20 Best Versatile HTML5 and CSS3 Website Templates To Improve Your Online Presence In 2016

Humanity is a competitive varieties, science informs us, as much as it is a public one. Perhaps this is the reason why we have always been so motivated to stand out from the pack, to distinguish ourselves and our identification from undifferentiated mass. Individuals like to get observed, to be recognized, and consequently, to be different, to be popular, to be better. The boosting speed at which technically drives people through the crushing work of history has not changed this hidden characteristics one bit—in any case, it may have assisted develop it more fully. Recent times have seen the public characteristics of man greatly focused to through the advancement of online, and all the public consequences therein, as the internet joined popular approval and use over efforts and more and many individuals found in it a way to fulfill their socializing needs. But eventually, the web became a populated, soaked place, where one can truly find almost everything, and usually, in several places, demonstrations and tastes, mostly undifferentiated from each other in terms of quality or versatility. The following collection of web layouts, however, features technology edition of HTML5 with an actual well refined, highly developed characteristics. The cream of the plants. Enjoy the best HTML5 web templates layouts available today!

In the wide areas of the Internet you can discover lots of different creature.

After choosing one of these HTML5 and CSS3 Website Templates Themes, you will need a self-hosted WordPress website in order to use it.

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  4. Install Your Theme: Now for the fun part. Choose your favourite theme from this list and follow these directions on how to install it.

Marquez is a handsomely designed and creatively eye-catching, modern and eye-catching, shiny and vibrant, serious and expert, fast-loading and very tidily written, substantially practical and thoroughly brilliant, technically innovative and highly responsive HTML5 multi-purpose web page design template. Marquez is an interesting and powerful web page design template, developed with the most innovative technological innovation available and based on a flexible HTML5 layout structure that encourages Marquez to include all sorts of advanced features, plug-ins and short codes that increase the performance of your site to no end.

Marquez is completely capable of muscling the requirements of a variety of web page programs and archetypes. However, it peculiarly performs exceptionally well at managing the needs of innovative agency websites in general, which range from expert domain portfolios to business organizations, digital web developers, marketing organizations or any kind of company or company getting the innovative designs and seeking the most innovative and refined demonstration available for presenting their works to the world at large. Marquez includes the customized made Avalanche Slider, as well as the top quality Peak Lightbox to truly show off your media content in the best light. And with its Bootstrap origins and deep-running responsiveness, no guest will ever be left out of the party when going to your site. Overcome the web with Marquez!


Massive is an incredibly vast and ambitiously extensive, strongly personalized and greatly practical, smartly written and designer friendly, technically achieved and truly all-inclusive, functionally extensive and feature-dense responsive HTML5 multi-purpose web page design templates. Massive is a web page design template that is quite appropriately known as, as it features a huge 260 HTML5 readymade, preconfigured and expertly graphically designed web page layouts for all sorts of practical programs and uses, filter and wide as well, on top of over 50 different trial sites for every possible purpose, personal or commercial, business or business, with equivalent skill and expertise.

Massive features a massive 150 short codes for you to plop right into any web page you desire with ease and speed and without writing a single range of program code at any point. Large features 85 different Profile layouts, a multitude of Blog layouts, Collection layouts and much more, so you can put together the site you’ve always dreamt of with a structured work-flow that will have you giving web page after web page of smooth, modern sites. Over 15 preconfigured, in-house built Slider mobile phones are available, along with 10 Page Headings titles, 900 Customized Line Symbols icons, 20 different menu Choices, and so much more variety your head will be rotating. The truly Massive web page design is here!


Canvas is an amazingly committed, incredibly shape-shifting and flexible, creatively extensive and extremely personalized, refined and expert, serious and greatly efficient, unimaginably vast and constantly practical sensitive HTML5 one web page and multipage multi-purpose web page design template. Canvas is a site design designed with the objective of making a truly all-inclusive, all-in-one, one-stop shop solution for website owners of any capability to determine their online grip with an advanced, refined and well-structured HTML5 modern web page of any characteristics, archetype or application possible.

