Top 18 Responsive HTML5 Directory Website Templates For Business Directories In 2016

The free market has were able to develop an unmatched level of financial flexibility. It is based on the key of financial independence, and that everyone can act as their own financial broker. You get a speech, and a right to build your own company. However, so many comments can easily make disturbance. On the web, you are basically rivaling millions of organizations. An organization owner’s responsibility is to find a way of discussing the client’s interest.

Directory websites can terminate some of that disturbance, and channel the customer’s focus on a very particular list of services and firms. Of course, others will take advantage of the same visibility, but the odds boosts as well. Developing and also a listing directory website can be a very profitable company, for those who are willing to devote themselves to this process. Compared with other sections of action, you are able to ignore appearance. No fancy components are required. The focus is on functionality, precision, and simplicity of use. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best HTML5 Directory Website Templates:

After choosing one of these Directory Website Templates For Business Directories Themes, you will need a self-hosted WordPress website in order to use it.

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  4. Install Your Theme: Now for the fun part. Choose your favourite theme from this list and follow these directions on how to install it.

Success in the property market often relies on simple recommendations. A feeling of professionalism and reliability is vital, and your website must indicate your dedication towards quality. Zoner is a great HTML design template for property, real estate websites. It features many amazing functions, each appealing to enhance your web design and development experience. With such a friend, it will be easy to earn the regard of customers. This product is not scared to innovate, given that it was the first ThemeForest design template to include OpenStreetMap. Additionally, it is also possible to display Google Maps Charts. Generally, the website owner gets to choose a map service that best matches the needs of his/her business.

In extension of its impressive pattern, Zoner has involved as well as Parallax scrolling operate.  This effect actually is applicable to your map area, which is an outstanding technological accomplishment. For those who want to upgrade and keep effective property blog, it is now possible to integrate brickwork effects. There are more than 30 page variations for personalization, along with several property type symbol icon modifications. The website layout structure can be utilized from any system that has broadband access, given that it is Retina-ready and fully responsive. If you want to example these functions, be sure to access the live preview.


Real Estate can be a very profitable business field, for those with an eye for quality. In an extremely marketing promotion atmosphere, understanding is everything. If you want to make a good first impact, you should consider using Realsite. This unique HTML template design for sure real estate websites can increase the likelihood of success, thanks to a wonderful list of realistic features. It can be used for organization, property or independent web pages. Of course, many niche-specific choices provided. For example, property several shows were added. Special layouts templates for receipts are available, along with information segments for providers and companies.

Content images can be utilized from all gadgets, as the layout structure is entirely responsive. With Realsite, resizing issues are removed. In addition, all web pages will be Retina-ready and cross-browser suitable. At the heart of any internet marketing promotion technique can be found SEO (search engine optimization). It is the most important aspect in developing an effective online existence. Generally, this SEO-ready design template assures that you will get a better position of internet look for results positioning positions. Realsite has a large number of color customization choices. There are 5 bottom footer variations, and a specific documentation source that offers to guide you through the customization experience. Ad Space elements are available as well.


Spotter is an ideal solution, for those who wish to create successful directory listing record websites. This impressive HTML design template uses impressive technology, such as the OpenStreetMap feature. As the website owner, it is possible to select from a list of 40 map suppliers, based on the needs of your online company business. This product can be used to improve property, directory listing record, auto supplier, resort, cafe or any other list website market. With Spotter, recovery time and slowly running times are entirely removed.

In terms of availability, this design template should get the maximum compliment. For example, it has involved RTL (right to left) writing support, for ‘languages’ such as Hebrew, Persia or Japanese people. In addition, it looks for to provide customers who prefer cellular phones such as tablets or mobile phones. There are no resizing mistakes, given that the website structure will instantly modify and re-size itself in order to fit smaller sized displays.

Spotter has involved wonderful website transition effects, a quick view function for presented items, and a number of realistic key-board strategies. For many possible company areas, a special homepage difference variation was involved. Typeface Amazing Symbols Icons and Map Symbols Icons are available as well. For more information, be sure to access the live preview.


GoExplore! Is a wonderful HTML design template for journey travel web pages? It offers a large amount of useful features, able of improving every aspect of your follower’s experience. Even the best sites can don’t succeed, if they are confused by their competitors. Getting observed is the first and most important towards success. Fortunately, GoExplore! is enhanced for search engines, as it increases your possibility of going up the online look for engine results positioning positions. A SEO-ready product will almost always get more opinions.

