22 Minimal HTML5/CSS3 Parallax Website Templates With Smooth Scrolling In 2016

The world wide web is a vertiginous industry of concepts, products, services and lifestyle, where unlimited information makes its way around the world enormous amounts of times every day. Powers go up and down in months, at machines that took humanity centuries to obtain and to fall apart, in our remote past. It is the last great frontier, and man, ever the traveler, gleefully projects into the unidentified absolute depths of this newly found long lasting international relationship in search of excitement, experience, lot of money and enjoyment. As the web develops and as Moore’s law drives the package of what a machine can and should do, requirements are implemented and discontinued one after another in great version of accelerating efficiency, performance, flexibility, visible quality, refined experience, better encounters, and so on.

As web design itself develops, developers, designers have a better knowing of the technology and the art of providing all types of content to customers in effective way. Now, the focus is on the refined experience. Get into HTML5 and CSS3, the highly effective mixture that goes the modern online at scrambling speed to previously unexpected amount of artistic beauty and visible complexity. And then, fulfill Parallax technological innovation, the immersive, interesting effects that can add detail and material to any site or page with the most moderate minimalism. The following assortment of web layouts templates comprises of the most excellent HTML and CSS3 Parallax Web page Templates currently available. Enjoy.

After choosing one of these WordPress HTML5/CSS3 Parallax Website Templates Themes, you will need a self-hosted WordPress website in order to use it.

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  4. Install Your Theme: Now for the fun part. Choose your favourite theme from this list and follow these directions on how to install it.

Skrollex is a absolutely expertly consisting, creatively amazing and immersive, sleek and flexible, user-friendly and powerful, technically advanced and smooth, fast running and nimble, smartly written and hugely attractive responsive HTML innovative one page Parallax web design template. Skrollex has been handsomely clothed with technology web development technological innovation, well packed into a refined, expert all-inclusive package of tools, functions, and plug-ins and trial demo websites with the highest requirements of quality and highest functionality.

Skrollex is dependent on a solid and reliable HTML5 foundation and it is beautifully designed and animated cartoon through CSS3 powerful scripting technological innovation, while creating comprehensive use of incredibly sleek, beautiful and absolutely immersive Parallax visual effects and scrolling in all sorts of elements boasting, presented in exclusively innovative and original templates that  make Skrollex an excellent template design for innovative agencies, freelance professional photographers, expert domain portfolios, app features and any other sort of innovative enterprise that needs to swagger its stuff online while creating a strong, significant declaration in a scrambling, hip and stylish fashion. Skrollex is dependent on a flip Bootstrap design, with a readable, stated codebase that is very designer friendly and natural, thorough responsiveness across the board. Get up on Skrollex and feel the new wave!


Rhythm is a wonderfully extensive, brilliant and brilliant, stylish and enhanced, enhanced and professional, serious and well organized, expertly graphically consisting and nicely practical, technically communicate and extremely attractive and interesting responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax one page and multipage multi-purpose design template. Rhythm is a web design created for website owners looking for a similarly younger and enhanced web page solution, able to meet and going above all objectives with comparative speed and ease and wonderful performance.

Rhythm has been clothed with over 175 customized HTML5 design pages template that cover pretty much all angles out there, guaranteeing that you will always find the perfect design to hit the ground running with Rhythm. Rhythm has been built on top of an excellent HTML5 framework structure and has been designed with highly effective CSS3 scripting and amazing, sleek and jaw-dropping Parallax visual effects and sleek scrolling features that will impress and attract your viewers right off the bat, so that your web page makes an marked, highly effective impact on all those who come across it. With many upon a multitude of short codes, widgets, icons, complete trial demo websites and complex plug-ins, Rhythm is a design template that is deceased serious about top quality web design. Are you ready to feel this Rhythm course through your website?


Lydia is a creatively amazing and incredibly flexible, graphically communicate and technically highly effective, elegant and successfully enjoyable, attractive intriguing, feature-rich and incredibly personalized, easy and user-friendly, simple to use and highly responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax photography and journal web page design template. Lydia has been deftly constructed on an effective and current HTML5 base powered by Twitter’s Bootstrap flip design. It features a whole 30 awesome, powerful and greatly personalized HTML5 web page layouts templates for all sorts of reasons general and specific, such as 11 color choices, three different headers, eight Home-page layouts as well as attractive One Page and AJAX Profile editions.

Lydia is clothed with effective plug-ins such as the Dice Profile, Revolution Trend Slider and Vanilla flavor Form, with plenty of handy choices for blog writers, reporters, photography lovers or online publications to magnificently present their content in unique and conceptually original ways. Lydia is extremely search engine-optimized, so your site will quickly raise the relevant positions and be listed in a sensible manner, and features interesting and attractive Parallax Video and Image Background scenes for incredibly beautiful web page designs. Lydia is Retina-ready, with plenty of sharp, high quality symbols icons readily available, as well as packed full of wealthy design choices for the successfully inclined.


