15 Amazing CrossFit WordPress Themes For Communities, Gyms and Fitness Clubs In 2016

Without a question, the technical trend is the top gemstone of individual accomplishment. We have gained the ability to connect immediately, and venture pictures and appear to be at the speed of light. But these almost godlike capabilities come at a certain cost. It used to be the case that the entire inhabitants used to play a role actually to the economic system. A majority of tasks and projects would need extreme work or training, with only a few scholarly activities that was standing as exclusions. With only individual and creature muscular to power the world, the bodies were forced to their boundaries.

Nowadays, only a few actions need extreme attempt, because devices can do all of the hard work. Strolling for kilometers used to be a regular schedule, now they are recognized as activities similar to long haul marathons. Even the responsibility of intense computation has been raised, due to the coming of computer systems. Of course, these changes are not adverse things; it’s just that the body’s still need to be involved. Try as we might to exceed our lowly situation, our health and even our peace of mind is reliant on keeping a good strength. Even actions that need attempt have very limited activity styles, ignoring most muscular tissue and stressing others. The need for a better disciplined life is apparent, given that in many designed countries, diabetic issues and being overweight are the most important murderers. On a more positive observe, these are entirely preventable and minimal for most people. In fact, the fitness group is an ever growing enterprise, whose passion and passion are as apparent as they are unquestionable.

Despite the use of the fitness activity, its positions avoid consistency, as there are plenty of healthy designs and work out designs that people follow. One of the most legendary is CrossFit, which has transcended it, source as a work out viewpoint, and has become a competitive game in itself. If you wish to enhance such something, or perhaps just need to have fun with the trend, the first practical step would be to set up a proper web site, By far, this method’s efficiency is remarkable, given the low cost and extended reach of the on the internet method.

Sharing tips and suggesting new workouts, or perhaps just establishing conferences with other fanatic is facilitated. You would very impress how something that started out as a health requirement could become an ongoing interest. There are currently approximately 5000 CrossFit-specific fitness center in the U.S. Declares, and over 10,000 on a global range. That being said, nobody will ever visit your site if the material is dull and not exciting.

Thankfully, there are many on the internet systems that can not only variety your page, they can also support a powerful group of concept developers. WordPress is one of these circumstances, given its world-wide reputation and its highly available content material. It makes an equivalent stage, where large organizations and area shops can associate. As soon as you can find a tempting WordPress theme, you can set up your web site and go up to the top of search engine results.

Let’s take a look at some of the best CrossFit WordPress themes:

After choosing one of these WordPress Cross-fit Themes, you will need a self-hosted WordPress website in order to use it.

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  3. Install WordPress: At some hosts you have to manually install WordPress. Not at Bluehost. Just log into your dashboard and click the install button and everything is take care of for you.
  4. Install Your Theme: Now for the fun part. Choose your favourite theme from this list and follow these directions on how to install it.

GYM sport
Gym is a flexible and flexible WordPress theme that uses a simple yet stylish style. As its name indicates, it objectives gym and fitness site, although its functions allows it enough flexibility so it can fit any part or action market. This skin has a filterable profile and an information web page, along with responsive time table web pages that show information regarding sessions. There is even a map location feature that reveals you where the gym is, and a contact page is added. It should be observed that the trial contains some pre-made pictures, but they should only be handled as illustrations, as they are part of the customers that created them.

The retina show assures interface with good quality displays, displaying sharp high-definition symbols icons with ease. The functions are not only concentrated on performance, there are also several color presets to choose from, leading to a higher degree of visual customization. The designers, developers pleasure themselves in exploring the specific needs of their customers, and offering sufficient alternatives and ensuring an ideal experience. For example, Gym contains the Front end drag and drop web page designer device tool. Normally, this would increase the cost by at least 25$, but they provide it absolutely free. Using it, you will be provided endless control over design of this informative article, web pages and event planning.

This theme can also be converted in several different languages, given the WPML certification. You will be able to focus on a broader range of demographics, and not just English-Speaking customers. In addition to the $25 lower price for the site designer, Gym also contains the impressive Revolution slider which costs $19. With this plug-in, the only thing that can possibly restrict your slides is your creativity. Go insane and research with all possible options. It should be observed that combination web browser issue is gone, given that this theme works with most popular internet web browsers.


If you are looking for an outstanding WordPress design theme that is completely designed for keep fit and gym sites, look no further than Sports & Life. Its design is extremely purpose-oriented, such as a unique function that functions like your own time desk. Using it, you will be able to monitor your routine, situations, instructors, new content, recommendations, opinions and individual web pages. Developing and applying such a theme can confirm troublesome; because you have to make sure that it works on the frustrating variety of gadgets that are available. That capability to operate on all systems is known as full responsiveness, and it allows the customer a higher level of flexibility and it immediately enhances or triples the potential viewers.

