15 Green Eco-Friendly WordPress Themes For Green, Organic, Eco-Friendly Business, WooCommerce, Food Websites In 2016

In purchase to appreciate something important, you must first think about your lifestyle without that particular thing, or aspect. As humans, we get to appreciate the advantages of our own inventiveness and determination, but we are far from ideal. In fact we are on the verge of worldwide modify, something different that cannot be balanced out, not even by our amazing problem-solving capabilities. The actual nature of these changes demands that they cannot be turned around, but they can be avoided. To view the significance of the surroundings, we must first comprehend our fortune.

A work out is often proposed: think of going into area, choose a route, and start strolling. For enormous amounts upon enormous amounts of miles, it is the very embodiment of terrible. Cool that would immediately lock up any lifestyle, warm that can make even our own Sun seem like snowballs. Add that to rays and severity that would basically rip your elements apart. For the greater degree, this is our Galaxy. The believe that we are not exposed to these causes is because we stay on a haven. This Light Red Dot as some have named it nourishes and provides everything that we might need, housing us from dangerous power, and fills up our respiratory system with oxygen.

However, even the excellent World is somewhat volatile. It seems everlasting because we only get to live about 80 years or so, but the truth opposes our understanding. It is a moving program that varies, and sometimes the Earth is loaded with volcanoes and sulfuric acidity, and sometimes it allows forever flourish. We were luckily enough capture it in an excellent feelings, but our large commercial action is destabilizing the program. About 9 out of 10 researchers believe the fact that our weather conditions are modifying, and with these changes come the possible end of our varieties growth. Fumes that result from large industry snare heat into our environment, deforestation is eliminating the plants that provide fresh air, and bug sprays are eliminating marine lifestyle.

Depending on whom you ask, this has occurred about 5-6 times before. The phenomena are called huge extinctions, as they have handled to clean out most of living on World. Of course, we did not cause those. The Earth was just in one of its sultry times, and in the most popular annihilation, a meteor damaged into the globe eliminating well known lizards. Despite past circumstances, be confident that this it is our mistake. Apart from a few edge naysayers, most people on Earth believe that it’s a chance to adjust. The weather conditions are like Humpty Dumpty: Once damaged, the entire king’s horse and all the king’s men can’t put it back together again.

However, many are stuffed with wish, because the same distinct wit that is creating an issue is also focusing on avoiding it. Researchers and law maker’s aside, the most popular man has also made the decision to battle global warming. The advantages of the World Wide Web are that it gives the most popular man a speech. People from across the globe are banding together and showing their opinions, and assisting what could be looked at the greatest cause. The levels have never been greater, but the same can be said about our passion. Be it an experienced eco-friendly organization or a modest resident of the globe, systems on WordPress can provide you with a speech. How does it do it?

First, it removes the economical hurdle. It is free to set up your money, and the top quality functions are cost-effective on even the lowliest of incomes. Second, it places you on occurs with the most important gamers. Actual life is full of documentation, complexness and incorrect guarantees. On WordPress, you cannot be silenced or late, you just have to talk. This right to talk does not assurance that you will be observed. To come back to a prior factor, if a WordPress website is your speech, a theme will be your music. Themes Styles are not easy skins, they are complicated toolkits of functions, icons, and plug-ins that allow you to personalize your website and make it more likely to get opinions.

With the solution of our atmosphere and unknown economical chance at share, you really have all of the motivation you need. That being said, let’s take a look at some amazing WordPress eco-themes:

After choosing one of these WordPress Eco-Friendly Themes, you will need a self-hosted WordPress website in order to use it.

  1. Choose a Hosting: When you opting for a web hosting, you want to feel much better about the company from day one. Bluehost is the assistance we’ve found that provides satisfaction that your site is in excellent arms. It’s cost-effective costs and efficient assistance are two huge aspects that make it a great buy, plus their client support care is spot-on, 24/7, and extremely helpful. For a limited time you can get hosting at Bluehost for 40% off. GET 40% OFF HOSTING »
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  3. Install WordPress: At some hosts you have to manually install WordPress. Not at Bluehost. Just log into your dashboard and click the install button and everything is take care of for you.
  4. Install Your Theme: Now for the fun part. Choose your favourite theme from this list and follow these directions on how to install it.


