Top 17 Dark WordPress Themes To Make Your Website To Look Serious and Professional Design

Elegance is in the eye of the observer, says the sage. Yet some beauties are apparently worldwide in their appeal; the sensitive features of an angel, the perfect balance of natural ratios, and especially, the attractiveness with the deeper aspects.

In this day and age, technology and ever improving screen technological innovation shower us in a near long lasting quantity of sunshine and shiny color shades. Among the seizure of chromes apparitions, a controlling is in order. In effect, a startling scheme can ignite pragmatism in any full of mansions in a progressively populated, stunning sky. Cue layer. Lighting is out. And then… they stay that way. Night has come upon the field, juxtaposed strongly against this spectrum backdrop; mild is thrown upon the black areas, and they become ever more wonderful for it. Type in the Dark WordPress themes styles set. These themes are marked and serious in any that needs chilly leads. Smooth and eye-catching, these stylish themes design styles will dress your website to be the woman of the football, because we all know that black, never goes out of style!

After choosing one of these WordPress Dark Themes, you will need a self-hosted WordPress website in order to use it.

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  4. Install Your Theme: Now for the fun part. Choose your favourite theme from this list and follow these directions on how to install it.

Candy is a sophisticated, elegant WordPress concept design theme, designed with the needs of creativeness related website needs, which range from photography organizations to independent illustrators or continuous tasks, it is a theme that will have the viewers with their lips irrigating for the refined visual success of Candy’s included design types. Equivalent parts creative and professional, Candy is a concept fit for a designer. Candy is both single website and multi-page, and working with Bootstrap 3, it can be easily used for business reasons, profile exposition, personal use, commercial organizations, or devoted one website sites to tasks, events and the like.

Its website parallax scrolling technology makes for an dynamic navigational encounter, one which can participate in to enhanced excellence on any number of devices, from tablets and cell mobile phones to laptop computers and pc PCs, and any aspect rate, thanks to Candy’s sensitive style, which instantly rearranges the shown structure of your content to suit the method it is considered on, giving each guest an ideal encounter.

Incorporated SEO friendly resources and features will both improve your speed and agility in terms of page-rank, as well as provide systematic resources for identifying and analyzing your website’s strong points and productivity. The clean and smooth style of this concept design theme is only beaten by the extremely devoted customer care, of which numerous pleased customers have verbal so highly of. You’ve got things to say. So let this theme turn them into eye Candy.


Lumos is a modern, eye-catching, eye-catching WordPress theme, built with the needs of this era’s creative organizations and freelance workers in particular, though so versatile it is in fact ideal for multi-purpose websites, whether individual or multi-page in structure.

Lumos’ many different visual styles range from the simple to the classy, but all share one commonality; an outstanding flavor. Accessible and easy to use, Lumos comes with the Visual Composer Page Builder Designer, for drag and drop live modifying performance and ease. Straight and horizontally headers complement dark and light styles to increase your customization choices. Responsive across all gadgets cellular and otherwise, this eye-catching, elegant theme can be set up with individual click, functions personalized images, unique profile tools, and top of the line client care service, around time, to go along with the specific, thorough documentation, such as short code performance and much more.

Multilingual assistance, several client contact types natively reinforced, custom stylized social networking sharing control buttons, lots of Retina-ready symbols icons that look stunning on cellular phones, profile content with rich design choices and SEO friendly functions around the board, Lumos’ flat style design is a fabric for a smorgasbord of customization. Lumos is super-fast and lighting in its style design theme.


Archi is a sophisticated and elegant, stylish and delicate, successfully enhanced and technically accomplished, practical and greatly responsive WordPress internal planning web design theme template. Archi is an elegant theme that has the ample strength and soft flexibility to easily offer itself to a whole number of diverse web page applications and archetypes, ranging from personal domain portfolios or blogs to corporate app features or small company sites, but that has been exclusively and created to be a full-featured tool set for website owners seeking to establish an online home for their internal planning and design company sites.