The theme options are comprehensive, and very easy to handle. This set improves functionality, as the designers, developers understand that not all of their clients will be designers. The key to availability is not only to provide your theme with technological advantages; it also demands convenience for the customer. Generally, if you are able to kind and use a computer, you will be able to installation your amazing Health and fitness and sports website. It should be described that no clarity or resolution quality will be reduced when the content is considered on cellular systems.

However, all of these useful features would be ineffective without a powerful Search Engine Optimization Marketing development. Most people know very few website details by heart. When they want to discover a website, they simply types in their recommended search engine. In turn, that engine objectives search phrases and determines an order of concern. Without a powerful SEO theme, only your own friends and individuals your family will be able to discover your web page. Fortunately, Sports & Life is enhanced and ready for use.


When you make a dedication to health and fitness, you must understand that working out often needs aspirations, reliability and determination. If your web page is suggesting such a respectable desire, you cannot manage to be enacted upon by a poor web page. Fortunately, the Workout WordPress theme is all you need to make a web page that can motivate both yourself, and your clients or visitors.

On a more realistic observe, this skin will let you show appropriate information such as the identification of your gym’s instructors, WOD’s, instructors, and programs. Thanks to the useful Woocommerce plug-in, you will also be able to commercialize your item, producing additional money. Given that WordPress records are 100 % free, and this theme costs only $58, it will more than pay for itself. You take a position to acquire a lot, as the quality theme can increase the value of your web page, significantly. See the Workout live preview and the pre-built web page templates layouts as you learn more about building the best on the internet information. It should be described that this device originated by a Top level writer.

If you ever experience an issue with your purchase, regardless of its characteristics, the designers, developers offer a full support service. In addition, if you experience any hang-ups during setup process, there is an informative on the internet papers available for 100 % free. Currently, the concept is at its 1.1.12 edition, and more up-dates are sure to come. This is an ever-growing item that guarantees to consistently enhance itself. It is suitable and ready for WordPress 4.1+, and it contains innovative program performance, common bugs are consistently removed and the slider has obtained an auto-play operate. Their design options are validated by the fact that Workout is designed particularly for CrossFit and fitness and health. There are customized publish types, specific for the niche market.


If you are looking for an amazing theme with an excellent design, look no further than JustFit. It is SEO ready, ensuring that your content will be presented on the top website of search engine results. If your website is devoted to fitness and a healthier lifestyle, JustFit is the theme for you! It is very convenient and fully responsive. Your website may be used by customers with tablets and smartphones. The multilingual assistance can remove any language hurdle, ensuring that every line can be converted. This theme is not restricted to a single page website. As your business develops and your client base diversifies, you can add it to other sites. Users can depend on the Discussion board for quality information. If a problem cannot be settled, the team is willing to help.

Creativity is inspired by this theme. Personalization is very easy, thanks to the Options Board. The Photoshop PSD information may be used in order to change the theme’s styles or rule. You are free to add most third party plug-ins, but they are not protected by the assistance system. This product is structured to excellence. Your pages can be designed in an almost no time, thanks to the Drag & Drop segments. In addition, you do not need to modify the rule of coding while including or putting in order segments.

Customers appreciate a website with fast running times. It brings to a better experience for customers, motivating them to return. Your website will surprise visitors with its speed. The sliders are very useful, as they can properly display your articles and content. JustFit is AdSense enhanced, causing in more ad income for the owner of the website. Small details can improve your page’s attraction. A wonderful 3D pop can be seen while company is scrolling, due to the Parallax scrolling effect.


Although it is not specific for any particular game or niche market, GetFit targets websites that enhance cook. It is a multi-purpose WordPress skin, based on the popular Tweets Bootstrap framework structure. It is also extremely responsive, as you content material and website can be accesses from any system, pc or otherwise. Smartphone and product client now get to enjoy the same experience without functions or abilities. This comprehensive design choice is shown in the Touch and Swipe ability that GetFit has involved.

The designers, developers have really gone the one step further when it comes to useful content material, as they have handled the problem of telling the client, on three methodologies. First we have the live preview, enabling the potential client to play around with the functions, personalization options, and obtain an overall evaluation of what is on offer. Second, it provides a lot of explanation records. Far from being an easy guide, this function tries to get ready the consumer for any ultimate problem, and even move him through the installation process. Which bring us to our third and last oblique support function, the training video clips? Highly useful, these easy video clips allow for a more” displaying and telling” strategy towards increasing attention.