Avada is an exceptionally versatile, extremely fast running, moderate and warm WordPress sensitive multi-purpose theme, suitable to satisfying the needs of all kinds of sites, whether they’re business blogs, news publications, commercial sites, professional companies or personal domain portfolios, and peculiarly well suitable for the design and development of sites with a focus on green, ecologically sound, maintainable methods. Whether you’re a concerned blog writer, a culturally accountable organization, an oral charitable increasing attention or a business fully dedicated to eco-friendly designs, Avada is what you have been looking for.

Turn new foliage with Avada’s limitless colors, typographical personalization prolonged Administration board personalization options. Use the Combination Designer to create new, interesting layouts templates starting fresh or recycle Avada’s many a multitude of expertly designed templates, which you can modify to your heart’s desire and until they completely fit required brand and picture. Interact with your viewers in a moving, genuine manner with Avada’s many sleek animated graphics, changes and effects. Parallax scrolling will captivate your audiences and let them process your content considerately while bedazzled at its demonstration. Avada is a topic for sites that want to build a new, eco-friendly future that can be continual over the years. Start resting the basis for a better the next day, today, with Avada!


Organic Food

As far as WordPress theme titles go, you can’t really get more illustrative than this. Of course, the Organic Food skin allows you to personalize and enhance your website. It doesn’t matter if you can market components yourself, or simply assisting an advice line for those that wish to live healthy. Be it Natural writing a blog, stores or plants, this idea has all of the necessary programming and features in order to reduce the very idea of mediocrity from your site.

For each possible market that Organic Food might meet, they have created a trial website. Using these, you will be able to get a standard idea of such a web page should look like. When it comes to personalization, you can either start on your own, or change one of these current routines demos. This product is fully sustained by some very useful training video clips assisting those that are not acquainted with website development. For even more information, you can check out the specific documentation and the top quality discussion board function. Every generally requested question has been protected, so surf to your heart’s desire.

On the visual aspects, this idea contains Parallax background video clips, complete screen images, attractive animated graphics and some very stylish typography. A visual composer was included, along with the WooCommerce plug-in and complete interpretation abilities. Overall, this is a great idea that is worthy of your attention.



If your aspirations is to open a booming natural cafe, or any type of eco-friendly marketing series, you will need a WordPress theme like Organique. It is slightly priced, and provides a large amount of features and choices that are sure to thrill even the most solidified cynic. If the possibilities of establishing up your own website seem overwhelming, but you do not have enough money to employ a professional company, you need not worry. Part of the credit goes to WordPress itself, as has a very simple and user-friendly layout structure. Everything is where it needs to be, quickly found and quickly customized. However, the theme that you choose will present another sizing to this process.

Thankfully, the developer’s designers were kind enough to include training videos and a no cost PSD. If you still have issues with directing all of these choices, their effective support system can provide alternatives in regular basis. This theme can look awesome on any system, as it is retina prepared and responsive. The design is very clean, designed for high alternatives displays, even those of cellular phones. And now we get to the various meats of the problem: the online store itself.

The WooCommerce plug-in is a group choice, reliable by a large number of people from around the world. With this plug-in, you do not have delay, you can start selling instantly. The conventional way of building webpages can be challenging, and a solution was needed to help make it easier to use. The user-friendly website designer of Organique offers a better way of accomplishing great results, because it does most of the work. An ideal device does all of the large technological raising, making only visual and business choices to the consumer. No device can ever make up for excellent flavor; it can only 100 % free your hands and let you focus on what’s important. All themes styles from this designer are interpretation prepared, and it takes only a moment in purchase to set up the Organique WPML plug-in. Your webpages will be enhanced for search engines, which eventually get more traffic and products income.



