and available and very personalized features, icons, elements and plug-ins that have been carefully synchronized to form a natural, highly effective whole.

Exa has been created to provide to the specific needs of innovative oriented professionals and individuals across a wide set of areas and sectors, from online marketing organizations to innovative company organizations, fledging new start-ups and individual freelancers—if you are looking to show off your professional or personal profile in a perfectly fashionable and modern simple demonstration stuffed with innovative HTML5 performance and sleek CSS3 animated graphics animations, Exa is your design template, loaded with useful, practical and decorative page layouts for you to quickly and easily turn out search engine-optimized, responsive sites within minutes, out of the box. Exa sites are designer friendly and naturally combination appropriate for a endless range of devices, systems and screen sizes, increasing your viewers and impact. Make your indicate, with Exa!


Brainwave is an incredibly brilliant, amazingly practical, very well developed and genuinely thought out, extensive and thorough, substantially efficient and feature-dense responsive HTML5 single and multipage multi-purpose website design template, a refined and designer helpful design that has been carefully designed using technology web technological innovation available in a trendy, elegant combination that never is not able to thrill. Brainwave is constructed on top of an advanced HTML5 framework structure integrating a Bootstrap 3 flip codebase and a trendy visible demonstration based on SASS CSS3 sleek animated graphics and powerful style linens as well as the Drink package, which, with Brainwave’s clearly developer-friendly, easily annotated and readable code makes thorough, deep personalization not just a possibility, but the standard with Brainwave.

Brainwave features over a number of different Trial Demo pages and over 23 other different, specific, preconfigured web page layouts templates for all sorts of various website needs, such as Blog, Profile or About Us. Stunning custom menus choices are designed in, as is MailChimp registration publication incorporation out of the box. Brainwave is extremely easy to creatively personalize thanks to its extensive personalization options, so you can make every web page your own with little hassle and maximum speed. Brainwave has also been designed to be enhanced for online search engine indexation, so your website will top the positions.


Cake is a pleasantly developed, incredibly flexible, incredibly creatively enhanced and successfully simple, conceptually unique and functionally enhanced, greatly practical and technically modern sensitive HTML5 multi-purpose web page style template, an entirely stunning web page style with a natural and consistent design that is rich in features and totally sweet. Cake has been meant to allow website owners of any capability to build the most delicious and most attractive websites with a finished, professional touch and several readymade themes, seven different Home-page routines and over 70 preconfigured, professionally developed HTML5 style pages template that incorporate the most amazing and simplest CSS3 changes and animated design for ultimate visual complexity and increased user engagement.

Cake has a clean, minimalist visual style design that is user-friendly and highly accessible, so users can locate their way around your web page, with a lot of Retina-ready custom symbols and design prepared for implementation as inline print styles as well as numerous Google Fonts readily available out of the box. Cake is very personalized to suit your desired look and feel, with a lot of advanced options available on hand, and every Cake web site is natively responsive, cross-compatible with all devices, web browsers or screen sizes on the planet. Have a piece of Cake!


NAMO is a clean and complex, elegant and creatively enhanced, successfully simple and conceptually innovative and versatile, technically efficient and greatly practical, extremely efficient and feature-dense, sleek and user-friendly responsive HTML5 innovative multi-purpose web page design template. It is an all-around solid and efficient tool set that has been created with the highest care and attention to detail in order to produce an effective package that can muscle the demands of sites across the board, strengthening website owners with or without programming skills to quickly produce enhanced and professional looking, simple and efficient sites in minutes, out of the box.

To pull this off, NAMO features four different fully fledged-out trial demo sites and over 80 readymade, extremely personalized HTML5 web site layouts templates, designed in amazing, amazing powerful CSS3 technology and designed on an honest Bootstrap 3 flip design on top of an HTML5 framework structure that is sufficiently extremely effective to easily set up innovative short codes and plug-ins like sliders and layouts to amazing effect. NAMO has also been designed to be search engine-optimized out of the box, so your site will quickly go up the relevant positions, as well as being natively responsive, making it cross-compatible with all web browsers, devices and systems the world over. Try NAMO today!


Volar is a incredibly creatively significant, amazingly as well as fresh-faced, constantly flexible and flexible, remarkably functional and full-featured, technically accomplished and successfully refined sensitive HTML5 individual web page little Parallax website style template. It is a stunning and extremely personalized website style template that has been designed to be an all-around inclusive solution for website owners of any capability to simply and easily produce beautiful, contemporary and robust one web page sites. Volar is designed on top of a solid HTML5 foundation, with stunning LESS CSS3 style sheets, a flip Bootstrap 3 design style and a clear and minimal visual style greatly enhanced by sleek and stunning Parallax visual effects.

Volar is jam-packed with convenient and fully fleshed out trial demo sites for all manners of applications, allowing you to hit the ground running with setting up your own contemporary individual web page website. Volar supports highly effective HTML5 results, including local and YouTube HTML5 Video Background scenes, with extensive cross-browser interface as well as total mobile web browser interface due to Bootstrap native responsiveness, as well as sleek scrolling and fifteen predesigned themes, which you can simply customize to produce your own unique, personal and recognizable look to suit your visible identity. Let your website take off, with Volar!