Canvas is provided to handle such variety because it has been jam-packed with a tremendous 75 readymade, expert predesigned Home-page trial websites for all sorts of general and filter, niche market and specific programs, so website owners from any field or industry can find just what they are looking for and hit the ground running with their web development. On top of this, Canvas has over 500 thoroughly well-developed HTML5 web page layouts templates on hand, with many upon a multitude of modifications of all the pages you could possibly need, from blogs, Domain portfolios and gallery Exhibits to Contact, About Us, Coming Soon, Getting Page and limitless more. If you can desire it, Fabric has a design for it, on top of many short codes for you to increase the performance of any web page at your desire and without writing a single line of code.


SIGNATURE is an evidently practical, serious and expert, easily designed and designer friendly, greatly efficient and extremely efficient, comfortably developed and carefully designed, versatile and nimble, efficiently written and very impressive responsive HTML5 multi-concept and multi-purpose web page design template. SIGNATURE is a widely successful web page design template, a favorite for website owners serving a critical, successfully conscious viewers that desires the very best. SIGNATURE features over 26 exclusive, conceptually creative and insanely impressive trial websites, each designed to fulfill the requirements of specific and niche applications which range from designers, freelance workers and professional photographers to artists, artists, stars or DJs.

If you are an impressive expert and you need to determine your online grip in a fashionable, clean and breathtaking presentation that can be substantially personalized to suit your brand identification and particular requirements, SIGNATURE is web page you want. Designed on an efficient HTML5 layout framework structure and with visual design provided by efficient and personalized CSS3 scripting, SIGNATURE is capable of frustrating you with over 300 custom made, exclusive HTML5 web pages, every one well designed with visible expertise and smooth performance. There is hardly anything a web page could possibly need that SIGNATURE doesn’t offer twelve choices of, in all honesty. SIGNATURE—proof by exhaustion!


Pages is a greatly powerful and technically enhanced, successfully simple and very well organized, nimble and fast-loading, versatile and versatile, reliable and secure, clean and breathtaking, shiny and vibrant, classy and expert responsive HTML5 multi-purpose web page design template. Pages is an effective and versatile tool set that has been carefully developed to include a variety of enhanced and smooth plug-ins, short codes, functions and sources on hand to aid in with regards to any kind of web page you can think of, from personal blogs to expert domain portfolios, from business websites to corporate and more, Pages has the flexibility and detail to deftly handle their needs and more.

Equipped with 20 conceptually different and entirely unique web page designs right out of the box, Webpages functions an incredibly user-friendly and easy to use visible personalization procedure and a simple and organized web site development procedure that is simple to use and requires absolutely no programming skills whatsoever—70 innovative Content Prevents are available, to quickly build attractive pages that look and feel exactly the way you wish them to, and have all the sources and performance you could possibly require. Pages your website flip Bootstrap design, making it sensitive and cross suitable with all devices and internet explorer. Get your Webpages going!


Cumulo is a creatively amazing and completely amazing, technically communicate and effectively written, designer as well as simple to use, expertly graphically consisting and extremely flexible and flexible, easy to use and highly user-friendly responsive HTML5 multi-purpose web design template. Cumulo has been substantially developed and thoroughly put together to be an effective and unforgettable design template, clothed with a full presented set of resources that can encourage website owners of any ability to create professional, refined and efficient sites for a variety different programs across a variety of sectors and areas with complete convenience and scrambling speed.

Cumulo contains 18 unique and stunning trial sites, complete with inner webpages and phony content, as well as over 80 remarkably preconfigured and considerately designed HTML5 page layouts for programs common and specific, with all kinds of innovative structure and style modifications, and a deep-running personalization ability that places you in the driver’s chair of your website’s look and feel from the get-go. With Cumulo, building your site is easier than it has ever been, and with highly effective HTML5 components, CSS3 stylesheets and scripting, Bootstrap flip design and responsiveness and complex features like the Working Contact Form, it really is no wonder Cumulo is one of the top HTML5 web templates layouts around.