If you are in need of a multi-purpose WordPress WooCommerce that works with everything, look no further than Shopkeeper. This theme has some very useful and comprehensive documentation. If you are having problems with the set up process, you can contact Shopkeeper’s helpful client care associates. Although it is a unique item, this theme is full of many different functions. It is like a beginner kit for committed on the internet stores. High performance and outstanding design are the interpreting functions of Shopkeeper. After it is applied, your website can without danger commercialize digital and shippable products, while planning your stock and gathering expenses. You may also use it for simple cataloging. This is due to the popular and efficient WooCommerce plug-in.

Of course, your page will need to fit your item or service niche market. With such a comprehensive variety of needs, Shopkeeper’s versatile framework structure can be an important resource. The innovative theme choices can be perfectly updated, in order to provide your perspective. If you are just getting started, you might want to consider some of the pre-built templates layouts for web pages. Each of them is user-friendly, versatile, and completely personalized. This will give you an idea of how to create your own online web shop store.


Eco Recycling

Many see the ecological motions as non-productive, something that prevents improvement. This deficiency of professionalism, reliability, can be balanced out by quality products such as Eco Recycling. Influence the globe that your perspective, and your cause, is effective and respectable. After all, what can be more important than having air to breathe? So how does Eco Recycling help you in that regard? First, all of the details in the globe cannot coordinate a direct experience. Be sure to check out the live preview that is available on the developer’s website.

This theme is handy, and that provides an advantage. No matter how legitimate a perspective is, spouting it over and over again is a sure way of offending potential followers. You also need to amuse, or at least present it in an awesome program, hence the need for such WordPress themes styles, and their great number of brief requirements, functions and add-ons. For example, the slider that is a part of Eco Recycling is more exciting that an ordinary one, due to the Parallax impact that it features. This makes the understanding of detail and 3D perspective while you scroll. Regardless of which function is described, the client can adjust every part.

You do not have to be good with computer systems, nor a technical professional. If the client operates a mouse and a key-board, he will be able to form his website bit by bit, until it suits the perspective that motivated its development. The items described Parallax impact is not unique to the sliders; it also is applicable to the site background.

All of the awesome functions in the globe are ineffective, if they cannot work on most gadgets. We must remember that smartphones and tablets are new components of technology, and they sometimes have incorporation difficulties with more set up method. Fortunately, this theme is responsive and retina ready, enabling for prime quality content and symbols icons on any display. A single simply click trial installation, over 100 brief short codes, and a revolution slider were also included.


RT-Theme 19

RT-Theme 19 is a quality, structured deign theme for WordPress that contains everything to make unique and professional green company related web site. It can improve business, company, product collection, profile, and services websites. It can also be used for property, schedule, rental-car, and resort tasks.

The RT-Theme 19, in addition to WooCommerce, can make the best online shops on the market. Be sure to access the theme trial, if you want to achieve the power of the personalization resources tool. There are many themes and routines demos involved in the standard program, and they can easily substitute your standard web page skin. Webpages can also be stylized using the Visual Composer device tool, or the Live Customizer. Either way, the result will look amazing.

RT-Theme 19’s best function is that it allows anyone to become an overnight professional. There is no coding or development knowledge required, thus starting the entrance for committed business owners and unskilled customers. The entire color shade scheme can be modified, and you may also change the font’ styles and background. This theme’s availability expands to a variety of gadgets devices. Many sites may feel resizing problems, as pages need to fit different display dimensions and solutions. Fortunately, RT-Theme 19 is completely responsive and able to display your items on mobile phones, tablets, and personal computer systems.


Mr. Tailor

Mr. Customize is a WordPress theme that can be easily personalized. Many people use this product to create awesome online shops and websites. You do not have to begin from the beginning, as Mr. Tailor’s installation procedure can transfer dummy data in order to get you started. Should you experience any problem; the practical support team can provide excellent advice. They are desperate to help, as they can guide you through the personalization procedure. As technology changes, your website must remain appropriate. Once the theme is purchased, clients will get access to a lifetime of 100 % free up-dates. A sequence of specific books and training videos are offered, telling new users and helping them to customize their page.

