Best HTML5 WordPress Themes For Startup Websites, Magazines And Blogs In 2016

The entire globe is a regularly shape moving place, where the only continuous you can depend on is change itself, and the guidelines of all activities are regularly rewritten as our knowing of technology and our technical expertise encourage us through the problems that seemed difficult or impossible before. The tale of man is one of almost continuous periods of requirement, advancement and difficulty that seem to constantly iterate over the hundreds of years. From gunpowder to the publishing media, from vapor Google to telegraphs, humanity goes the way (and distance) its technical devices are capable of holding us. And, for a while now, they’ve been holding us further and further than ever, with quickly changing technical requirements that are even being designed at a continuously speeding up rate. The World Wide Web is a perfect example of such a dynamic—in traditional conditions, it’s still well in its beginnings, yet with regards to progress and variation, it has through plenty of years already. The HTML method, the primary foundation of the World Wide Web, has seen several modifications and complete rewrites, each of which has brought in a new era of the online, such as the significantly effective HTML4 method, and now its heir, the hugely highly effective, liquid and versatile HTML5, a system made for contemporary sites integrating all the entertaining components. The following collections of styles themes are exclusively meant to develop HTML5 sites or blog.

After choosing one of these HTML5 WordPress Themes For Startup Websites, Magazines And Blogs, you will need a self-hosted WordPress website in order to use it.

  1. Choose a Hosting: When you opting for a web hosting, you want to feel much better about the company from day one. Bluehost is the assistance we’ve found that provides satisfaction that your site is in excellent arms. It’s cost-effective costs and efficient assistance are two huge aspects that make it a great buy, plus their client support care is spot-on, 24/7, and extremely helpful. For a limited time you can get hosting at Bluehost for 40% off. GET 40% OFF HOSTING »
  2. Choose a Domain: When picking a domain you get to put on your creative hat. The available domains are fewer and farther between, so think up a few ideas you like and then check their availability at Bluehost. Best of all… at ” Bluehost your domain is free “.
  3. Install WordPress: At some hosts you have to manually install WordPress. Not at Bluehost. Just log into your dashboard and click the install button and everything is take care of for you.
  4. Install Your Theme: Now for the fun part. Choose your favourite theme from this list and follow these directions on how to install it.

Uplift is a simple and contemporary, smooth and serious, amazing and amazing, easily responsive WordPress corporate and business multi-purpose web page design theme. Uplift has been designed with a particular style for flexibility and an ever-changing personality that is well-suited for numerous, different utilization cases. Among these, Uplift is peculiarly skilled when implemented as an app display web page theme design layouts. Uplift’s powerful matches, a well-balanced collection, exclusively matches the expertise set required for successfully presenting interesting, brand-new mobile phone applications to a large, easily sidetracked, capricious online viewers.

Uplift contains the Instant Page Designer Builder and Unbranded Theme Options Board Panel to put every part of your website’s design, demonstration, look, feel and actions straight in your hands, whether you’re starting on your own or working off our expertly designed templates and top market-quality trial websites, your Uplift site is your own and will always be unique and recognizably yours. Included to this, Uplift functions a really stunning set of profile functions and opportunities easily available for your benefit. Choose from contemporary brickwork grids or conventional gallery collection based demonstrations, put your works under the best highlight, and make an impression on and make an impression on your viewers with Picture Parallax and Video Background Parallax effects right in your domain portfolios, of which you can have unlimited amounts. Try Uplift now!


X Theme
X is a modern HTML5 WordPress Theme that simply surpasses all objectives. It has a great style design, and a responsive layout structure that will easily adjust to any system, web browser, or OS (operating system). Online marketers will be able to work from anywhere, given this product’s flexibility. X has a huge assortment of useful features, and it is capable of adjusting to almost any business niche market. You can use it to create large business sites, or wonderful personal web pages. Regardless of your needs, this theme will have your back.