Archi is an easy to use theme that includes the Visual Composer plug-in for simple web page building and structure personalization, and it has been packed along with 7 different selection menu styles, 6 different Home-page templates layouts, solid or clear headers, the Revolution Slider premium plug-in, unlimited possible mixtures of templates and colors, and tons of convenient and useful pre designed, ready-made web themes, including a One Page trial edition, a Coming Soon web page for incomplete segments, a Landing Page edition for redirecting traffic from other sources, promotion strategies or promotions, and out of the box WooCommerce incorporation, so you can easily be promotion your products directly to your audience from day one, after a structured, windy one click installation process. Go with Archi today!


Minimalize is a smart, smooth and modern WordPress theme, designed for multiple reasons, with an individual web page format presented in six included demo routines and a further two versions, corresponding to Light and Dark themes.

Website owners from all parts of society can immediately improve their project websites with this highly effective, moderate WordPress theme. An improved Page Designer Builder allows for personalized web page structure construction with a simple, user-friendly drag & drop interface.

Standard home pages can include beautiful side menu choices, glide over menu choices, fully vertical menu routing, background less floating menu choices, a header you can toggle in and out, the effective Revolution Slider and Layer resources, all powered by full HTML5 interface, making your individual web page website powerful, entertaining and responsive beyond belief, having no battle making your content in devices of any ilk, from pills to laptop computers, from cell phones to pc PCs, Minimalize performs nice with all.

With Minimalize, appearance is the name of the game, each trial carefully crafted to be an impressive, professional looking design template for any website. Flexible, highly effective social networking, comments and registration resources vanish from a user’s sight with the brush of a suggestion. Typeface Fonts Awesome abilities create using symbol icons styles simple and fast, saving on loading time considerably.

A website store end allows you to market your products right off your website out of the box, swooping zoom capability out introduction effects will keep users involved, icons, widgets and short codes will create simpler and your programming time shorter. All in all, Minimalize takes the felt out of building a website!


Porto is a flexible, all-encompassing, sensitive multi-purpose WordPress theme, built to the latest requirements of technology and design. Porto looks and feels current and ongoing, while also refined and professional. With thousands upon many personalized modifications, Porto is a topic where all sites can benefit from implementing it immediately. Feature-rich and dense with options, Porto is flexible to your wishes, with many and a multitude of website designs included out of the box, all designed with a careful thought that provides a put-together, cogent visual across both Dark and Light theme demonstrations.

Multiple website designs exist for eCommerce allowed shops; home web pages, contact web pages, and anything you could possibly think of, all delivered in full HTML5 and CSS3 animated cartoon wonder. Three dozen custom elements for website page builder, Master menu Selection and Slider addition for enhanced navigation, fully responsive cross-platform performance, single website templates layouts, powerful social networking discussing incorporation, unlimited mixtures of headers, slider, bar, menu and content structure designs, RTL ready, Ajax front end allowed, multilevel drop down choices, sticky headers, and an incredibly practical administration panel come together with native seo and plug-in interface, blog and profile layouts templates, endless font styles and colors, extensive documentation, around the clock top of the line customer care service, Porto is a design theme for sites taking themselves seriously.


Severn is a charming, easy WordPress theme to look at, regardless of how, or where, you may look at it. Designed as the final responsive WordPress blog theme design, Severn is built for enhanced display on tablets, cell mobile phones, laptop computers and pc PCs of all aspect percentages real and unreal.

Flexible and highly effective, there is no amount of flexing that can break Severn’s highly effective smart responsive structure capabilities. This is a topic for website owners with heterogeneous viewers, where the method is regularly being changed, and you need a site that regularly adjusts right back.

Presenting several post types reinforced, ten personalized widgets, icons and a whole set of short requirements can create building your web page an easy, fulfilling task that you can achieve within minutes. Multi-column templates layouts let you organize your content so it is best suited for the proportionate attention you wish to throw on different parts of your site. Extremely enhanced page running rates of speed thanks to efficient CSS3 design with image less templates and a simple bone fragments approach to JavaScript. Thousands of font styles and colors to choose from complete with social networking information incorporation for making your visitors feel at home right away. The bi-modal Light and Dark styles let you completely change the visual tone of your web page with the film of a change, quite basically. Severn is the master of easy, mutable styles themes.


Stamford is an elegant, flexible, super-fast WordPress theme preferably suited for innovative photography or profile websites, though readily personalized with a simple Visual Composer Page Builder Designer version focused on your specific structure needs.