Many top quality premium WordPress plug-ins are included absolutely 100 % free. These include incredible Slider Revolution plug-in, and the amazing astounding Visual Composer. The personalization choices are comprehensive, as customers can art a website which fits their perspective. Font’s styles, color combinations and images can be personalized without the need to change the theme’s code. Your website will have an added part of detail, thanks to the amazing Parallax Segments. The causing search effect will be highly entertaining and powerful. By going to the Theme Options board, administrators can select a unique header structure layout style design.


Organic Life

As a community, if we are what we eat, then we must concentrate to our nourishment. Is it reducing quality of food to help make it less expensive, or the sad fact that the most destructive substances are often the most delightful, there is a public being overweight problem in most cultured nations? However, there is a backlash that is designed to advertise a healthier way of life and eating. If you wish to advertise and even take advantage of it, you need a strong web page. In many ways, an internet based website is even more effective than an actual physical shop, because no matter how excellent a shop is, it will devote a while to get to it. Time is not a component that many individuals have in variety, so there is a concrete market that can be utilized.

If you have selected WordPress 4.0, as your main on the internet system, you must also decide on an effective theme. Natural way of life is an excellent example of an item that controls to fit a certain market, without being limited when it comes to design and layout structure options. With Organic Life, the only thing that is pre-determined is that it is an eco-friendly WordPress theme. Any other possible part can be customized or changed at will. It is also ready for interpretation, enabling for many customers have fun with your content and service, even if they do not have English as their main language terminology. You don’t have to be a marketing professional in purchase to comprehend that many individuals equivalent more making prospective. Of course, working with a web an online shop store, developing the fantastic WooCommerce plug-in.

The theme is appropriate for WordPress 4.0, and an amazing Trend slider was also included. This allows the consumer to advertise special sales and provides without difficulty. In accessory for your more concrete item such as components or even recipes, you may also sustain a fascinating weblog. You will get to details why this way of life is the right way to go, and how one could do it. Overall this is a strong theme that should get your interest.



If you have a non-profit company and you want to purchase a theme that can help you to signify your opinions, be sure to give Environmental a try. The designers declare that it is a finish remedy, and any sincere customer would be prepared to believe them. It has a great drag and drop page builder designer builder, switching a complex function like web page developing, into a child’s activity. You do not need to an IT professional in order to take this off. When released from the pressure of having to regularly seek advice from guides, handling your own website can actually be quite enjoyable. You will not only get to do what you love, but you will also have fun doing it. There is well-known 3 step information applied, for those that need a little training.

This theme contains over 100 Google font styles, and many theme choices that permit you to cherry opt for the number of choices you like. Be sure to check out the live preview for more information. Nice-looking screenshots have also been made available. As earlier described this product is best suited for non-profit organizations that aim to offer comfort for creatures, you’ll preserve the atmosphere. A good theme is based on its capability to offer difference. Each image, publish and slider must be at your desire, and you feeling of creativity will be the only restrict. The functions do not have you to feedback short requirements or difficult layouts templates. All that is required are available in the drag and drop layouts templates.


The Retailer

The Retailer is among the most popular WooCommerce style themes for WordPress. You may use it to build awesome blogs, business and personal sites, on the internet shops and domain portfolios. Your clients will definitely appreciate the advanced level of details. For more information regarding the item and product set up procedure you can relate to theme documentation which includes most main reasons of this theme set up and personalization. It has plenty of video presentations and guides. If you experience any problem, the support can be easily approached. No question is too unimportant, as they are ready to help you through each step. The Retailer also has a couple of useful top quality plug-ins which is involved absolutely free. Create awesome slides using the Slider Revolution plug-in, and personalize your page with the Visual Composer.

Using this theme, clients may open an amazing web store that is sure to outperform its competitors. Setting up the Store is not difficult, as set up procedure can transfer dummy data similar to what can be seen on trial pages. No good theme will ever accept stagnation. With this device, clients can benefit from a large amount of up-dates, without having to pay late charges.