Brehoh is an extremely fresh and fresh-faced, youthfully brilliant and robust, incredibly modern and thorough stylish, simple to use, user-friendly and technically innovative, versatile and robust, wide and committed sensitive HTML5 little one page multi-purpose web page design template, a amazingly organized design that has been clothed with an advanced set of enhanced and leading edge tools and features that enable website owners of any capability to simply and easily build innovative, successfully minimalist and delicate sites that look and feel unique and robust.

Brehoh has the skills to muscle the requirements of an adequate range of web page archetypes across a wide field of sectors. That is because Brehoh easily melds the technical expertise of HTML5-powered Bootstrap flipping responsive technological innovation with the magnificently sensitive CSS3 design technological innovation that enables Brehoh to create one of a kind, avant-garde visual designs and effects. Brehoh then deploys this technical might to great effect, applying it to a number of magnificently preconfigured design pages and trial demo sites that are all clutter-free and incredibly fresh, quickly adjusting themselves to just about any visible need you may experience and always keeping things targeted on your content, reducing disruptions. Brehoh is the sharpest blade in the drawer!


Marquez is a completely stunning, creatively eye-catching and eye-catching, functionally interesting and very entertaining, highly personalized and greatly versatile, clean and fresh-faced, stylish and successfully enjoyable responsive HTML5 innovative multi-purpose web page design template, a intentionally designed design with an significant characteristics and an in-depth operating efficient ability that makes Marquez sites stylistically exclusive and very identifiable. Marquez is constructed on top of a challenging and efficient HTML5 framework structure operating Bootstrap 3 and designed through CSS3 technological innovation.

Marquez is further operated by awesome features and plug-ins, like the wonderful Avalanche Slider, the top quality Peak Lightbox and plenty of other awesome, powerful and entertaining components to really liven up your web page and enhance your viewer’s dimensions. Marquez’s exclusive design is especially designed to make content stand out, which it does by implementing a simple visual language that is easy and user-friendly for customers to get around themselves around with, while also being very unforgettable and strongly significant, so your sites will always look and feel accurately the way you wish them to. Marquez is extremely personalized with little effort and no programming required at any point, thought should you want to get into some programming, Marquez is designer friendly and easily editable at the rule level.


Wolverine is a extremely committed, creatively moderate and interesting, stylish and brilliant, brilliant and well designed, modern and user-friendly, simple and successfully minimalist, innovative and warm responsive HTML5 multi-purpose web page design template, a exclusively constructed and greatly versatile web page design template that brings together the most stunning and well developed visual components available with the greenest and most well-structured layouts around to produce a design that encourages website owners of all kinds and background scenes to easily create impressive and amazing websites, powered by HTML5 entertaining and innovative components designed dynamically with fast-loading LESS CSS3 technological innovation and a developer-friendly Bootstrap 3 flip codebase that is substantially annotated for easier adjustment, making Wolverine not just a trendy, hip and stylish design template but a programmer-friendly one.

Wolverine is jam-packed with a multitude of personalized, preconfigured page layouts templates for uses such as Blogs, Domain portfolios and Coming Soon pages templates, and features stylish and attractive Parallax background features that will keep your users interested with little visual mess. Wolverine is an expert in slightly featuring your content over a strongly modest visual environment that feels both refined and accessible. And with easy, visual personalization procedures, Wolverine is a great empty fabric for you to paint the picture of your dream web page. Try Wolverine today!


Enigma is an incredibly innovative, incredibly pliable and flexible, creatively fresh-faced and clean, highly brilliant and graphically strong, technically capable and functionally highly effective responsive HTML5 innovative minimal web page design template, It is a sophisticated and significantly fashionable web page design that has been considerately developed and well designed to be an efficient a remarkable set of tools for creating wonderful, stunning and extremely practical sites built on top of an HTML5 structure framework. Enigma features the latest CSS3 and Bootstrap technological innovation, implementing them to great effect in both visual and after sales terms—while CSS3 provides your animated graphics efficiently as well as keeping your appearance highly effective and light, Bootstrap changes HTML5 into a flip, designer friendly codebase, and at the same time makes Enigma sites natively combination suitable across all known systems, devices and web browsers. Enigma contains ten different, refined and professional looking Home-page routines demos that can be easily brought in for your comfort and significantly boosting your work-flow, while features like the I Hero Video Background keep your site intriguing and fascinating with minimal visual disruptions and no mess. Enigma contains the jQuery Slider Revolution Trend plug-in, for amazing and delightful sliders with no programming required at all. The real secret here is if there really is a limit to Enigma’s power. Find out for yourself!


Haswell is an incredibly extensive, incredibly innovative and incredibly practical, designer and simple to use, user-friendly and well-structured technically innovative and highly advanced responsive HTML5 one web page and multipage multi-purpose web page design template. It is an extremely thoroughly developed and effectively written design template that is loaded to the top with a tremendous 118 completely predesigned, preconfigured websites practical for all types of different web page programs and uses, from modern and versatile individual web page sites clothed with custom made widgets icons to fully fleshed out multi-page sites.