Exline is a completely amazing, expertly graphically designed, creatively amazing and motivated, simple and structured, clean and breathtaking, brilliant and practical, unique and innovative, powerful and tech-savvy, interesting and powerful responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax one web page design template. Exline has been clothed with extensive visible functions and a strong, efficient HTML5 structure in order to encourage website owners of any background or capability to simply and easily produce amazing and professional looking one web page Parallax sites.

Exline contains an amazing range of Parallax operated segments, elements boasting, which are obvious across a variety of different one web page routines demos involved within Exline for all sorts of different and unique reasons, so you can hit the ground running with your Exline web page completely Parallax visual wonder right off the bat. Exline is very quickly personalized at every stage, from background scenes to colors to content personality and demonstration, and contains the top quality Isotope Filtration feature for advanced navigational abilities for your viewers. HTML5 Video Play-back abilities are ever-present and operated by Parallax into amazing background scenes. An AJAXified Working Contact Form is roofed, as Is MailChimp incorporation out of the box. Exline is simply a complete package for building amazing one web page Parallax sites.


Carna is a handsomely designed, successfully thought out and well organized, professionally graphically consisting and luminously brilliant, interesting and attractive, powerful and immersive, sleek and enhanced, serious and expert responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax multi-purpose web page design template. Carna has been designed making use of technology web development technological innovation available, mixing an expert HTML5 framework structure, amazingly flexible CSS3 design, as well as advanced and attractive Parallax visual effects to enable website owners without any programming background to easily and easily make highly effective, efficient and enhanced sites.

To that end, Carna has a series of extremely highly effective premium plug-ins, such as the Revolution Trend Slider, the Master Slider, the Cube Profile and Quform Contact Form for a extremely enhanced visual navigational experience that is completely efficient and highly effective, with a navigable and simple to use layout structure that is rich in features and widgets icons intriguing Parallax scrolling and slider mobile phones. Profile styles include AJAX as well as innovative Brickwork, with comprehensive Touch Swipe support and AJAX blog changes. Carna is a genuinely highly effective design that can help you make high quality Parallax sites in a few moments, with unknown amounts of personalization. Are you ready to let Carna take your web page to the next level?


Oscar is an incredibly thoroughly developed, technically practical and feature-rich, committed and extensive, consistently modified and very top quality, refined and professional, serious and amazing, well organized and well designed, secure and efficient responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax little one page and multipage multi-purpose web page style template. Oscar is the result of a continuous and very innovative style and development process looking for to create a completely all-encompassing, fashionable, unique and highly effective web page building solution that allows website owners of any qualifications or capability to quickly and easily turn out innovative, modern and immersive sites of absolutely any kind, characteristics, field or industry.

To achieve such a goal, Oscar has been designed on incredibly innovative frameworks and technological innovation, such as HTML5 elements, Bootstrap flip style design, components Parallax visual effects and sleek scrolling, and highly effective CSS3 style sheet scripting. This technical expertise is then naturally shown to the website owner in a sequence of wonderfully designed trial sites for numerous types of programs and archetypes, all easily personalized to meet your requirements. With a new trial demo added every single week, Oscar is web page that never finishes. eCommerce allowed out of the box, Oscar is as versatile as can be, and ready to bring your craziest goals to reality.


Conrad is an absolutely stunning and greatly efficient, lustrous and bright, brilliant and brilliant, youthful and fresh-faced, flexible and nimble, extremely personalized and very user and designer friendly, serious and expert, modern and interesting, immersive and greatly responsive HTML CSS3 Parallax multi-purpose web page style template. Conrad is a very accessible style template that is easy to use and extremely user-friendly, with greatly extremely effective features on hand. Packaging over 25 sophisticated and one-of-a-kind templates layouts, Conrad will let you get going with your website’s style within minutes, offering 8 custom made plug-ins and over 20 in-house developed components included in the extremely effective Wood framework structure, upon which Conrad’s page building process is based.

Powered by innovative HTML5 elements and CSS3 style sheets and presenting awesome and interesting use of Parallax visual effects and sleek scrolling in the best ways, Conrad is constructed to last, and consistently modified for your convenience. Conrad is a perfect style template for innovative style agencies, expert domain portfolios, freelance professional photographers, innovative businesses and projects of any type and pretty much any web site that wants a very different approach and a unique visible spin on web page style design. With thorough Bootstrap responsiveness and cross-compatibility with all internet explorer, devices and systems out of the box, nothing is out of reach for Conrad!



