Top 15+ WordPress Corporate Blog Themes To Make Your Business Stand Out In 2016

Every company business must find it difficult to produce quality services and products, in order to stay relevant. However, today’s market is also intensely a few marketing techniques strategies. The causing degree of exposure can do or die your company. The World Wide Web offers a worldwide system where any voice can travel far, yet it can be perished out by existence of frustrating competition.

A strong website can help you, and give you an edge against their opponents. Regular blog articles can inform prospective customers, and increase the buzz for future produces. In addition, it can build a communal feeling and provide perspective for any planned event.

Mediocrity can be seriously penalized, and even mocked, online. Standing can be built and damaged overnight. Start-ups often lack the vast resources of their opponents, thus they must make up with advancement and strong design. WordPress serves a tremendous group of theme designers, each offering a product that can improve your site. These corporate themes styles are much more than scheme trades or simple themes, they are complete improvements. They can present new features and abilities, improve your odds of getting good online search results positioning positions, and convert your pages into several ‘languages’. Despite all of these amazing benefits, themes remain quite affordable and accessible, perfect for start-ups.

After choosing one of these WordPress Corporate Blog Business Themes, you will need a self-hosted WordPress website in order to use it.

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  3. Install WordPress: At some hosts you have to manually install WordPress. Not at Bluehost. Just log into your dashboard and click the install button and everything is take care of for you.
  4. Install Your Theme: Now for the fun part. Choose your favourite theme from this list and follow these directions on how to install it.

Kalium is a successfully classy as well as versatile and nimble, creatively amazing and achieved, expertly graphically designed and extremely well consisting and organized, widely innovative and creative, technically practical and feature rich, modern and sensitive WordPress innovative professional multi-purpose design theme. Kalium is a versatile and popular theme that has been jam-packed with innovative and complex short codes, ready-made and vibrant page layouts templates and full-fledged and loaded out trial websites for a huge selection of different web page programs, areas and sectors across the board, all discussing a single unifying trait—a highly effective innovative drive that needs open room to convey itself successfully online.

Kalium, as such, is an ideal theme for businesses and organizations looking to determine a site for their company wherein they can go to town to their customers or focus on market in an effective manner. With Kalium’s wonderful predesigned blog layouts, putting your word out there on the internet is easier than ever before, clothed to thrill with eye-catching styling’s and demonstration that will appeal and interact your viewers and favorably impact your business picture in the long and short lasting. Kalium is easily changeable and designer friendly for you to easily fine-tune it to fit your specific requirements. Get down to business, with Kalium!


Schema is a great WordPress theme for those who wish to enhance their web pages. It provides extremely fast running times, guaranteeing that targeted traffic will not get annoyed by patiently waiting too much.

You will want a high online search results positioning for your content, considering that even a good website can don’t succeed if it doesn’t entice enough attention. Fortunately, schema is completely SEO enhanced, and it is capable of providing many opinions. This theme has a lot of icons and short codes, a pixel perfect structure, and an individualized options board.  For those who want to example the product before deciding, a live trial was involved. Clients will benefit from unlimited domain utilization, and a one simply clicks set up process that makes easier everything.

If you are new to WordPress and this is your first theme, you can always depend on the useful training videos, and the comprehensive documentation resource. With every purchase, customers will get 12 months of free up-dates and theme assistance. You will also obtain the right to use Schema on as many websites as you want, even if they are not possessed by you. However, assistance will only be given for extra websites, once the account plan is obtained.



Divi is one of the most well-known themes on WordPress. Its dedication toward quality is amazing. With this product, your business blog will be a glowing example for those who wish to style design an outstanding website. The theme’s rule is very structured and smartly developed, guaranteeing clients of an outstanding surfing around experience. Running rates of speed have been significantly improved, while SEO (search engine optimization) assures high position. Generally, Divi does all of the hard work, while you get to sit back and appreciate the fun areas such as personalization.

In regards to customizing content material, this theme is a very amazing strategy. Generally, all website components are structured into blocks. When restructuring your layout structure, you only have to shift them around and place them where they need to be. It removes the difficult process of having to change your product’s rule in order to apply important changes. This method has totally changed website development by switching everyone into an able web developer, designer. If you do not want to start from the start, you may also set up one of the 18 pre-made concept theme templates. They can act as releasing shields for further changes, and they can give you an idea of how a website layout structure should be developed.