Stamford is mild, simple just a piece of cake overall. With this theme, you are simple instants away from building the professional, elegant, brilliant innovative web page of your dreams. Such as Light and Dark concept design versions, Stamford has been built with innovative marketing technologies for considerably faster running times, making your web page feel in existence and sensitive to the users and increasing your performance, guaranteeing you only spend some time and data transfer usage providing your precious content. Stamford is extra simple to manage, with very powerful, simple Administration panel choices and tools, multiple theme choices, and full HTML5 assistance, shown in stunning YouTube, Movie or regionally organized HTML5 video background assistance, as well as amazing, Retina ready, sleek animated graphics.

Unlimited galleries exhibits and domain portfolios that can be strained and explored via Ajax front-end combine with incredibly responsive, mobile friendly features, run action marketing out of the box, including float purpose recognition and an innovative, top rated consumer experience. Yet nothing is as powerful about Stamford as its loads of creativeness, and the endless possibilities it offers website owners for presenting their own creativeness.


Maddux is a strong and confident information journal WordPress theme, built with the needs of large material submission and large users list sites that need to connect their concept to very large and various census, and need to do so in an over saturated industry, where their speech needs to not only stand out, but do so decisively and with power.

Maddux utilizes developer designer layouts, personalized web page layouts templates, colors and font styles that immediately transfer the separated detachment of medical or traditional information publications as well as the fascinating enjoyment of surprising splitting information. The cautious balance of professionalism, reliability, and honest jaw-dropping value is well obtained in each design provided, and the involved web page building tools assurance easy modifying of these to fit your needs. Specialized market information publications will benefit especially from Maddux, as its reliable, matter-of-fact overall tone and structure, along with its online search engine indexation marketing, means your sites will spider up the page ranks at an impressive rate.

Presented material carousel rides will keep your viewers involved and you’re every web page powerful and entertaining, while a fully responsive design will provide your material in its entire Retina elegance on every device and system capable of obtaining it. If they go online, they’ll be able to see you, and see you well lay out. HTML5 and CSS3 innovative technology keeps your website up to date and looking fresh and modern. Maddux is a theme that allows you to set the overall tone of all discussions.


Metis is a hyper-modern, clean cut, shiny and mild WordPress theme, presenting an award-winning visual design that is an ideal coordinate for innovative website owners from all parts of society, building websites which range from personal domain portfolios to online studio room exhibits and publications. Metis is usually stylish and moderate in every use possible. Featuring one website mild and dark editions and multi-page method in both traditional and complete full screen surfing around encounters, Metis converts to match your visual needs with little effort and with a local responsiveness that guarantees your website is experienced across systems with no interface issues.

Retina-ready out of the box, Metis looks incredibly wonderful, and seems professional and refined. With several visual effects such as zoom capability out intros, HTML5 and YouTube video background scenes, 3D Layer results, Parallax results and Parallax scrolling in both one website page and multipage editions, 8 fully personalized routines demos.

Metis has the products to take you where you want to go, and make sure you look good getting there. Highly effective profile organizing resources, comprehensive short requirements to allow easy managing of awesome resources and features with basic programming and drag & drop skills, a complete documentation supported with an effective, rapid customer care team that will stop at nothing to help you, SEO marketing, personalized preloaders. Metis is one theme that will leave your viewers in awe.


Vigor is a fresh-faced, extremely visible, attractive WordPress theme, fit for sites of all nature, with a penchant for sites with a very conceptual marketing image or leitmotif. Vigor talks the loudest when it whispers, as its number of different routines continually display; humble while extremely effective, versatile yet easily recognizable, Vigor is an exclusively subjective, refreshingly beautiful theme. Vigor is dependent on circulating your posts in the most creatively classy manner, with several unique website layouts to match the different needs that several purpose sites can experience.

Seductively is key, and Vigor’s elegant, apparently limitless headers and sliders, fully personalized to your heart’s material, easily move out of the way when not in use, respond to users hanging in a variety ways, and easily animate upon release or conversion, thanks to extremely effective HTML5 and CSS3 allowed code. The included Visual Composer helps implementing these wonderful resources with simple drag & drop performance into any pre-existing structure, or even creating your own layouts templates design from the beginning and saving them for future use.