Nothing can be more fascinating and inspiring than understanding that your cause is a just one. But just because your heart is in the right place, it does not mean that you are exempt from the responsibility of introducing your thoughts in an eye-catching way. One of the most effective and efficient way is via the on the internet method, namely sites. There are hardly any legendary individuals, companies and companies in the world, that do not have an appropriate website. They do it because it works, and so should you.

In trying to make it more inviting and satisfactory, you should consider WordPress styles such as ECO Responsive Environment. Generally, this product is a selection of all features, plug-ins and short requirements that increases your possibilities of getting observed, and gaining a powerful viewership platform. There is also something relieving about getting the option to do whatever you want with your own web site. You will be able to choose its color shades, arrange the layout structure, and publish content material at will. This particular theme was designed after the developers have checked out the most powerful propensities on the market. It is generally flexible, although mainly targeted at companies or individuals that are championing a cause of ecological attention or creature privileges.
As it is with any cause, you will at some point depend on contributions. Fortunately, this theme combines Crowdfunding assistance, enabling for the wedding celebration of contribution in a safe, manageable environment. If you want to make up for those contributions by starting your own online web store, you can do that because of the Woocommerce plug-in.

Regardless of the route that you choose, be it contributions or commercialization, ECO Responsive Environment facilitates you in your effort. The framework structure of the theme is based on the popular Tweets Bootstrap, enabling your website the capability to show content material on any system, totally without any interface problems. An online internet marketing technique would be to effort to achieve wide viewers. However, not all individuals talk the same terminology, and that can be a problem. This particular theme has incorporated WPML assistance, so you can convert your web pages and content with convenience.
It comes with a schedule, unlimited color shade combinations, galleries exhibits, your blog site, group web pages and even a Layer Slider. It should be described that the web pages are enhanced for search engines. When individuals type particular search phrases associated with your area, your web website is much more likely to show up due to this marketing.


Organic Web Shop

If you are looking for a great WordPress eco theme which contains an endless color shade scheme and comprehensive design options, look no further than Organic Web Shop. The price of this theme is quite affordable, especially when you consider the $46 of 100 % free plug-ins that you can get. You will find that it will more than pay for itself in the long run. It is perfect for establishing your web store, motivating believes in in your prospective customers.

Due to the financial characteristics of this desire, a currency ripper was included, reducing the pain of determining out present currency prices. However, social interface is not on a currency. Language Terminology can also be an important hurdle, one that must be approved if you wish to have a wider client platform. Fortunately, Organic Web Shop provides multilingual assistance, features that can consist of translations of your posts, so that non-English discussing viewers can surf what you have to offer. After all, the internet is the only method that has the prospective to have a true international industry.

If you wish to make an educated decision regarding the theme that you are about to purchase, consider watching their live preview, along some with some 100 % free screenshots that they have published. You also have the choice to see the developer’s website, or adhere to their action on THEMEFOREST. For the experts of the WordPress group, the phrase WooCommerce will not be an international one. It is a flexible and convenient plug-in, why are web stores possible. It’s not that it is your best choice for professional plug-ins, but people believe in it.

Your guests will be more likely to buy things from your site, if you are WooCommerce allowed. A discussion board was involved, and although it can be a little more slowly than a primary email or speech immediate assistance line, it gets the job done. It should be described that this theme is completely responsive. Your material can be shown in top quality on smartphones, tablets and PC, without any recognizable loss of running time or quality.



Gaea is an eco-friendly WordPress design theme that provides a group of useful functions, concerned with your website’s possibilities of achievements on the competitive industry. It uses the impressive Tweets Bootstrap 3.2 framework structure, a fact that allows it complete responsiveness, the ability of adjusting to any device. This may seem very common these days, but we must take into account that proper cellular mobile phones have only appeared lately. Conventional sites have issues with these mobile phones and pills, and the complete responsiveness function resolves that. Gaea is slightly prices, especially given the frustrating amount of content and advancement that it provides. It even goes the one step further and gives you a revolution slider that is worth $18, for free.