Oshine is a conceptually exclusive, amazing and inventive, clean and breathtaking, unique and unforgettable, technically efficient and creatively amazing, functionally extensive and graphically refined, easy to use and naturally personalized, flexible and nimble, brilliant and responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax amazing multi-layout multi-purpose web page style template. Oshine is an incredibly developed style template that is jam-packed with features and practical plug-ins and short codes spread out over 18 different and conceptually different trial demo sites, each a different presentation and approach to website style and absolutely personalized in its own right, clothed with full inner webpages and everything you need to set off on the right foot and have your own web page up within minutes of installation.

Over 150 unique and intentionally built HTML5 style template web pages are included with Oshine for just about every utilization possible on sites of any kind, presenting extensive and amazing Parallax visual effects that interact with your viewers and involve them in an easy navigational experience, along with flexible and easily personalized CSS3 style sheets and a responsive, flip Bootstrap style design that makes Oshine provide just as stunning across all web browsers, devices, systems or screen sizes. Oshine is a pixel-perfect, Retina-ready conceptual top gemstone of web layouts templates. Are you prepared to shine?


MILO is a clean and breathtaking, well organized and highly available, professional and refined, substantially developed and carefully designed, shiny and lustrous, younger and fresh-faced, highly effective and tech-savvy, incredibly flexible and very personalized responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax multi-purpose web design template. MILO is an exceptionally modern design template, which looks current and is consistently modified to always be clothed in the most highly effective web development technological innovation available at any given time, handsomely implemented to great effect across a set of eye-catching trial demo websites and page layouts templates.

MILO features the top quality premium Revolution Trend Slider plug-in, on top of HTML5 and CSS3 technological innovation for amazing multi-media abilities and stunning top of the line animated graphics and changes, as well as a Bootstrap flip design for greatest responsiveness and designer ambiance and hardware-powered Parallax scrolling and visual effects, for an immersive intriguing consumer experience that keeps them returning for more. That makes MILO a very suitable design template for every type of company or business programs. From start-ups and small companies to large organizations, MILO has the class, style and power to muscle the requirements of any kind of company web page with speed and style. Improve your company today, with MILO!


Material is a very eye-catching and highly eye-catching, extremely contemporary and innovative, expertly graphically designed, technically powerful and communicates functionally extensive and creative, clean and fresh-faced, creatively organized and versatile responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax multi-purpose website style template. Material is a style built with Google’s own Content Design template viewpoint strongly at the helm of the conceptual approach, making a remarkably contemporary website style capable of strengthening website owners to generate the most advanced, innovative Content Design websites in a couple of minutes, with virtually no programming experience required.

Material’s flat and mobile friendly style features a user-friendly visual language that has become typical for the world at large, and visitors will find your website extremely navigable and easy to use, with wonderful, Retina-ready symbols amassing well into the hundreds for you to indicate the way where you want them to go. Material places all the control in your hands, with innovative design and visual personalization options, greatly changeable layouts and a block-based Web page Building process that deploys over 132 creative HTML5 prevent elements in any way you want to make stunning, efficient pages. Or choose one from any of Material’s 120 customized HTML5 page layouts templates, and hit the road.


Stig is a wonderful and extensive, significantly committed and graphically flexible and refined, creatively shiny, lustrous and fresh-faced, stylistically simple and successfully aware, technically practical and feature-rich, nicely personalized and very unique and interesting HTML5 CSS3 Parallax one and multipage multi-purpose web page style template. Stig is the result of implementing a tight style design viewpoint concentrating on availability, navigational experience and style quality, making a clean and breathtaking style template with a structured and simple web page development process.

Stig contains over 40 completely fleshed out trial demo websites, expertly designed and completely preconfigured, clothed with inner web pages and content, as well as over 150 outstanding and efficient, practical and time-saving HTML5 page layouts templates for every type of uses general or specific. Stig has over 44 Profile web pages, so if you want to show off your work in a unique and unforgettable style, Stig is your man. With the Revolution Trend Slider, visitors will be in awe at your visual expertise, while sleek Parallax segments will make an impression on and make an impression on viewers far and wide. Stig also features a impact with a lot of extremely highly effective short codes, which significantly add to the performance of web site without you having to write a single line of coding, and its local Bootstrap responsiveness assures total reach across all devices, web browsers, screen sizes and systems.


Blink is an elegant and fashionable, practical and feature-rich, successfully accomplished and creatively amazing, easily developed and very modern, technically powerful and communicate, strong and inventive, significant and versatile responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax one web page innovative multi-purpose web page design template. Blink is a smart and fresh-faced design that has been developed to be an effective and versatile tool set for website owners without any programming background to easily and easily make the most advanced and professional looking one web page websites possible, for reasons personal or commercial, business or corporate, with equal skill and refined, finished feel.