Wolverine is an incredibly stunning and creatively sleek, very well organized and incredibly graphically designed, interesting and alluring, warm and pleasant, professional and refined, technically communicate and highly modern responsive HTML5 multi-purpose website design template. Wolverine is an attractive and flexible website design template developed with magnificent attention to detail and splendid visual improving in order to produce a continually scrambling design template that is always dressed to thrill. Presenting over 110 beautiful HTML5 web page layouts templates for all sorts of specific and general reasons as well, with limitless modifications, on top of 21 different Home pages, consistently modified and extended for your convenience.

Wolverine is infamously flexible and effectively sleek, every web page originating the same attractive, attractive environment that will make users have fun with your content and engage with your website in a deep and significant fashion. Wolverine has been developed with technology web development technological innovation, varying from an HTML5 structure to LESS CSS3 advanced stylesheet scripting and innovative flip Bootstrap programming, which makes Wolverine both naturally responsive and cross works with all devices and web browsers, as well as very designer friendly and easily flexible to your every need, with a widely annotated codebase and a thorough documentation to take you every step of the way to success.


Vossen is an exceptionally beautiful and indescribably enhanced, successfully elegant and enhanced, serious and professional, efficiently cartoon and nicely attractive, creative and creative, strongly significant and openly innovative, feature-rich and function-dense responsive HTML5 multi-purpose one page Parallax web page style template. Vossen is a web page design template style that is so smooth sleek, you have to see it to believe it. Contemporary and flexible, Vossen is clothed with a sophisticated set of advanced web development tools based on HTML5 technologies integrating powerful CSS3 scripting, flip Bootstrap design style and attractive, hardware-accelerated, in-house developed extensive Parallax visual features.

From Parallax Movie Background scenes and Parallax Movie Slider mobile phones to enchanting Parallax sleek scrolling, Vossen is a template style filled with innovative visual beauty and graphic impeccability. Vossen is also absolutely functional, including attractive AJAX Domain portfolios, the Trend Slider jQuery plug-in, a handful of gorgeous blog and post templates, hundreds of Retina-ready, high quality Line Symbols and Icon Symbols,  a clean and navigable flat style congruous with Google’s Content Material Design visual language viewpoint perfect for today’s web, a multitude of convenient short codes and an amazing responsiveness that happens to be remarkable in terms of cross interface with all web browsers, devices, screen sizes and systems. Are you prepared for Vossen?


Hasta is a beautifully brilliant, incredibly brilliant and youthful, interesting and attractive, simple to use and very navigable, extremely user-friendly and simple to use, designer as well as simple to use, technically smooth and creatively amazing, graphically professionally composed as well as nimble responsive HTML5 multi-purpose web page style template. Hasta is an exclusively designed style, a web page style capable of the most powerful and insanely innovative visual and efficient functions, quickly implemented through a multitude of handy, convenient short codes and preconfigured functions and plug-ins, on top of over 30 exclusive multipage templates.

Hasta theme has plenty of inner web page templates, efficient, gorgeous and smooth Slideshows to show off your content in refined CSS3 animated graphics, thought out color modifications that can be quickly personalized and selected with a visual user interface, and many more functions that make Hasta a perfectly comprehensive style template. 250 different, exclusive and incredible HTML5 web page templates are included with Hasta for your convenience, allowing you to save plenty of time as you set up your attractive blog, profile, innovative agency or web page, or pretty much any web page project you have in mind. Hasta’s classy and elegant style spreads throughout every web page produced with it, and the results are continually and wonderfully scrambling. Take it up a level, with Hasta!


Rhythm is an attractive and wonderful, warm and stylish, hip and style aware, stylish and interesting, powerful and youthful, technically enhanced and professionally developed, serious and easily developed, practical and feature-rich, well organized and simple to use responsive HTML5 multi-purpose one website and multipage web website design template. Rhythm has been carefully and carefully constructed to be a full presented and extensive web website design, packed with over 175 custom made HTML5 preconfigured and predesigned web layouts templates for your complete convenience and to greatly speed up your work-flow.