Video background in pages and segments, anchor bolts and difficult performance for one website sites, full cross-platform responsive design, Vigor really is exploding at the joints with extremely effective resources for sites of every type and market possible. WooCommerce incorporation enables store features of any sort, and will have you earning money minutes out of the box. Trial sites can be implemented with single click, just like the installation process itself. Retina allowed, Vigor is ready to bedazzle high-definition shows with amazing visual effects. Vigor is a topic that really features an impact.


Homa is a light-spirited, brightly-lit WordPress theme best suited for house design, photography or simply family-oriented or family-dedicated websites. With its simple visible statements and highly hierarchized visible style, ideal for presenting large, vibrant images, Homa is a theme design template that makes you sense a sweet sense of appreciation for the past combined with deeply comforting comfort. You can easily and easily set up your site, display your work in material galleries, construct elaborate lists and tables of material of all sorts with simple drag and drop techniques, take advantage of geo location functions, social networking incorporation control buttons, contact forms, and even set up your online store in a jiffy!

Beautiful, grateful animated graphics can help create your site come alive, with extensive hovering effects and transition effects in place. Multiple layout options, from single site to different profile type arrangements are available out of the box, providing you a multitude of possible mixtures of designs styles. Mix and match widgets, animated graphics, icons and web page designs to easily build the best possible web page for your every need. Multi-column management abilities are included, as are functions such as slideshows, entertaining choices, and personalized sidebars. No matter what you’re looking for, this is one theme that’ll experience right at house.


Rhythm is an all-around top-notch, considerably mutable, incredibly practical WordPress theme, prepared out of the Bootstrap as a multi-purpose one and multi-page catch-all of a topic. Innovative, commercial, business, personal, and news magazines, there is not an internet based project that does not benefit from Rhythm when they media down on that one click set up.

With a huge 45+ demos routines and growing, there is hardly a business structure or web page style Rhythm hasn’t well designed into a work of art, or several, as the case may be. Many of included templates layouts for blogs, domain portfolios and stores make life considerably easier. Over a hundred mixtures of header and sidebar versions are available, with HTML5 making them into sleek, powerful components.

Stylized Revolution Slider and Visual Composer are all commercially prepared, with a White/Dark selection version option, thorough on the internet documentation, two moment set up, versatile concept choices, all kinds of navigational benefits for your consumer experience, such as background-playing local-hosted HTML5 video, moving content on set pictures, squeeze landing pages, journal routines, photography routines, limitless structure choices and selection versions, all in all, it is hard to think of a site need that Rhythm cannot cover, out of the box.

SEO prioritization is allowed by standard, improving your web existence from day one, built and modified with the newest technological innovation. With a super speed customer care service, there really is no room for an artificial pas with Rhythm.


Kinetika is an incredibly creatively significant and amazing, brilliant and extensive, eye-catching and greatly interesting, tech-savvy and fast-loading, contemporary and graphically committed sensitive WordPress complete display photography web page theme. Kinetika is a versatile and easily convenient web page that has been designed as a powerful and contemporary remedy for photography lovers, photojournalists, travel reporters or personal photo blog writers that want an attractive and simple treatment for their photography web site needs.

Kinetika has been dolled up with useful and convenient features to handle high quality, eye-catching visual content like pictures and video with powerful collection and profile choices to display your material in the state-of-the-art templates layouts and demonstrations possible, with innovative plants and Masonry choices as well as top of the line, amazing and immersive complete display abilities across the board, making Kinetika a theme where your viewers can truly be in awe of your pictures without any disruptions and with an optimized focus and enveloping customer navigational experience.

Kinetika is a true giant of a theme, with a dark style that provides a great comparison for your photography and video clips and an simple to use and user-friendly set of advanced Theme Options within the Administration Panel Board for you to make it your own. Start moving, with Kinetika!


Pressroom is a modern, highly personalized WordPress information and journal theme, fit for utilization of by information and journal sites of all sorts. It is user-friendly and has a very light learning bend, strengthening website owners to create professional looking, entertaining, and eye-catching sites with little persistence investment. Pressroom does all the hard work. A powerful drags & drop live manager allows your writers and directors to improve a page’s structure in a simple, user-friendly user interface. Many structure choices helps implementation of several personalized preparations, such as wide, boxed, layered, padded, and plenty more choices, which can be further changed to infinity.

