20 Best HTML5 Health and Medical Website Templates For Clinics, Doctors, Dentists and More In 2016

Medical Physicians doctors are truly organized to a very conventional. Few people can have such an immediate and significant effect, and this liability needs a very professional mind-set. However, personal experts must also depend on marketing in order to promote their business. A healthcare medical web site must be as outstanding as a sensible room. HTML layouts templates are a less expensive and more effective substitute to web development organizations. These products are flexible themes which guarantee to increase the page from a sensible and visual viewpoint. Set up and personalization is very simple to use, and almost anyone can use them. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best HTML5 Medical Website Templates:

After choosing one of these WordPress HTML5 Health and Medical Website Themes, you will need a self-hosted WordPress website in order to use it.

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  4. Install Your Theme: Now for the fun part. Choose your favourite theme from this list and follow these directions on how to install it.


If your goal is to create a specialist medical website, look no further than Linstar. This exceptional HTML design template is suitable for a variety of positions, thanks to an extensive list of practical functions. Linstar allows clients to build a website that completely suits their goals. It utilizes several elements, segments and short requirements. In total, there are more than 30 home page modifications, and 3 left or right, menu selection options. Your site will feature a “Coming soon” website, and a group of useful costs platforms for any items. You may include a picture collection, presenting your features as you market your professionalism, reliability. Linstar has padded PSD file information, and more than 100 presented segments. Et-line typeface icons symbols and top quality sliders can further improve the customer’s website.

In addition, there are masonry domain portfolios and 4 unique header modifications. For those who want to learn more about this template design, the designers, developers have added an in depth documentation file. It contains details regarding all Linstar functions, providing to guide you through uncomplicated process. After the product is purchased, everyone will benefit from a life-time of free up-dates. Each update will either fix mistakes, or increase your website’s abilities. Be sure to access the live preview, for more details.



MedicalPress is an excellent HTML design template that can improve every factor of your medical and wellness web sites. Developed by the top writer, this device simply will not be average. MedicalPress can be applied on any wellness medical center, dental professional, private doctor, or physician web page. It has many niche-specific features that can assistance your practice and increase your page view depend. Content or offers can be presented on any device, regardless of the size of its screen. Indeed, the design is fully responsive and it can hold a wide variety of mobile phones, tablets, and computer systems.

MedicalPress has a well-written and clean rule of code. It increases the likelihood of getting observed, as it is enhanced for search engines. Of course, there will be particular web pages for physicians, with several lines of column modifications. Sortable gallery collection web pages were also added, along with service and Frequently Requested Questions (FAQ) web pages. The contact area of your site can include Google Maps, and an assistance support form that is operated by Ajax. MedicalPress is extremely-user friendly, and it has an in depth documentation source. It contains information regarding every single function, providing to guide your through the web development experience. It should also be described that this device works with most web browsers.


KALLYAS is an extremely HTML style template that can enhance your healthcare medical website. Its style is contemporary, fresh and structured. It can be used for a wide range of web pages, given its flexibility and dedication towards quality. Over 100 site components elements are available, in inclusion to 14 exclusive home page variations. Regardless of what you choose, the results will look amazing. There are many customized web pages, in inclusion to a powerful PHP get in touch with page. KALLYAS has integrated the Web page Builder Designer device tool, and it has more than 114 components elements.

Your will be given finish innovative control over the whole installation process. Drag and drop technological innovation is used, and even those who absence technological skills can easily installation an exceptional healthcare medical page. You only need to choose a factor, and drag it in all directions. It’s that simple! This style template has exclusive idol moments, and it is operated by the legendary Bootstrap framework structure. Many top quality plug-ins were involved, absolutely free. This spare parts you from having to store to get more third-party add-ons. KALLYAS functions the iOS Slider, Slider Revolution, Wow Slider, CuteSlider, and iCarousel plug-ins. For those who want to example KALLYAS without having to invest in a purchase, a live preview was included.



Compared with other HTML layouts templates, Medicom does one thing, and it does it well. This is the perfect design for healthcare template websites, as it means to improve all aspects of your website. It was designed using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. For unskilled customers, the web design process can be very overwhelming. Fortunately, Medicom has an in depth documentation source that offers to information you during website growth. You will easily become a weekend professional. There are working Ajax type’s forms, and wide or boxed layout structure variations. Users have 8 different colors that they can. Medicom has a drop-down menu selection and a super drop-down selection. Font’s awesome symbols were incorporated as well.

Website template is well-commented, and it features 4 different home page editions. Regardless of how you decide to customize the healthcare medical website, it will look awesome. The layout structure is fully responsive, and it can be presented on all gadgets, regardless of their monitor size. Medicom is appropriate for tablets, mobile phones, laptop computers and pc PCs. However, you can decide to set up a non-responsive edition at any time. It should also be described that the concept is W3C verified. If you want to example Medicom without having to invest in a purchase, be sure to access the live preview.