Rhythm will encourage you to art all sorts of amazing one website and multipage sites, from professional agencies to personal or corporate blogs, photography sites, web stores, you name it, Rhythm can do it, and it can do it in an outstanding, memorable style that is bound to make a hole on your audience, regardless of what it may be, though Beat is peculiarly appropriate for sites dealing with more successfully, successfully critical viewers, as its enhanced visual environment is appropriate and suited for impressive, strong and significant sites that attack a note among the most style aware users. As far as mobile ambiance goes, Rhythm performs nicely with every device, system, internet web browser or monitor size and alignment in the planet, so you can just sit back, relax, and work on your content!


JANGO is a younger and fresh-faced, brilliant and brilliant, lustrous and bright, very naturally organized and highly navigable, designer and simple to use, creatively amazing and attractive, interesting and elegant, successfully classy and strong, significant and creative sensitive HTML5 multi-purpose web page design template. JANGO is an extremely flexible and modern design template that has been clothed with an advanced, innovative web page development user interface, a Component based system with over 300 and growing custom made elements with different and greatly effective performance, right on hand, without writing a single line of code. Building your JANGO web page is as easy as selecting a header, putting elements, deciding on a bottom footer.

It is truly remarkable in speed and ease of web page design, while compromising none of the power, level of smoothness and refined experience of the causing sites. JANGO is perfect for you to mix and match elements and build unique, one of a kind sites that appearance and experience exactly the way they should and which match your every desire and necessity in a trendy, elegant manner. Integrating a Bootstrap structure framework, JANGO is naturally designer helpful as well as ideally stated at the codebase and thoroughly recorded, on top of being natively cross suitable for all known devices, web browsers, systems and screen sizes.


Foundry is an absolutely practical and extremely technically flexible and flexible, incredibly brilliant and creatively shape-shifting and nimble, fast-loading and search engine-optimized, contemporary and leading edge, powerful and highly personalized responsive HTML5 multi-purpose web design template with Version Web page Designer. Foundry is an exclusively nimble and feature-dense web design that has been designed to allow website owners of any capability to easily and easily produce endless amounts of refined and professional looking websites with a simple, layout structured work-flow that requires no programming at all.

The Version Web page Designer Builder will let you set up any of Foundry’s 100 exclusive HTML5 design template pages and muck around with them as you please or start fresh with Foundry’s conceptually exclusive templates, while 95 customized blocks allow you too strongly and strongly express yourself and enhance the performance of any page at the mobile. Foundry is a design template for the website owner that wants total control over every visible and functional element of their site in a visible, coding-free user interface, for those who truly wish to create something new from a wealth of flexible, contemporary and sophisticated HTML5 elements, CSS3 design and incredibly responsive Bootstrap flip design for utmost cross user interface. Ready for Foundry?


Porto is a completely extensive, incredibly organized, bright and easily developed, smooth and unmarked, technically innovative and strongly versatile, practical and smartly written, efficient and fast-loading, highly advanced and responsive HTML5 multi-purpose one page Parallax web design template. Porto has been meant to be a fully clothed frontend solution for website owners looking for an extended, cross suitable user interface web design to provide beautiful, efficient websites with all the innovative features and features that define contemporary HTML5, CSS3 and Parallax visual components and surroundings.

From a thoroughly responsive design to an attractive lines and brickwork system, blog and shop design pages, headers appropriate for customer accounts and sign in or signing up, extensive layout structure and structure options with all sorts of powerful choices anytime, and touch run support for highest mobile ambiance, Porto is a full presented and graphically immersive and contemporary design that can lay a coat of color on any site archetype, bringing it right to 2015. The Owl Slide carousel and the Nivo Slider are specifically personalized improvements for your convenience, allowing you to quickly set up complicated and entertaining visual components whenever you want. And with a solid Bootstrap base, Porto is responsive everywhere, out of the box. Try Porto, and Porto Administration, today!


Intensy is an expertly graphically developed, entirely vibrant and lustrous, shiny and cordially welcoming, technically communicate and leading edge, functionally versatile and greatly practical, amazing and creative, exclusively well organized and highly sensitive HTML5 multi-purpose web design template. Intensy has been developed with a comprehensive development process that results in a top quality, top rated design that is ideal for creating, developing and handling amazing, complicated and powerful sites of absolutely any niche or application possible.