Blink is a design which brings together a moderate visual framework structure and an explosively strong and brazen visual language on top of it, to build a high contrast, noisy and clear web page that is elegant while being extremely unforgettable. Blink has been carefully designed with careful attention to detail, so that every area has been considerately made for highest performance and a clutter-free visual environment where you’re content can truly glow. With incredible Parallax visual effects and the simplest scrolling features and animated graphics on the market, Flicker is a design for all sorts of creation to take place, and is perfect for digital companies, freelance workers, designers, professional photographers and more.


Kwoon is vibrant and well-structured, younger and fresh-faced, serious and professional, extremely contemporary and beautiful, successfully enhanced and very enhanced, greatly efficient and feature-dense, technically accomplished and very easy to use and user-friendly, simple to use and responsive HTML5/CSS3 Parallax single and multipage multi-purpose website design template. Kwoon is a very clean and breathtaking design template that has been expertly graphically designed to signify the highest top quality and leading edge technical expertise of today’s web in an organized and simple package that website owners of any background or capability will find incredibly accessible.

With 3 different Headers and Sliders, incorporated Mega Menus, optionally available One Web page website assistance and magnificently responsive Touch Run assistance, Kwoon is a full presented design that can offer the best tools and features currently extant on the market with a remarkable degree of top quality that spreads throughout every Kwoon website and page. Kwoon is social media-savvy, and performs nicely with feed-based services such as Dribble, Reddit and Instagram, on top of being search engine-optimized out of the box, making Kwoon a great design template for blog writers or independent domain portfolios. With filterable queries and rich design options, on top of sleek and complex Parallax scrolling animated graphics, Kwoon is a design for the future. Are you there yet?


Volar is an incredibly wonderful and very well refined, successfully conscious and simple, expertly graphically designed and completely immersive, easy to use and highly user-friendly, technically innovative and extremely personalized responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax little one page web page design template. Volar is a site design template that has been carefully consisting with careful attention to details to make a completely comprehensive and effective tool set that is creatively sleek and greatly interesting, with adequate personalization abilities and a thoroughly innovative environment that is free from disruptions and filling.

Your viewers will truly focus on what is most important—your content and works, which Volar has an ability for introducing in the best and stylish highlights. Volar makes very effective use of eye-catching HTML5 elements designed with powerful and magnificently cartoon CSS3 scripted style sheets, integrating the most eye-catching Parallax visual effects and sleek scrolling available on you need to, deck your web page with tech-savvy tools and features easily preconfigured and easily personalized to suit your needs. Lots of unique, refined intriguing Home-page layouts templates are included, filled with deep-running performance and eye-catching style that will make your web page increase to new levels. Try Volar nowadays, and you will never look back!


Make is an incredibly powerful and highly entertaining, user-friendly and easy to use, strongly written and very designer friendly, light and fast running, nimble and quick on its feet, creatively achieved and very personalized, extensive and vast, creative and unique responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax one and multipage multi-purpose website with Web page Builder Designer. Make is a truly extensive website making tool set, a effective and flexible tool that enables users of any capability to produce professional looking, distinct and brilliant sites that look and experience right, with adequate abilities for personalization of every single element in Create.

Over 80 custom made, expertly graphically designed HTML5 page layouts templates are included with Make, so that pretty much any website requirement you may experience has already been protected, or can easily be taken care of by playing with a webpage template’s advanced personalization options. Make has stunning, CSS3-powered animated cartoon changes that produce an interesting navigational experience, which, along with beautiful Parallax scrolling and visual effects, makes a completely immersive environment where your visitors can experience comfortable and at home on your site. Make is perfect for blogs, organizations, domain portfolios, eCommerce sites, corporate programs and just about any other archetype out there. Build the world you dream of, with Make!


Hygge is a successfully simple and innovative, creatively awesome and beautiful, technically smart and practical, functionally versatile and nimble, fast running and effectively written, designer and simple to use, user-friendly and easy to use responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax single and multipage multi-purpose web page design template. Hygge is a committed and wide design template that has been clothed with the actual durability and raw versatility that allows it to easily and easily service the needs of a wide set of different and different web page archetypes and programs across all sectors and areas.

Whether you are a website owner trying to develop a profile web page, a business web page, a personal blog or any other sort of web page, Hygge has the resources boasting you will need to hit the floor running and make stunning and professional looking sites within minutes. 10 expertly designed colors schemes are available, though personalization choices limitless, and with adequate Header and Slider options, plenty of different Blog and Portfolio layouts and out of the box Disqus incorporation, Hygge makes for a very versatile web page design, presenting over 40 search engine-optimized, pixel-perfect HTML5 page layouts templates, ready for you to set up and muck around with as you see fit. Amazing and immersive scrolling movement functions are all with Hygge. Interact with your viewers today!


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