Regina is a wonderful HTML design template which can be used to enhance any medical web site. If you are a medical center administrator or medical care professional, this product can be other people you know. Regina’s design is elegant and simple, capable of showing the professionalism and reliability of your art. Powerful color shade accessories will supplement the look of your web pages. With obtain, customers will get 24 PSD file and 8 HTML files.

In complete, there are more than 20 page variations and over 200 vector icons symbols. The design uses free font styles specifically, providing you to customize the typography for each publish, to some extent. As the market increases, there is a growing need for sites which can be shown on cellular phones. Fortunately, every Regina factor is responsive. It can easily operate on the pc, iPad and iPhone systems. Resizing mistakes were entirely removed. It should also be described that your web page will benefit from cross-browser interface. Website development can be challenging event, especially for beginner customers. Whenever you experience a problem, be sure to talk to the online documentation source. It contains information regarding every Regina factor. For those who want to example the design, a live preview was made available.



MedicalGuide is an exceptional HTML template design template that can be used to improve your medical website. It was designed using CSS, HTML, and the Bootstrap framework structure. MedicalGuide is equipped for health, dental professional, medical center, and medical center sites. Your content can be presented on high quality Retina displays and most internet web browsers. Moreover, the entire structure is responsive. You no longer have to be worried about resizing mistakes. MedicalGuide can provide those preferring Cs, tablets, mobile phones, and laptop computers. The best sliders on the market are available with this product. Moreover, there are many pre-designed layouts templates which can be used to build unique slider variations.

You can even apply a route map operate, which can information customers towards your deal with any address. The MedicalGuide rule is very well-written and stated. You will benefit from a details documentation computer file that describes every function and site components. You can easily become an overnight professional. MedicalGuide has special product menu choices which can be fully customized. In total, there are more than 2500 Font vector Symbols icons. These icons will instantly adjust to the size, range and color of the page. In conditions of visual personalization, customers will have a unlimited list of colors that they can.


Maxi Health

Developed by an top level writer, Maxi Health is an remarkable HTML design template that guarantees to improve every factor of your website. It features many of realistic features, and each function can increase the page’s abilities. Maxi Health is flexible, and it can be used for almost any business market. However, it is most effective for the websites that focus on the medical industry. Eye-catching CSS3 animated graphics and effects are applied, in addition to a clean, structured, and simple rule. It is possible to apply a fully-functional Google Map straight on your site, making it simpler for sufferers to get around their tracks.

A working contact page is available, assisting the interaction between doctors and their patients. Maxi Health tries to help those with less web design encounter. The obtain will include a wealthy, specific documentation source. This data file has details regarding every function, and it can help you through the process without difficulty. Everyone will become an overnight professional. Maxi Health has a filterable profile option, and its structure layout works with all gadgets. Regardless of the size of your screen, you will never notice a resizing mistake. To find out more, be sure to check out the live preview.



If you are searching for an exceptional HTML design that can enhance your websites, look no further than Canvas. This product can be used for multi-page or single-page sites, based on the client’s requirements. It is also very flexible, designed for an extensive variety of possible business fields: press organization, web app, cafe, travel, wedding, development or medical. With Canvas, the world’s your oyster to what you can perform. More than 75 fully-functional home page modifications are available, in addition to 550 HTML files.

Generally, a template design must be an empty standing for the owner’s creativeness. Canvas allows you to create a website that completely shows your professionalism, reliability, reliability and dedication towards health. There are working Ajax contact types, and Less CSS files. Your website will benefit from 165 innovative layouts templates for your profile, and more than 50 scalable short codes. Despite its regular $14 price tag, the top quality Revolution Slider plug-in was included absolutely free. In order to increase website income, it is possible to open a personal web store. Canvas has some stunning eCommerce shop layouts templates that can accomplish the submission of items. There will be an unlimited number of bottom footer layout structure modifications, and more than 7 slider mobile phones with 20 layouts templates each.



Medico is a fresh, contemporary and well-designed HTML design template which can be used to enhance websites of stores, doctors, vet methods, oral dental treatment centers, and physicians. It has many niche-oriented functions, as it looks for to support those who work in the medical care market. Medico has two versions: black and light. Regardless of which difference is selected, the result will still look amazing. In inclusion, you can choose an encased or extensive structure, and an individual or multi-page layout structure. Altogether, there are more than 100 HTML layouts templates, and 46 PSD files.