The theme also comes with a large scheme of colors and customized widgets, icons, and even a free RevSlider. The programming allows for full interpretation functions, enabling you to achieve viewers that would have otherwise been unattainable. The group reaction seems quite positive, and its moderate price is more than validated, given the incredible quality.


Athlete Fitness
Athlete Fitness is a completely creatively attractive and stunning, deeply engaging and wonderfully efficient, modern and trendy, functionally rich and very complete featured, technologically innovative and resourceful, innovative and professional, serious and dynamic responsive WordPress fitness, gym and sports web design theme. Athlete Fitness is a concept theme designed with the raw energy and complete flexibility to easily muscle the demands of a whole number of diverse web page needs and requirements, but that has been specifically and uniquely powered for maintenance websites of an athletic nature.

With a ton of technological energy under the bonnet, including premium plugins like the Visual Composer, Master Slider, EventOn, Full Occasion Calendar and Occasion Detail, Athlete Fitness is wholly ready to handle all sorts of cross fit events you can come up with, and prepared to bring individuals together under the flag of athleticism and healthy exercising. With an integrated and efficient Health and fitness Class and Trainers management system, Athlete Fitness is a natural fit for crossfit sportsmen, sportsmen studios and gyms and pretty much every organization or individuals with a strong focus on building their bodies through intensive exercises across a variety of locations and environments. Try Athlete Fitness today, and take off!


Gym & Fitness
Gym & fitness WordPress theme is an innovative and strong concept theme developed specifically for crossfit. This theme is carefully created to help gym and fitness gyms make easily make a web page in an instant. It’s completely responsive layout structure adapts efficiently to almost all kinds of devices and screen sizes to ensure that your target guests get the optimum watching experience no matter what kind of device they prefer to use. It’s understandable theme choices make theme personalization really enjoyable. This theme offers countless color choices to help you get the web design that suits your brand identity.

Gym & fitness WordPress theme comes with 4 customized post kinds and endless widget areas so you can straight build different pages for the classes or exercise program, about page, account, blog and a lot more. This theme allows you to display a satisfactory costs table for all account programs so guests could see the services and programs you offer. Additionally, the ‘Join the Class’ feature helps you produce more leads. This theme also includes customized social discussing control buttons so users could share your content material straight from your site. Gym & fitness is completely compatible with WooCommerce so setting up a web store and selling crossfit and sports related products is very feasible with this theme. This design theme is child theme ready to make sure that you will never miss any future themes up-dates.


This is a CrossFit WordPress theme that has a lot of care, over the course of its life expectancy. The benefits of great Word Press themes is that there will never be any edition, as the developers regularly try to enhance and outshine their past work. GymBase’s wonderful, simple style looks awesome on tablets or smartphones, as it is completely responsive.

The homepage slider is efficient, as it adjusts to the quality of the display that is currently showing your posts. A tremendous function, one that would have been difficult just a few years ago. The theme also provides a filterable profile with a web page for information; a site with a statement area, a category based on accordion segments, a responsive routine adviser, and even something with shows map tracks those information clients to your gym. Be sure to also check the live preview for more information.

For those that are not attached to of conventional WordPress, an HTML5 and CSS3 form of the item is also available. Regardless of the edition, developing your web page has been facilitated, given the quality drag and drop web page designer builder. This changes problematic procedure into child’s play.


Fitness Zone

Fitness Zone is a highly effective and efficient, attractive and graphically strong and frank, creatively impressive and refined, tech-savvy and extremely vibrant, practical and full-featured, hip and trendy, appealing and brilliant, dynamic and highly efficient responsive WordPress activities, sports, health, gym and fitness theme. Fitness Zone is a extensively developed design theme that has been created as an all-encompassing alternative for website owners without any programming background or capability to effortlessly and easily create their own top drawer activities, health, gym or fitness sites in a flash, without having to write any code themselves, and with completely amazing modern visual effects and highly effective functions.

Fitness Zone a ton practical, relevant fitness and crossfit-related short codes boasting for you to build your site easily and without any hassle, with a built-in visual website designer builder that lets you drag and drop many of select, custom made elements into your pages so you can be up and running with your site within hours, on your own, or within minutes, using any of Fitness Zone’s fitness professionally developed, readymade trial sites and website page design templates, which can be easily creatively personalized and labeled through the advanced Theme Options in the Administration Panel. Complete responsiveness means your crossfit sportsmen will readily access your site even when on their cellular phones without missing a beat.