Intensy has been put together with highest care and attention to details, so that its 31 included expertly developed HTML5 page layouts are completely conceptually unique and one of a kind, making for amazing, custom made, unforgettable and excellent sites that will make a hole or dimple on the web and will interact with your customers with an incredibly powerful interface. Intensy sites are user-friendly and easily navigable, presenting an exceptionally creative and very modern flat design that is quite responsive and mobile friendly, and makes use of a visual language that customers across all census are familiar with and will feel right at home using. Intensy features amazing Super Menus Choices and an expansively annotated programming, ideal for designers to muck around with, which goes along nicely with Intensy’s thorough and amazing documentation, allowing you to get the most out of Intensy from day 1.


Definity is a creatively modern and robust, significantly interesting and technically practical, serious and professional, refined and breathtaking, easily designed and very designer friendly, flexible and flexible, efficient and feature-rich responsive HTML5 one web page and multipage multi-purpose web page design template. Definity has been carefully designed with the strength and adaptability required to deftly handle all types of web page archetypes and programs out there with equivalent elegance and ease, from weblogs and domain portfolios to independent and photography, from business to corporate and from news publications to travel publications, Definity can be everything you want it to.

Definity is so flexible because it includes a number of different and specific multipage and one web page trial demo sites, amassing it at 10 and 11, respectively, loaded with all types of inner pages, stooge content, extensive visual effects, interesting entertaining functions, sleek Parallax segments and scrolling and much more, as well as a variety of powerful plug-ins and short codes to significantly enhance the performance of your Definity sites without having to write a single line of code. 38 such web page layouts templates are available, embodying a varied set of opportunities at your convenience, while attractive HTML5 functions like the KenBurns Slider and HTML5 Video Background scenes are all. When in doubt, definitely go with Definity!


YAMEN is a thoroughly refined and very professional, extremely safe, reliable and solid, creatively impressive and alluring, bright and lustrous, clean and breathtaking, quickly navigable and very simple to use, highly developable and extremely practical sensitive HTML5 multi-purpose company website design template. YAMEN is a design template that has been exclusively and intentionally designed to meet the ample demands of a number of different website archetypes, from blogs to domain portfolios and more, but that is exclusively and strongly suited for handling the creation, development and maintenance of stunning, efficient and effective company websites of any kind, industry or field at all.

If you are a website owner looking to establish a home on the web for your company enterprise, you need to look no further than YAMEN. YAMEN includes a whole bunch of useful, convenient and very stylish functions and plug-ins that will entertain your prospective customers and engage with them in an important, user-friendly fashion, from social networking incorporation and Flickr sources to wonderful Parallax segments and sleek scrolling functions. YAMEN features a ton of amazing web page layouts templates for all sorts of economic reasons, including efficient and practical one web page company web layouts as well as multipage, Super Menu-enabled web layouts templates presenting wonderful and custom made eCommerce and Shop pages that can be configurable to suit your needs. YAMEN is the full package!


Pivot is an incredibly highly effective and incredibly personalized, creatively extensive and easily navigable, graphically refined and functionally practical, user and designer helpful, technically sophisticated and innovative, fashionable and successfully conscious responsive HTML5 multi-purpose web website design template. Pivot is a truly plastic and flexible web website design template, capable of flexing to your every desire and strengthening you to make the web website of your dreams within minutes, with a visual Page Designer layout structure that greatly rates of speed up your work-flow and lets you make your websites through selecting components from a pool of over 70 unique, custom made Component Prevents, and then placing them as desired on your website and personalizing their look, feel and behavior as you see fit, with highly effective, accessible options on hand.

Pivot has the versatility to handle websites across a number of applications, ranging from blogs and domain portfolios to eCommerce, corporate or business, and endless more—Pivot is basically unstoppably personalized, and regardless of the nature of your site or venture, you will find tools that work to your significant advantage. Pivot features HTML5 technological innovation and CSS3 design to excellent effect and its Bootstrap flip design makes it entirely designer helpful as well as significantly sensitive with all devices, internet browsers and screen sizes.


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