Morning Time
If you are searching for quality, look no further than Morning Time. It is a WordPress theme with a modern design style and a substantial collection of highly effective features. Although it can be used for almost any site, it is an expert in personal blogs, reporter sites, and family blogs. Lastly, enthusiastic authors will have an efficient and professional system from which to convey their ideas. If you are a beginner user who does not have technological knowledge, do not fear. Morning Time will be designed and set up by the support team, giving you the innovative choices. There are several post types available for use, in addition to a unique database that guarantees to variety your most valued remembrances.

Morning Time’s style is completely responsive, and you will never have to fear about resizing or interface mistakes. Your posts can be utilized from any device, OS (operating system), or internet web browser. It is possible to apply customized background scenes, and an excellent full-width slider. Presenting your content material has never been easier. Customers will also benefit from a 404 mistake page, a structured theme rule, and an individualized logo option. A trial is available for those who wish to example Morning Time.


SteadyIncome means to provide exactly what its name suggests: a normal income for those who purchase it. A lot of money can be made on the internet, by those who have determination and inventiveness. SteadyIncome can be used for writing a blog, business, internet marketing and business owner web pages. It has many flexible functions, each meant to improve the odds of success: ad marketing, a flexible device for subscribers, a stunning layout structure, and a devoted area for presented products. If you want to experience the theme’s main functions, be sure to access the excellent live them trial. Upon buying this product, clients will benefit from unlimited domain utilization. In addition, uncomplicated process will be easily finished thanks to the single simply click set up installer.

The SteadyIncome download comes with a year of free up-dates and assistance. For new clients that are experiencing difficulty with website customization, read training videos are included. Also, an in depth documentation resource contains all appropriate information. The theme options board helps customization, given that it is extremely user-friendly and easy to get around. The certificate license allows for this theme to be used on more than one site, although assistance won’t be available for all customer sites unless a frequent membership plan is bought.



Unicon is a wonderful and very versatile, fast-loading and search engine-optimized, robustly written and substantially designed, vast and extensive, versatile and pliable, practical and strongly significant, well-structured and easily navigable, user-friendly and simple to use highly responsive WordPress style motivated multi-purpose web site design theme. Unicon is a pleasantly vibrant and attractive theme that is the result of a purposely style motivated process, constructed on your own in a top down approach that focused strongly on customer navigational experience, content readability and legibility, and after sales intuitiveness and ease of use as well as personalization power and expertise. As such, Unicon is exclusively able to produce interesting and immersive modern websites across a huge field of sectors, interests and areas.

Unicon is loaded along with the highly effective Visual Composer web page designer builder and contains over 50 custom designed Page Builder elements, innovative One Page web page choices and Parallax hardware-powered One Page dynamically loaded scrolling, wonderful blog templates and more, making Unicon a great fit for a corporate or business weblog web page. Unicon contains several header design style possibilities, an effective advanced Administration Panel with effective Theme Options, complete WooCommerce incorporation out of the box and over 650 Ultra sharp Symbols icons to cheer up your every web page quickly. Go with Unicon now and let your voice be heard!


Ronneby is an instant and accurate, easy to use and extremely user-friendly, user and designer friendly, highly personalized and very top rated, robustly developed and very well written, effective and fast-loading, nimble and quick on its legs, practical and interesting, powerful and naturally sensitive WordPress multi-purpose website theme. Ronneby is a topic that has been built to be an all-inclusive one-stop shop for all types of expert, personal, business or professional reasons, and it’s fashionable, sleek and stylish visual demonstration as well as its a multitude of weblog structure options and also make it an excellent theme for business blog sites.

If you are looking for a theme that can encourage you to create amazing blog sites for your business or company that are serious and top drawer and with the effective codebase and light server running time to easily manage extensive viewers and large, challenging utilization, while successfully and expressively interacting your content in a great, readable and interesting highlight that can be completely personalized to match your specific marketing needs without ever having to create a single line of coding, Ronneby is exactly what you search for. Complete responsiveness out of the box assures your Ronneby business blog will always look its best regardless of the device it is utilized from.



Severn is a modern WordPress theme that is sure to increase your site’s view depends. It was made for tablets, cell phones, pc devices and laptops. Your layout structure will dynamically adjust to the screen of any device.

For your well-written blog articles, several format types are supported: image, audio, position, standard, aside, quotation and collection. Based on the subject, you may quickly determine the publish classification. The outstanding Ecko plug-in was integrated, which brings ten customized widgets, icons and a great amount of brief requirements that can improve your content. In addition, Severn also has a publish manager brief code selection. Templates Layouts can be targeted around only one, two or three column line design. Templates that feature content will also add side bar that function multi widget support, along with difficult search options.