In the case of this WordPress theme, its name pretty much makes clear its purpose: It is intended to boost and support professional health and fitness websites. It almost goes without saying, but it works with WordPress 4.1+ Upon purchase, you are not just buying a theme, you are getting a product which will be regularly enhanced and enhanced by the designers, in the future and issues occur.

One of its most important functions is the Visual Composer Page designer builder, which now contains all of the theme’s trial web pages. Content can be brought in with ease, along with example data. There are also 50 elements that are unique for FitPro, available through the simple to use GUI. Every part of this theme is hand made, and developed to reach the biggest requirements of this market. It can be applied on any fitness/sports club, gym or personal web site, as the designers have taken their chance to research the market and not just to produce average item. Its main focus is flexibility, availability and the execution of a nice-looking and beautiful design. It provides a large number of functions that are all targeted at its specific market, with the final goal of becoming the best web page theme in its classification.

Although it is a great activities, medical, sports and health related skin, it can also be set up on the web pages of beauty parlors, law offices, beauty groups, spa, or any other business that looks for professionalism, flawless, and perfect reliability. If you want to sell any products or services, you can take advantage of the legendary Woocommerce plug-in, assisting the production of an amazing web store. Of course, when you are running a gym web site or blog you will need to arrange events. Thanks to the Event schedule plug-in, this can be carried out with little effort.


Aegon is a WordPress theme that is ideal for Fitness organization websites. This expertise does not come at the cost of its flexibility, as it can be used in alternative actions or niche areas. The designers, developers have included free set up, and a live preview that allows prospective customers to test out the information, before they decide to make to an investment. Many of its better features are simply because that this theme uses the amazing Tweets Bootstrap 3.2 Frameworks. Interface issues and re-sizing problems are a subject put to rest, as Aegon can show your posts on any system, regardless of the size or quality of its screen. This responsiveness is a useful resource in a world of excellent technological variety.

The theme is very wonderful, done with CSS3 and HTML5. It facilitates Google Font styles, and the administration board is very flexible. Indeed, the characteristic of an excellent skin is the truth that it can let anyone use it with convenience, regardless of their technological know-how. An excellent level of functionality converts the experience, making it less overwhelming start your own organization and/or site.

The trial is similarly extensive, and its set up can be started with just one click. Upon buy, the consumer can pick between a multipage and one page structure, based on the specific needs of the website. It should also be described that PSD file are involved, and that it can work with most popular web browser, compared with many competitive products. The WPML plug-in guarantees that Aegon is able to convert its content material for any language terminology. This function, along with the full responsiveness allows you focus on very wide viewers, ensuring a large number of opinions. However, many declare that the amount of content material warrants the cost.


Fitness WordPress
This is a design theme aimed specifically at websites that are experts in gyms and fitness center. It overall design is creatively attractive, while maintaining a minimalist design style. In many cases, excellent WordPress themes are damaged by the proven realization they are not appropriate for cellular phones. Due to the difference in development, applications and screen solutions, the customer’s web page can suffer from issues when resizing windows, showing top excellent quality symbols, and so on. Fortunately, this theme is appropriate for any device, regardless of its source. You will be able to schedule events, post posts, and upgrade supporters even if they use smartphones and tablets.

It can be used on pages that support golf ball, American football, soccer, beach ball, cricket, football, swimming, handball, ice tennis and any other possible type of organized exercising. The designers, developers also decided to incorporate the flexible and popular Woocommerce plug-in. If you are searching on WordPress and you come across an excellent web store, it probably uses this selection to experience its excellent high quality. You will be able to lawfully commercialize simple things like tops or poster, and even sports gear for a specific niche. It should be mentioned that this skin was tested and approved for WordPress 3.9, and it can function on any web browser, regardless of which model the administration uses.

Every single function of your website will possess the ability to go up on internet look for results positioning positions, and entice an excellent deal of audiences. This is due to the proven reality that it includes SEO (Search motor optimization) development. There is even an included wish list, adding more charm to your information. The theme currently has 7 unique modifications of color combinations, and it features plenty of social media networking symbols icons. You will be able to modify font styles, via the advanced Typography Options.


Fitness Sport Gym
This is a breathtaking WordPress theme, designed for Fitness center, Game Groups, Health Groups, Fitness instructors, or any other on the internet website that is related to the main subject of accomplishing a healthier lifestyle through reliable exercising. Dance, cardio exercise, Yoga exercises, aerobic or Cross Fit, all fall under this classification. It design is highly purpose focused, as it provides plenty of awesome options for this specific industry.