Haswell comes with all types of timesaving pages and features preconfigured, Haswell can handle them all, with a moderate, professional and soft-spoken nature that gives itself completely to business or personal programs, as Haswell creatively remains out of the way out of your content material, providing a wonderful and responsive empty fabric for your work. Haswell deploys the latest HTML5 technology magnificently and naturally through a simple web site building procedure, from header choice to a block-based putting procedure for segments and content material, to bottom footer choice, and done! Haswell can turn out constantly vast sites within minutes, regardless of your capability, without development only one line of code. Over 350 efficient blocks prevents are included. Haswell is a truly excellent, all-inclusive package.


Pages is an exceptionally fresh-faced and clean, creatively well organized and highly user-friendly, marvelously strong and well-built, incredibly reliable and secure, innovative and minimal HTML5 web design template, a thoroughly developed and completely impressive design template that has been put together with the highest attention to details and the most refined and leading advantage internet technological innovation available to make a design able of providing as an outstanding frontend to no end of web page archetypes.

That is because Pages has been designed on an effective and well designed HTML5 structure framework, able to handle the most different of projects and visible requirements, and combined with a exclusively powerful capacity for personalization, presented through a responsive, block-based visible design and personalization process that includes absolutely no programming at any point and can encourage website owners of any capability to quickly and easily turn out all sorts of refined, minimalist websites with an innovative advantage that will certainly engage and captivate your viewers. Pages is also available as a dash panel, where you will find yourself confused with the powerful and immediate personalization options offered to you. The Pages frontend is also entirely responsive out of the box, guaranteeing no visitors miss out on your precious content.


Conrad is a designer helpful, incredibly vast and extensive, carefully designed and well designed, graphically flexible and refined, impressive and functionally powerful, minimal HTML5 multi-purpose web page style template, a pleasantly impressive and entirely thought out style template. It is a refined and cohesively written style that has been purposely loaded with the actual strength to muscle the requirements of a number of different web page needs, as well as the visual complexity and tech-savvy effectiveness required to easily adjust itself to all sorts of style design options with complete beauty.

Conrad has been constructed paying attention to the importance of content material in this entertaining age, and Conrad’s exclusively minimalist, distraction-free and highly targeted graphics design viewpoint is both very impressive and impressive as well as extremely user-friendly and user-friendly, demanding little to no modification for users acquainted to modern mobile and pc application surroundings. Conrad’s creative, minimalist style design is naturally responsive out of the box, and you can easily build your own unique pages using over 25 templates layouts and material prevents and over 20 personalized elements included within Conrad’s own Wood framework structure, a block-based visual page manager that encourages website owners of any capability to no end. Conrad is the real full package!


Oshine is a completely amazing, incredibly innovative and unique, functionally vast and extremely extensive, technically innovative and significantly powerful, expertly graphically designed and very well organized responsive HTML5 innovative multi-purpose web page design template, an effective and practical web page design that features all the tools and features required to set up successful and efficient sites across a wide set of areas and sectors. Oshine has been packed with lots of extremely different, convenient and useful fully fleshed out trial sites, amassing in at over 18, all of which have been clothed with their own unique inner web pages for completely full-feature.

Oshine features a tremendous 150 total HTML5 webpages and information, all of which are increasingly simple to personalize and fold to your every need. Oshine is incredibly flexible in that way, and its conceptually multi-layered visual resources will completely suit sites that need sleek visible changes and that are heavy on content and still need to be simple on the eyes and amazing. Oshine is perfect for visual artists, freelance workers, business and corporate sites, professionals companies and organizations of all sorts of innovative businesses. With its simple and flip Bootstrap design, Oshine is always designer friendly and 100% responsive across all devices, internet web browswers and screen sizes. Glow with Oshine!


Definity is a very refined, very technically innovative, creatively extensive and expertly graphically designed, continually amazing and strongly stylish, efficient and feature-rich sensitive HTML5 single and multipage multi-purpose web design template, a wonderful and versatile design that features the raw energy and actual flexibility to easily offer itself to lots of different web page programs with comparative ease and speed. Definity is a attractive and versatile incorporation of the most cutting-edge technological innovation available, built on an excellent and reliable HTML5 structure assisting a Bootstrap 3 codebases and provided through powerful SASS CSS3 with efficiently animated visual elements.

Definity includes a ton of useful, time-saving short-codes to make simpler the site building process greatly, while integrating a flip design, minimalist appearance, out of the box Working Contact Form and MailChimp incorporation, and a number of convenient trial demo websites and fully preconfigured page layouts for all sorts of useful programs, varying from business to profile, from blog to photography and much more. Definity is a truly all-inclusive one-stop shop solution for your modern, minimalist looking web page needs. Definity is also extremely designer friendly, with a flip code base that is both substantially stated and extremely readable, considering smooth adjustment to suit your needs. Feel Definity’s energy today!


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