This design template has both modern and traditional style modifications for your blog. Regardless of your flavor, it will fit like a headwear cover. It should also be mentioned that a WordPress form of GoExplore! is available. The responsive structure will be entirely responsive, and customers can accessibility your web page from their Smartphone’s, tablets, personal computer systems and laptop computer systems. In addition, content will be cross-browser suitable. This improved versatility may also benefit the directors of the website. Up-dates can be made while on the move, removing the need to be fixed in order to be effective. Generally, GoExplore! is able of handling any travel journey agent web page or journey travel blog. It will be possible to determine internet directories for trips, restaurants, tours, flight tickets and dining places. For more info, be sure to gain accessibility to the live preview.


If you would like for an excellent HTML design template for Automobile Vehicle List Website or Car Store sites, look no further than AutoStars. This unique method full of realistic and user-friendly features, each applied in order to increase your chance of content success. There is even a WordPress edition of AutoStars, for those who hate HTML. A slide show is often a great method of content marketing. Fortunately, your site will benefit from the modern Revolution Trend Slider Plug-in. Despite its $15 price tag, it was included absolutely free. This allows you to design awesome, jaw-dropping slides that are sure to draw in the attention of potential customers. AutoStars has integrated more than 25 Full layer padded PSD information files, in addition of a Typeface End Ad Listing Record Form.

Of course, any car dealership website must include information regarding the automobiles themselves. Specific Vehicle Automobile Information Web pages assurance that customers will be able to make an educated decision about their buy. AutoStars provides 150 Line Symbol Web Fonts styles, several Typeface Amazing Symbols Icons, and it facilitates Google Fonts styles. There are 40 unique website modifications, and several Gallery Collection Style Web pages. For those who want to example this device without having to invest in a buy, a live preview was made available.


This method a vision for painful sight. It has many useful options and features, each a part of order to increase the opportunity of success. Bootstrap is used for the standard elements of Listing. All web pages were applied according to HTML requirements, ensuring that every client can enjoy an excellent web design experience. The layout structure is flexible and versatile, given that it can quickly operate on most displays. You will never have to be worried about resizing problems, given that your supporters can quickly access content from any system.

Google Map API is applied, assisting people to find their vacation location. For directory sites, this selection is essential. A simple yet highly effective CSS3 animation movement framework structure is used, along with a sensible classification point selection. Overall, this method very easy to use. Just about anyone can design an effective directory website, without the aid of a web design company. The top quality Revolution Slider Trend Plug-in was integrated absolutely free, despite its $14 price tag. It should also be described that your page will be cross-browser suitable. Directory has welcomed Listing with positivity, as it has a regular ranking of 4.67 celebrities out of 5. For those who want a hands-on strategy, a live preview is available.


For many teenagers, the homepage of a job directory listing website is a acquainted vision. Enhancing such a webpage can be quite complicated, without the aid of an excellent HTML design template such as Jobseek. This product has the right resources for the event, and it can improve every part of the client’s surfing around experience. Lack of variety is not an issue, given that there are 13 CSS3 and HTML5 website variations available. You website will be able to display sharp, high-resolution pictures, as the layout structure is appropriate for Retina shows. This makes it much easier to adjust to the modern technical scenery.

Jobseek has included a full screen slider, and a plug-in for tracking various statistics. Both common and niche-specific features are especially awesome HTML design template. In addition, Jobseek will have jaw-dropping Parallax background scenes, and some innovative types.  Sites can also include exhibits galleries, price platforms, and specific blog web pages. For online job forums, availability is the key. Those preferring hand-held gadgets are always welcome, considering that this design is entirely responsive and cross-browser suitable. If you like hands-on presentations instead of published opinions, be sure to access the Jobseek live preview. It cost nothing.


Real Estate
For those who want to design an excellent property record listing website, Real Estate is a great product. This HTML design template has no equivalent, when it comes to simplicity of use and availability. Of course, it has many niche-specific functions such as Google Search engines Charts Performance, special map indicators, several map style designs themes, customized map details containers, and unique program templates layouts. Generally, it contains all of the necessary components for sure real estate achievements.