The designers, developers have involved a very useful installation guide. The theme itself is quite user-friendly, and it could be sailed without assistance, however, it is relaxing to see the designers providing tips for their faithful client platform. Setup has become so easy and interesting, that it motivates creativeness and for customers to experience their layout structure and demonstration. The same useful recommendations are also available in a more available video structure, further helping the experience of those that decide to buy this theme.

The personalization process has been structured, thanks to the drag and drop web page designer builder. As the name indicates, simply clicking and pulling your segments is enough, no programming knowledge is necessary. This is very important, because many companies decide to employ third party designers, developers and pay them to set up their on the internet information. This concept spare parts you from assisting those expensive charges, and allows for a more direct personalization. No more back and forth between you and the web development company, you can just do it on your own.

There are several pages available, such as the standard homepage, A light form of the House Page, an “About” web page, or a Parallax and One web page selection menu area. The designers, programmers of this theme are far from beginners, with over 12,000 customers that decide to do business with them. Upon buy, you will be blessed with forever of continuous up-dates and assistance. This assures endless enhancement and variation for your valued content. Their assistance system is also assisting, with willing associates patiently waiting to fix every single issue that you might have.


Fitness Premium Gym
If you want a WordPress theme that can get your health and fitness website to the top of online look for results positioning positions, this is the item for you! The Fitness theme is loaded to the top with awesome functions, and it is designed on the amazing Tweets Bootstrap framework structure. Despite its power, it is very pleasant and simple to use. You may just be starting on the WordPress system, or you may be an expert. Regardless, Fitness has your back! No innovative knowledge or programming skills are required, as the designers, developers did their best to put their item with options, while keeping them at a stable level of availability.

This theme will fit on any screen, regardless if it connected to a pc, or a product. You can tell that the item was a work of love, as the designers took their time to pay attention to market styles, and improve it for search engines, guaranteeing a high place in any position. Customized icons are available, and the color scheme is without restrict. Moreover, they have included the touch and run operate, in inclusion to the items discussed cross-device availability.

Here’s a fascinating fact: This theme should be 28$ more expensive, as it features the Trend Revolution and doesn’t cost a fee for it. Fitness is quite easy to set up and personalize, and you can complete in a few moments. Even so, increase documentation was included, such as pre-made pages and illustrations of useful options. PSD design choices, HD training videos and many other benefits come with the basic program. The price of this theme is very affordable, given incredible amount of functions and content. Moreover, you will get to enjoy a use of repairs, up-dates and support, free of any cost.


A theme that knows what its focus on niche market wants, and knows how to provide it. From the floor up, this theme is designed for use in sites of Gym and Health and fitness businesses. However, its resources and functions can provide any other site, given the flexibility of its style. The theme is completely nearby, and it is well structured. The designers have lately included a finish HTML edition, and 10 PSD files. It should be described that a message page was included.

The purpose of these designers, developers you know, as they have launched a theme that tailors itself for the website’s content material, and not the other way around. For example, there are types of customized material just for instructors, and they specify useful get in touch with information, bio information and even quotations. Sessions get their own publish type as well, with details introducing information regarding problems, routine and technique.

Fit is a bit limited in its colors, as you are only able to choose between a dark and light shade style, which could eventually determine the feel of your website. However, this is any small gripe, because you are given the capability to modify the combinations if you accessibility the administration board. It has become a market conventional for a theme to transportation easily between systems, and Fit is not an exemption. It is completely responsive and ready for execution on any system, cellular or otherwise.


BnB is a WordPress design theme that can improve your Crossfit website. It has highly effective features and a fully responsive layout structure. Customers will never have to worry about interface issues, as their content can be presented on laptop computers, pc PCs, mobile phones, and tablets. The theme is relevant to beginners and professionals as well. You will never have to build the pages from the beginning, as there are special routines demos for several niches: Fitness, Barber, Beauty salon, Yoga exercises category. With single click, one of these routines demo can be quickly set up. All site components can be customized in order to meet your requirements, thanks to the Visual Composer plug-in. Customers will be able to book their sessions online, due to the execution of the Bookly plug-in. It is very user-friendly and available.

Multiple layout structure variations can be implemented: masonry, complete screen, boxed, or complete size. BnB is enhanced for google, increasing your chances of getting observed by clients. The theme also contains enhanced design, and an in depth documentation computer file. This computer file contains information regarding every feature, and it can be discussed at any time. If any problems occur, don’t think twice to contact the excellent support team. Their associates will quickly take care of any issue.


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