Two basic theme styles will be available after installation: light and dark. You may quickly conversion between the two modifications with only one click. Your blog site may lose many of its supporters due to slow page running rates of speed. Fortunately, Severn offers lightning-fast running, becoming a structured and enjoyable surfing around experience for your visitors. This is obtained though CSS3 design, a layout structure that does not have pictures, and JavaScript degrading.


Redwood is an incredibly wonderful and significantly fashionable, incredibly clean and breathtaking, little and organized, successfully classy and delicate, creatively amazing and strong, graphically enhanced and immersive, significantly readable intriguing sensitive WordPress multi-purpose writing your blog design theme. Redwood is a flexible and versatile theme built for the modern blogosphere blog, with powerful tech-savvy tools boasting that can plant any blog strongly in the new era with innovative social media networking incorporation, stunning CSS3 design, dynamically loaded limitless pages with Parallax hardware-powered sleek scrolling and extensive HTML5 elements such as sleek video background scenes and much more, all loaded into a clean and nice presentation that is very creatively natural and incorporated and extremely simple to personalize to suit your marketing needs.

These functions make Redwood a completely fantastic fit theme for the design, development and maintenance of any kind or type of corporate or business blog website. With its greatly creative layouts templates and easy to use visual page designer, packaging a ton of custom segments and post types as well as wonderful Promotion Boxes, efficient Music Content posts, Instagram Widgets Icons with nourishes, Sticky Routing navigation and thorough mobile ambiance, Redwood is a topic fit for writing your blog your way to success. Try Redwood today, and you won’t be disappointed!



Just as its name indicates, this is an expert professional WordPress theme that can increase your website’s possibility of success. A ton of research went into the growth and growth of this product, and it is apparent that it was a true interest venture. Your site will be wonderful, clear and professional. The normal layout structure efforts to improve the consumer transformation rate, as it is clear and understandable and get around. Material distribution is essential when trying to acquire supporters.

It is not enough to simply bring people over to your website. Once you have their interest, this theme will make an impression on them with excellent. It features slim headers that also consist of social symbols icons. The header’s small size allows for more content, and makes better use of display space. The addition of social icons symbols will make sure that fascinated clients can contact you or your associates.

The addition of a campaign box will influence clients that you are worth their interest, while the capability to publish your own picture will add some much needed individual appeal. Business offers are easier, when clients know that they are working with a real person, and not just a soulless website. Overall, this is an outstanding design theme that controls to maintain its complexness, while keeping a very user-friendly user interface.


Writing is a wonderful WordPress theme with a simple, illustrative name, and a straightforward approach. It increases your content in just the right place, leading to a nice writing a blog experience for your faithful visitors. It is definitely full of creative features and practical tools. Writing seems like a multiple between minimal, contemporary, and traditional blog styles, merging their best features.

Some of the most successful organizations on the planet have discovered a valuable lesson: typography issues. Although content material and perspective is best, demonstration helps the submission of content material.  Writing’s typography is definitely wonderful. This guarantees that your website will be very popular. Every factor was simple and organized, enabling those without technical knowledge to create an amazing website. This theme does all of the hard work, making you to focus on what truly matters: generating great content material.

Writing is a wonderful product that features a well-structured, contemporary HTML summarize. Every factor is designed in order to work well with search engines, guaranteeing that you will get an excellent place on SEO positions. This will increase your chances of visibility, and bring potential supporters to your front door. There are several short article blog post variations: traditional, standard, masonry and list.


For those who want to make an awesome blog, BuzzBlog is the perfect choice. It can improve both personal and company sites, because it has a very flexible tool set. BuzzBox’s flexibility allows it to fit any system, regardless of its monitor size or quality.

This theme has several header designs styles, endless designs assistance, 15 customized layouts templates for webpages, 8 customized widgets, gallery collection slide show and more. It is actually difficult for a client to be frustrated, given the excellent quality of BuzzBox. The Administration board is very simple to use and user-friendly. Every tab is where it needs to be, so you can find the right establishing just a moment. You will be able to opportunity font styles, change the theme’s color shades, change layout structure types and collection establishing. In inclusion, online marketers can trade or transfer Theme Choices.

All header configurations are under your control. You can choose sticky or regular header variations, and it is possible to apply an image as a header background. In complete, there are 7 different layouts for blogs: Masonry 2,3,4columnscontent, Full Size, Sidebar left, Blog with slide show, and Sidebar right. Content components can be converted, switching your blog into a true multilingual website.



Anabella is a wonderful WordPress theme for personal and corporate blogs. It features an amazing variety of features, each concerned with your chances of success. Web page personalization has been simple generating accessible for all customers, regardless of their level of technical skills.