Medico has unique web pages for medical and vet customers, and several Coming Soon and 404 webpages. It is possible to spread provides or products, as this design allows you to art a web shop. Your main point here will certainly improve. There will particular segments for exhibits, connections, and blogs. It should also be described that Medico has a WordPress edition. The visual builder designer device can be used to art multi-page and single-page websites. There is no need for innovative programming information. It is possible to choose a factor, and move it across the display to where it needs to be. It’s that simple! For more information, be sure to gain accessibility to the live preview.


Creativ Business

Creative Business is an extensive, expert HTML design template that can surpass even the most positive objectives. It has more than 200 HTML web page modifications, and 100 web page designer builder components. In addition, over 150 PSD files are available for every customer. Creative Business has 8 unique editions, and it features the web page designer builder tool. Web development has been significantly simple, and there is no need to seek the services of an experienced web development company. Any change that is made during web page development can be seen immediately, leading to an immediate reviews system. This motivates analysis and creativeness. In just seconds, you could have a fully-functional site. There is even an informative video that can give you quick studies into Creative Business and its features. Hand-held device owners can relax, understanding that all interface mistakes were removed. Content can be presented on the smaller displays of tablets and mobile phones. Templates Layouts are available in full size or boxed editions, and they can have either a white or black color scheme. This template’s flexibility allows it to fit almost any organization niche market. Be it medical websites or small freelance worker pages, the results will look amazing. There is no better way to make an impression on companies or prospective customers.



MediCenter is an excellent HTML design template which can be used to improve any hospital center, medical center, physician, or health-oriented website. Many niche-oriented features were applied, in order to support the needs of doctors from across the world. MediCenter has a Timetable Responsive Routine Plug-in, enabling sufferers to book their sessions and discussions. There are boxed and wide layout structure modifications, 20 website templates layouts, and more than 6 home page layout structure editions. In addition, the design template will integrate more than 50+ symbols icons, a huge assortment of short requirements, and some Ajax types. The visual design is clean and simple, showing the realistic characteristics of such websites. Upon buying MediCenter, you should expect to get a sequence of regular up-dates.

Each upgrade can fix mistakes, or increase your site’s abilities. Should you experience any issues during uncomplicated process, do not think twice to contact the friendly support team. Their associates are well-trained, and willing to take care of all problems. The design template layout structure can be presented on small displays of cellular phones. All components are entirely responsive towards mobile phones, laptop computers, pc, and tablets. MediCenter will feature a Newest Twitter posts area, and it is possible to show video clips straight on the site. Be sure to access the live preview.



Compared with other layouts templates which aim for an extensive viewers, iMedica stays with what it knows. It is an expert in improving sites of medical centers, treatment centers, personal exercise, and other medical care businesses. The design template was developed using the Bootstrap layout Structure, and it functions many niche-specific functions. The framework helps front-end growth, and it makes the process more available for beginner customers. The website design will be entirely responsive, able of adjusting to almost any system. iMedica works with pills, personal computer systems, laptop computer systems and mobile phones. Despite its $14 price tag, the Revolution slider plug-in was included for free.

Every area of your site will be developed to entice the interest of search engines. SEO-readiness can significantly enhance your perspective depend and online visibility. Users will be able to have interaction with your business or provide reviews, due to the addition of PHP e-mail contact types. It is possible to add another part of appeal to your content, with the addition of some sleek CSS3 animated graphics. The user’s browser’s experience will be significantly enhanced. Parallax results were included as well. iMedica has applied vector font symbols icons which can speed up running times. Of course, the symbols will look amazing on any display, regardless of its size.


With a name like Physician, Doctor it is not hard to believe this HTML template’s focus on market. No other product can be as highly effective and simple at the same time. Despite its huge list of realistic features, it is very easy to use. Upon set up, your content, post, and website segments can be presented on high quality Retina shows and a majority of internet web browsers. Additionally, the entire structure is responsive, able to work with tablets, PCs, mobile phones and laptop computers. When it comes to client care, Doctor Physician Designers have gone all-out. A huge amount of sources have gone into their assistance system. Their associates are well-trained, courteous, and desperate to eliminate any problems.

Additionally, several other presses can accomplish the website development process. There are guide video clips on YouTube, complete with voice-overs. There is also a large documentation computer file, which contains written information about this design template. With so many sources, you can easily become a weekend professional. In total, there are more than 20 pre-designed pages, with several website routines demos. These demos can reduce your routine time, as they extra you from having to start from the beginning. Every design will use free Google Font styles, letting them customize the typography of every publish post.



Medicus is an outstanding HTML style template that guarantees to improve your health and medical-themed website. However, despite its niche attraction, it continues to be very flexible and convenient. You can even use it for Business sites. The style and style viewpoint of this style is relaxed on 3 main pillars: fine typography, strong color shades, and large photography. The balance that results from these elements can definitely increase the quality of your website. A focus on LESS is place, allowing users to style their content. Pre-determined sessions for templates are available. Each structure will be responsive, as resizing mistakes were entirely removed.