Preextant themes are reinforced with the child theme feature, reducing changes as most as possible, and giving you all the tools and efficiency of Pressroom as soon as you complete the one click set up, clocking in at two moments on average. WooCommerce incorporation means you are moments away from marketing your products out of your own web store. Multiple flip functions can be easily consisting into attractive templates layouts, which are responsive to user device choice, presenting cellular helpful presented content carousel rides and other personalized cellular helpful functions for your phone and product visitors. Pressroom seems current, powerful and boasting, thanks to HTML5 and CSS3 performance. Pressroom will keep your information journal steaming hot.


Iva is an easy to set up, innovative, creatively eye-catching WordPress multi-purpose individual web page theme fit for the needs of a new creation. Iva is Retina-ready out of the box, and after posting your own pictures and text, your website is prepared to go, thanks to Iva’s several expertly developed, top quality themes, which can be provided in both Light and Dark concept design editions.

Not surprisingly, unlimited color options are available for further personalization beyond creativity. Iva is ideal for individuals and businesses such as organizations, companies, freelance workers, companies, exhibits, fitness center, leisurely features, special tasks, and a veritable cornucopia of possible uses.

Iva is flexible and will fold to your every will, while integrating full responsive design to display properly on every screen your users happen to visit on and to truly provide all visitors, Iva is fully converted into seven ‘languages’, information included. Iva has been developed around ease of use. From individual click set up and user-friendly web page development and version connections to simple, drag & drop add-on features such as online community incorporation, MailChimp Newsletter Publication types, live Tweets nourishes and many additional functions can be easily utilized with little stress or programming required. Should programming be necessary, specific documentation is easily available, along with SEO marketing functions to improve your earnings, an effective Administration board and annotated program code? , Iva places the power in your hands, but provides all the pressure itself.


Huntington is a responsive, Retina-ready WordPress concept theme built to match the needs of creative and commercial sites as well, with a very clean, refined design that is meant to display, rather than disturb. Writer profile sites, production domain portfolios, human skills and corporate head tracking sites, and a variety other possible website owners can are excellent use of this silently amazing, beautifully modest theme.

Several different web page types are easily available, presenting galleries exhibits, slideshows, blog, contact, video web pages, project web pages, and plenty more, all of them personalized to your specific needs via an substantially annotated, easily accessible code, along with an in depth certification. Packaging an Ajax front end, team templates layouts, numerous, creatively stunning animated graphics and float effects that will surely create your visible content glow shiny. A simple user interface keeps attention based on the graphics, making for an unforgettable, easy to get around consumer experience.

SEO optimization is in place to improve every area of your website’s Page Rank in search results, coming up you more traffic, more opinions, and larger exposure, which is really what it’s all about. Comprehensive social media networking incorporation guarantees your existence expands beyond the limits of your own web page, while HTML5 and CSS3 bring your web page strongly to the innovative of web technological innovation. A simple switch program will easily change your website’s pictures to complete high-definition (Retina) method, for your users to please in. Huntington is the theme that shutters all feelings but the sight of your site.


EOS is a specific, highly innovative WordPress app web website concept theme, built specifically for satisfying the needs of website owners operating applications in need of an app website, as well as squeeze web landing pages for out soon applications, software or services of all kinds. Elegant, hip and modern templates and design designs are easily available to have your beautiful Landing Page launched and established within minutes of the single click installation.

Two different background ways complement Light and Dark editions and eight predetermined chromatic accessories, plus a reward pre-launch Landing Page are all involved, as are mockups of cellular phones to easily display screenshots of your app for your customers. All possible required web pages involved, such as contact, about, costs data and social networking incorporated discussing performance. Design is natively responsive, generating computerized alternative templates layouts for maximum navigational experience, whether are arriving from a cell phone, a tablet, a laptop or a pc PC, EOS provides your content easily to the intended viewers.

Complete with form management system plug-in interface and registration publication features, EOS lets you build personalized, significant squeeze web landing pages with no hassle and little effort, with amazing, refined results in shiny Retina high-definition wonder. EOS is a theme for app designers and developers who know where they are going.


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