While some sites experience resizing issues, Anabella is effective with all devices, such as tablets and smartphones. This gives your blog a better versatility and functionality, as it is able to support a wide market of visitors. Website directors can upgrade content while on the go, given that they only require a moderate internet access. In addition, customized short requirements were added, and any changes can become without having to alter the concept code. There are a large variety of side bars, and the page named configurations can be changed.

In order to inspire site development, you can choose to create a multilingual site. This can be obtained due to WPML incorporation.  For users who are having difficulties during layout structure personalization, a comprehensive documentation source is provided. Anabella harmonizes with all major internet web browsers. Its price is quite reasonable, and the customer reaction has been absolutely positive. For more information, be sure to check out the live theme preview.


BlogStar can turn any average blog into an overnight feeling. This is an excellent design theme for WordPress, designed to have more traffic to your website. It is very flexible, able to evolve to all gadgets. Be it cell mobile phones, tablets, or personal computer systems, you will fit completely on all displays. In addition, BlogStar is also Retina Prepared, able to display content on high quality Retina shows.

The rule is limited and well written, causing in a fast running encounter. This is very important, given that slow-loading sites often lose a ton of traffic as customers get disappointed. The theme is suitable with the amazing Visual Composer. Complicated website layouts templates can be created easily, by simply pulling and losing components into place. You don’t have to be a web designer or a computer developer in order to design a topnotch website.

BlogStar has both Boxed and Wide layout structure variations. It is designed with CSS3 and HTML 5, and it is suitable with WordPress 4.2. There are over 600 unique Google font styles available for use. This allows for a better publish personalizationpost and a more varied surfing around encounter for guests. The theme is WPML-ready, able to convert you into several ‘languages’.


Lora can be your first, and your last WordPress theme. It contains everything that you might need, in purchase to build an excellent website. Mobile clients can delight, given that Lora is not only wonderful, it is also completely responsive. Your content material will range with any show, and adjust to all solutions. Because of this more flexibility and you will be able to entice a good range of supporters.

Lora keeps a very minimalist and realistic design. It shuns unnecessary complexness, and tries to pay attention to what is truly important: your well-written content material. You can personalize your theme without difficulty, given the high level of user-friendliness. Of course, a good blog needs wonderful typography in purchase to make an impression on supporters. With over 500 awesome Google Fonts styles, you can personalize each publish post.

On the internet, customer attention covers are infamously low. Most people won’t take the time to search through all of you, so you will have to show your best work with slides. The execution of the flexible Revolution Slider allows you to make eye-catching slides that show features, quotations, and other features. Lora can use full show background pictures for webpages and content material, and clients can choose between 10 different short article blog post variations.


Smart Blog
Smart Blog is a quality WordPress theme that declines to lower its high requirements. It offers stylish, amazing typography options, along with an amazing design that is sure to thrill even the most negative audience. Smart blog required PHP 5.4 or higher, given that it is designed using the latest PHP technological innovation. Many sites can often experience resizing problems while mobile users wanting to access content. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about any interface issues. Smart blog works well on all systems, guaranteeing that none of visitors will be left out.

There is an amazing degree of customization, considering the addition of over 600 Google Fonts styles. In addition, there are also 500 Font Amazing Symbols Icons and an easy one click trial installation tool. This product is child theme suitable, and Contact Form 7 is reinforced. On each of your pages, you have the option to select customized background scenes. Smart Blog’s layout structure is available in a Boxed and Wide edition. It has a very large amount of short requirements, and the rule is efficient and structured. This results in quicker running rates of speed, and better online search results positioning positions. The theme is built on Bootstrap 3, and it has a flexible Super Mega Menu Selection.


Mode is an eye-catching WordPress theme for blogs. It can be used for fashion web pages; however, it’s incredible level of flexibility allows it to evolve to any area of action. Its layout structure is very smooth, including a part of appeal to all of your content posts.

Mode is a very user-friendly theme. Gone are the days when only those with programming and web design background scenes could make a website. Even unskilled customers can easily art a great blog, given the user-friendly user interface of this theme.

In order to keep things exciting, Mode has involved 5 different types of headers, and 8 unique templates layouts for blog articles. If you want to learn more about the product’s main features, be sure to check out the free theme trial. If you are having issue with the set up process, you could either seek advice from the useful online training videos, or the extensive documentation resource. There are 3 different templates for pages: Left Sidebar, Full Size, and Right Sidebar.

With Mode, every single part of your website will be completely responsive. Mobile customers can access content with convenience, without having to be concerned about resizing problems. A social user profile widget was included, along with a writer widget and a customized 404 mistake page.


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