This design template is made using Bootstrap, one of the most legendary CSS, HTML and JS frameworks on the market. Cellular responsiveness is prioritized, given that the whole layout structure is suitable with hand-held system displays. It should also be described that an AngularJS edition of Real Estate is available as well. It was made using the best front-end growth technological innovation and tools: Bower for plug-in and resource control, Grunt for process automated, and more.

There are several Sidebar and Layout variations for Actual Real Estate Property, each providing to change your visitor’s surfing around experience. Website template functions several box designs, a picture collection, and extended information for functions, finish with feedback and symbols icons. If you want to learn more about design, be sure to accessibility the stay preview.


ESTATO is an excellent HTML design template for real estate property or listing websites. Its design is wonderful, practical and simple, presenting a clean rule. Few products can ever hope to coordinate ESTATO’s quality. With this design template, every single web page factor will be able to re-size in order to fit the smaller displays of cellular phones. In addition, the layout structure is cross-browser suitable. Generally, ESTATO can be utilized from any system. Your web page will support genuine and light-weight CSS super mega menu choices. There is also a swipe menu selection, which works with the touch screen technology of some gadgets. Upon purchase, customers will receive a package with more than 20 HTML details files, written with exceptional W3C methods. The needs of expert web-developers were not neglected, given the addition of .less details.

ESTATO can offer contact types that are appropriate for Google mail records. Site development can be a very time-consuming effort, especially if you are starting from the beginning. Fortunately, this design template can reduce your routine by presenting some amazing pre-designed recommendations, web pages, types, profile, blogs, and so on. Google maps were also presented, and it is possible to personalize them with symbols icons, and knowledge box text. Be sure to access the live preview, for more details.


Superlist is a wonderful HTML design for advanced directory listing websites. It functions many amazing functions, each applied so they can improve the site visitor’s experience. Legendary technological innovation is applied, such as SASS and Bootstrap. With Superlist, web development has become accessible to everyone. Upon set up, you can enjoy 7 pre-made homepage tools: Google Map, Video and Image. A row/grid record listing system was included as well. Custom indicators are available, for your site map area.

In terms of visual personalization, there is no limit to what can be obtained. There is an unlimited range of possible web page color shade combinations. Take a moment to realize different colors, until you find something that completely suits your perspective. Superlist has various layouts templates for your blog and contact pages. Typeface Amazing Symbols Icons were included, in addition to a perfect code. Of course, there are specific segments for costs, faq, and recommendations. Basically, any internet marketing strategies is designed to improve the client’s online search results positioning positions. Fortunately, Superlist is SEO-ready, and it can significantly increase your web traffic numbers. It should also be mentioned that the layout structure is fully responsive, as it can re-size content in to fit the smaller displays of hand-held devices.


Restate is a well-designed HTML design template for property sites. It looks for to offer a relaxing and interesting surfing around experience for both customers and online marketers. Due to the execution of content design, website is very user-friendly and it concentrates on what is truly important: the information. Restate has some sharp, stunning animated graphics, and a layout structure that is completely responsive. You can work from your phone, given that content will instantly re-size in to fit your display. There are 4 unique homepage variations, in addition to a front-end distribution website. The design template is based on Bootstrap, and it is easily personalized by anyone. You don’t have to be a professional web designer or developer, in to use Restate.

Clients will also benefit from a full display map operate, a search form complete with background pictures, and a brickwork record listing lines grid. Typeface Amazing Symbols Icons and Map icons are available. This product provides an excellent and comprehensive documentation resource. Every piece of appropriate information is found in that computer file, as it provides to assist unskilled customers through the customization process. For those who wish to example Restate without having to make to a purchase, an awesome live preview was included.


For those who want to design excellent job board websites, Profession is an ideal HTML design template. This device was made using legendary technological innovation such as SASS and Bootstrap, leading to a very accessible and structured item. Clients can take advantage of many narrow options, letting them better get around look for results. Profession offers an excellent surfing around experience for both customers, and online marketers. Better organization always leads to improved performance. All components are marked, categorized, and placed into <div> containers. When you need something, you know where to find it. Upon purchasing website template, every customer will get accessibility to 585 Typeface Amazing Symbols Icons.