Medicus works with all hand-held devices, web internet browsers, and operating-system. Your potential viewers will never be discouraged by technical restrictions. There are specific editions for pc, mobile and product. You can merge various color shades and research with several combinations. Never bargain until you are able to style a web page that suits your perspective. The template style is W3C verified and it has a semantic structure. Google maps were incorporated, making it simpler for sufferers to find your medical center or store. It is possible to installation every week updates via MailChimp. Every area can be customized, thanks to the addition of special WebFont healthcare medical symbols icons. In addition, Font Amazing Icons were added as well.


Mist is an excellent HTML design that can improve every part of your medical website. It is very flexible, capable of flexible customers from any market or market. It is also completely suitable for cafe, organization, business, knowledge, charitable organization, designer, fashion, or niche websites. This flexibility results from a huge selection of useful features. Design of this product layout is entirely responsive, and it was examined on most gadgets on the market. Mist can work with personal computer systems, mobile phones, laptop computer systems and smartphones. There are boxed or wide website page modifications, in addition to 10 unique website styles. For your profile, more than 25 profile layout structure designs styles were added. In total, this template design has over 2000 symbols, and more than 600, hand-selected Google Fonts styles.

Online marketers will be able to create a private publication that up-dates customers and sufferers every week. Mist has 60+ home page trial modifications. Each trial is completely efficient, and it can accomplish the web development process. For people with busy plans, these routines are a blessing. There are an unlimited number of short requirements, and it is possible to customize your site’s color. With this template design, you will only be restricted by what you would ever guess.



Clinico is an amazing HTML design template that will not be average. It can be used to increase any medical-related web page. The design is nice and clean, and design is completely responsive. Your web page will be suitable for tablets, mobile phones, pc PCs and laptop computers. Your content and material can be presented on high-resolution Retina shows, and most internet web explorer. Wide or boxed layout structure editions can be selected based upon on your needs. In terms of visual personalization, there are 6 pre-designed colors which can be used to increase your web page. The template design features many of web page templates, working contact forms, material elements, and Tweets icons.

The code is well written and structured, becoming a superior experience for both online marketers and sufferers. In addition, Clinico has added a comprehensive documentation source that offers to explain the product’s abilities. Your pages can even integrate Google maps. Your web page will easily go up online look for search engine positions, considering that Clinico is SEO ready. SEO (Search engine optimization) is a service that you simply cannot do without. There is a short codes and typography list, along with 50 html files. For those who want to example this theme, a live preview was made available.


Health & Medical HTML

Health & Medical HTML is an energetic and convenient HTML template design that simply will not be average. It is capable of enhancing every aspect of your dental professional, health medical center, and medical center web sites. Health & Medical HTML can be customized with ease, and you will not have to employ a third-party web design company. With just little technological knowledge, it is possible to create an exceptional health care web websites.

Every page normally adds a Parallax background, enhancing and matching the content. The theme program code is clean and well-written, making it simpler for customers to alter their layouts templates. Health & Medical HTML is 1200px grid Lines Based, and it has included a quality slider. The popularity of hand-held devices is unquestionable. Any site that cannot provide their smaller displays is confronted with obsolescence. Fortunately, your site’s structure will be entirely responsive. Users will be able to access it from their tablets, mobile phones, pc PCs and Laptop computers. A specific documentation source is available, providing to guide customers through the web design process. It is possible to add social links on your pages. For those who want to example Health & Medical HTML without having to make to a purchase, a live preview was added.


For those who love our fuzzy, feathered or scaly little buddies, PetVet is the best solution. This HTML design template can be used to enhance your vet website. It can possibly increase you’re on the internet visibility and view depend. The design template using the popular Bootstrap framework structure and it has more than 35 legitimate HTML files. The overall design is contemporary, structured and beautiful. PetVet often functions like an empty fabric, enabling the consumer to art a webpage that completely symbolizes his/her exercise. It can be used for any medical center, vet, clinic center, and medical or pet shop site. However, there is some shake room for those who work in other areas. With the downlod, every customer will get access to 6 different home page variations. Customized menu selection designs are available as well. PetVet utilizes HTML CSS technological innovation and it has a WordPress PHP contact Form. Parallax background scenes can be set up on each website. Similar to WooCommerce, this design has innovative web store templates which can accomplish the production of some amazing on the internet shops. Marketing can be a great method of accelerating income. It should also be described that PetVet has more than 500 Google Font designs, and a free Revolution Slider top quality plug-in.


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