X will operate several routing navigation options, which include various size, placement, integrated look for and focusing factors. It should also be described that several short requirements were integrated. Their addition will produce high-end functionality: marketing control buttons, content material platforms, and so on. For those who want to show a lot of content material, Super mega menu choices are available. These menus choices help you to sort complicated routing navigation templates layouts.  Of course, all X sites will operate a high level look for operate. Pages can be manufactured without difficulty, thanks to the move and drop Page Designer Builder. With this innovative HTML5 WordPress theme, even a child can style a top-quality website. For more information, be sure to access the live preview.


Foodica is a highly advanced, successfully innovative, technically qualified, functionally specific, pliably personalized, effective, reliable and exquisite WordPress responsive multi-purpose design theme, handmade with the purposeful, show purpose of creating a site solution that is powerful and versatile enough to easily offer itself to completely all meals market and meals related web page applications, from individual foodie blogs and meals writer blogs to cafe review publications, food market sites, catering services, individual culinary experts, dining places, bars, diners… if you deal with meals in any way, shape or form, Foodica has got you covered.

To back up such a wide, open claim, Foodica has been created with the most cutting-edge HTML5 programming in lifestyle, allowing Foodica’s infamously effective WPZOOM Structure Framework, an amazing web page personalization system that easily allows website owners beginner and expert as well mindfully personalize every area of their sites with zero programming knowledge required. Plenty of specific, incredibly convenient short codes are readily available, such as for Dishes and Ingredients, while six standard colors merge well with the advance theme personalization options and the Visual Customizer to fine-tune your site to your heart’s content. WooCommerce incorporation out of the box allows Foodica become your individual web store within minutes, with stunning, custom shop styles. Try Foodica today!


Interactive is a technically innovative, creatively clean and fresh-faced, vividly powerful, functionally versatile and thoroughly contemporary WordPress responsive multi-purpose theme design, constructed to be a site solution for website owners that want to produce attractive, effectively written websites that load quickly and make use of Interactive’s awesome, eye-catching animated graphics, changes and many other interactive, awesome visual effects that are likely to thrill and bedazzle your viewers. That is all possible thanks in no small aspect to Interactive’s extremely contemporary HTML5 codebase, which has been effectively utilized to reduce running times while increasing available features.

It is hard to think of something Interactive cannot do, and every page produced with Entertaining is unfailingly enrapturing, a efficiently designed combination of greatly creatively attractive components mixed to your exact requirements, thanks to Interactive’s incredibly powerful and theme-spanning personalization options. Interactive includes wonderful cellular suitable off-canvas cellular menus choices, which are run and touch friendly and require absolutely no programming skills from your account. Social networking incorporation is similarly simple and easy out of the box, with custom; wonderful high quality symbols icons and components ready to incorporate with your site. Interactive’s effective short codes are capable of growing the performance of your Entertaining web page in seconds. What are you waiting for?


Divi is an absolutely amazing, unimaginably powerful, increasingly elegant, amazingly contemporary, technically smart, extremely personalized and naturally versatile WordPress responsive multi-purpose concept design theme, constructed with the latest enhancements and technological innovation in order to produce an effective structure framework for website owners to develop liquid, extremely contemporary, interesting and fascinating sites that look expertly designed and act easily under all expected and surprising conditions.

This is why Divi was created integrating the most advanced HTML5 resources available to date, which means both, that Divi is able to produce stunning sites today, and that it will remain able to doing so over time, since its HTML5 base causes it to be both durable and extended upon. Divi’s 24 / 7, top-notch support service regularly up-dates Divi, ensuring ongoing, cutting-edge features eventually. In addition, Divi’s smart programming causes it to be search engine-optimized out of the box and incredibly, fluidly responsive on all devices mobile and pc as well. Divi is very easy to use, packaging the user-friendly Divi Designer Builder that lets you create sites, web pages and brand new templates layouts as quickly as putting containers on top of each other, while over forty personalized content segments make your website building projects easier and quicker than ever.


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