The website layout structure is very flexible and convenient. Those preferring hand-held devices can easily accessibility your content, given that it is fully responsive. In addition, templates can be quickly customized with only a few code modifications. Profession is intended for everyone, not just expert web-developers. Cross-browser interface is available. Every single website feature is improved for search engines. SEO-readiness may increase your view depend and your main point here. All design components are clean and distinct. Profession is a Retina-ready item. For those who want a more hands-on type of this template’s abilities, a live preview was added.


Actual Real Estate Property websites must provide a efficient service, in an effort to earn the customer’s believe in. Your web page will be the center of your advertising strategy. Apartment is an HTML design template that is aware of the need for quality. Its design is innovative and modern, completely suitable for today’s high-tech atmosphere. This product easily combinations power and availability, causing in an ideal solution for any problem.

Apartment is not just a superficial, market focused HTML design template. It originated by an actual real estate designer, and this experience really reveals. Website navigators can enjoy amazing features such as road view, Google Maps and amazing panoramas. These features can give you the advantage, as you make an effort to exceed competitors. You can use Residence for estate website, organization, single broker and private real estate web pages.

The layout structure is easily personalized, eliminate the need to seek the services of professional help. There are several color variations, providing you to art a website that completely suits your perspective. For unskilled customers, a well-written documentation source was added. It offers describe every function in depth, switching you into a weekend professional. In addition, you can always contact client care, should any issues occur. The assistance associates are quite friendly and courteous.


Realtyspace is a perfect remedy for any listing directory website. This HTML design template is the item of more than 600 hours of difficult work. Every detail was improved to near-perfection, becoming a perfect design that simply should get appreciation. Several developments were made to the Realtyspace design and development process.

There is even a specific documentation resource, for clients who absence web growth experience. It contains information regarding all website features and components, providing to turn you into an overnight professional. The designers have also promised to regularly assistance increase their item. Your website will never become obsolete, in constantly-evolving technical scenery. It should also be described that a WordPress difference of Realtyspace will be involved soon.

Customers will benefit from 9 unique layouts templates for the homepage area, each with its own unique look and feel. Your website will consist of amazing sliders, Fullscreen Charts, Openstreet maps and Google maps. The template’s development allows for easy personalization, as it is not difficult to move and rearrange components. Your web page will consist of awesome residence collection, which can improve any property or real estate website. Realtyspace has special customer web pages, complete with signing up, security password totally reset and sign in features. Property distribution types are available as well.


By paying attention to what a group has to say, the designer can control a market. Globo is an excellent HTML design template that showcases the needs of its clients. During every single step of its growth, customer reviews was considered. The causing product should get compliment, given its simple, highly effective, and highly available design. Globo can be used for listing, personal, or manager administrator websites. It offers a large list of realistic features, concerned with customer comfort. This design generally removes the need to employ a web design organization. It can be used by anyone, given that it does not require any innovative development or development background qualifications.

A Google Maps operate was applied, ensuring that clients can find certain locations without difficulty. In addition, Search engines Road view support is available. Globo has a PHP contact page, and many comprehensive organization web pages. Hand-held system clients can delight, with the knowledge that the entire layout structure is responsive. It will instantly modify itself in order to fit small displays of mobile phones and tablets. You will never be concerned about resizing mistakes. It should also be described that Globo is fully responsive. For clients who choose a more hands-on business presentation, a live preview was made available.


Director is a well-designed HTML design template for property, business, or auto listing directory websites. There is a specific edition for each of these activities. Its design is simple and practical, yet it preserves a certain appeal that will certainly make an impression on customers. This product has applied some niche-oriented features such as Google Maps, and web pages for distribution and opinions. With the elements that are provided, it will be easy for any user to build a successful directory listing web page. Design layout is fully responsive, and it can be presented on all operating-system, devices, or internet web browsers. Generally, audiences can access your website if they own a device with a screen and an access to the internet. Resizing mistakes will no longer affect their experience.

Director has several unique footers, and an amazing Super Mega Menu Selection feature. The HTML rule of code for your website will be well-written and structured. You will benefit from 27 stunning profile web pages, and more than 90 customized marking symbols icons. Typeface Amazing symbols was added, along with Entypo font symbols icons. Website is SEO-ready, as it will increase your chances of going up the highly-competitive search engine results positioning. Online marketers can select from a large range of color combinations. Also, the layout structure has a wide and an encased boxed variation. Regardless of your choice, the listing web page will look amazing.


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