A reliable friend of the WordPress professional group, the WooCommerce plug-in has also been allowed for Gaea, enabling for the organization of great online shops safely. If you wish, you may also allow PayPal contributions for your website. Recently, an occasion signing up function was allowed, improving the business ability of any webmaster. The treatment relies upon of which path you want to take in advertising your cause. You may select to create a business or private website, developed to produce benefit. Or you may select the non-profit business structure, depending on contributions and marketing income. Regardless, Gaea has the abilities necessary for your growth and achievements.

This eco-friendly WordPress design concept theme will never be completed, and that is the best thing. For as long as you select to have it set up, you will benefit from useful up-dates that are developed to improve your experience, and adjust its functions to the ever modifying industry. In addition, more home-page template design styles and new header style option will also be included. It should be described that an HTML edition was involved as well, and it can be quickly downloadable as well. The support line associates will be instant to answer any question regarding their service, and provide useful tips for town. On the visual aspects, the style choice is stunning, and you should get a lot of supporters for that reason alone. The case schedule can be in fantastic, complete size quality, and there are 2 main layout structure options. Each example can seem in either boxed or complete full screen settings.


Eco Nature

Eco Nature is an environment and atmosphere WordPress theme that can help you create a remarkable website. The final objective of this product is to aid those that wish to maintain natural balance and fresh up the atmosphere. Thanks to a great variety of short rule choices and excellent design functions, unlimited solution choices are provided. The profile choices are different, as you get to pick design that you choose, along with a Masonry puzzle, grids, and layouts templates and paddings. It should also be described that for those that are looking for an ideal way of introducing their eco-friendly content material, several Venture publish post types and Customized Information are available.

Due to all of these functions, the range of use for Eco nature is awesome. You are able to create powerful pages for wild animal’s maintenance fundraising events, natural life tasks, maintenance motions or member sites of the Green Earth Company. This is all due to some awesome plug-ins, causing is flexibility, efficiency and responsiveness. The theme has a customized Super Mega Menu Selection Plug-in, a part slider, and a quality revolution slider, all of which were involved for free, despite their expensive nature. This skin is expertly reinforced, RTL-ready, and it allows you to convert your posts. Indeed, looking after about the Earth is worldwide, and in an activity that depends on extensive assistance, this interpretation function is more important than one might think.

In order to achieve the respectable objective of natural maintenance, sometimes contributions are required. On a small of macro range, you will need assistance. If you think that having a pet is expensive, try building a pet protection. Realizing this, the developers, designers have added functions that can aid you in gathering contributions securely, and effectively. This will be possible through PayPal. The variety of causes has a meta-theme, but the facts are different. From advertising fresh energy to fighting local deforestation, your web page will need to present the important points. Given the great variety of functions, the theme is reasonably priced. Check out their live preview material for more information.



Ecobox is a WordPress theme that is completely responsive, as it can work on any web browser, and any system. It is retina ready, and can show some amazing, high quality symbols on mobile displays. This flexibility comes from its Tweets Bootstrap layout structure. Your client will be able to surf with style, thanks to the Trend Revolution that was involved. Ecobox also offers WPML assistance, a function that indicates the interpretation of your posts in a variety of different languages. So what is Ecobox for?

It is particularly targeted at any sites that aim to enhance environment, clean energy, or even sensible food and living. Regardless if your objective contains starting a small online store or simply gathering assistance for a deserving cause, Ecobox definitely has your back. It provides 2,3,4 line profile layouts templates for content, 6 layouts templates for home web pages, 5 blog web pages, and a contact website form. The attributes is too long to record here; however, there is a live preview on the theme’s website, along with some useful screenshots. You will be able to form a good impact, and then create an advised decision based on what you learn from them.

The Redux theme options create it very easy for you to handle and modify your own website, without resorting to web design guides or outside help. Even though you are not a technical smart person, Ecobox can be easily sailed by anyone. Currently, there are over 45 amazing short codes, and some trial content material that is sure to keep you seeking more. Some other features include Font’s amazing symbols icons, PSD files, multi-language assistance, and many other amazing improvements.


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