15 Stunning Art WordPress Themes For Artists, Designers And Other Creative In 2016

Versatility and independence of appearance are essential to the development and development of art. Although the meaning can be quite different, all great works of art have one thing in common: they handle to kindle the human spirit in a way than no other method could contest with. Until the increase of the internet, the art area was hardly a meritocracy, with a few well recognized titles and styles that taken over the scenery.

Fortunately, the web has introduced an atmosphere that is not only without any restrictions; it also places the best resources of the Twenty first millennium available.

However, it has also recognized a need: the need for a good on the internet customer profile. As your main focus on market will most likely be composed of young clients, focusing on them through paper ads and publications is no longer effective. Even TV, a method that was so legendary just a few years ago, drops in second place. This is bad information for the less tech-savvy among us, as the needs for a well enhanced, interesting web page must be met.

The advantage of a 100 % free system is that it often helps change, and also makes alternatives for client needs. Systems like WordPress allow for the consumer to set up and create an amazing web site in a very almost no time. Using there, you will be able to enhance your posts, at rates that could be perfectly described as very inexpensive.

WordPress allows you set up bare-bone facilities for your web site, but you will need more than that in order to thrill your potential focus on market. The site will require a well-designed WordPress skin. As their name recommend, styles are simply covers for your web page that make use of space, typeface font style and color shade scheme management. This advances your web page past its modest roots, and results in an experience that is great for the developers, the owner, and the client. It is a dull group of clay-based, which you can shape accordingly. However, these styles are not simply visual in their characteristics. They often apply programming that is improving for search engines, making it simpler for clients to find your posts. Also, they integrate songs gamers, picture viewers, audiences, and flexible menu selection establishing.

Most styles are regularly upgrading, so you will be buying an ever growing product. Overall, WordPress and its selections of concept is definitely a driver for your success. Although the quality of your content posts will still rely on personal skills, this service releases your hands, so you could engage in what you truly love. Your web site page has become more than a simple on the online business. It is a website for your business picture, an internet based reflection of who you are, and who you wish to be. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress art styles themes.

After choosing one of these Art WordPress Themes, you will need a self-hosted WordPress Website in order to use it.

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  3. Install WordPress: At some hosts you have to manually install WordPress. Not at Bluehost. Just log into your dashboard and click the install button and everything is take care of for you.
  4. Install Your Theme: Now for the fun part. Choose your favourite theme from this list and follow these directions on how to install it.


Presenting a responsive layout structure and a full retina show, Frost is the WordPress theme that can aid an artist’s rise towards popularity. It has both one-page and multi-page modifications, it is recommended by many freelance workers, innovative organizations, photography lovers and blog writers. If you work in a business where beauty and beauty are interpreting factors, this is the theme for you. It will allow you to message your ideas, and get reviews on your content from both potential companies and customers. It is established using the impressive Bootstrap 3 framework structure, and it has 20 attractive website designer components.

It can adjust to any monitor size or device, making it highly responsive. Be it tablets, computer systems or smartphones, you will not experience any problems regarding its interface. Frost has a simple to use website designer, one click installation software, WPML assistance, an emblem, a lot of color combinations and a live customizer.

If the client encounters any types of problems, the well qualified assistance team will be willing to step in and take care of the problems. It’s so easy to use that even a child can create an excellent website. The website builder designer has a unique build that contains an improved edition of the requirements Turquoise website designer. It has additional design replication, markup control buttons, and much of view details for the templates layouts. It also ruins you with customized images, logos as there is a special execution for your sign in show and retina symbols.



This is a WordPress idea theme that is one of a kind. It changes its focus away from needless complexness, and tries to add a stylish, easy and simple style. It is based on a masonry profile grid, and a flip idea. It is so versatile, that it can be used and installed on almost any type of web page, regardless of the market that it tries to reach. It is loaded with plenty of amazing functions, short codes and options, concealing technical progression under a veil of easy beauty. Typically, you could use your web page for demonstration websites, internet advertising or domain portfolios.

However, this theme has integrated the Woocommerce plug-in, a functions that allows you to turn your website into an amazing and efficient on the internet store. No matter what your development is, be it design style, images or appears to be, this idea allows you to present it in a way that increases your probability of success. It is actually an internet based stage that with built with incredible progression. It also features versatile Masonry grids for content in the same attractive masonry style as the rest of the web page.



All that you need is this theme to experience roaring success. Lion is currently at its early editions but it is planned to acquire plenty of free up-dates. It contains a drag and drop page website designer, a complete screen slider and straight or horizontally headers. It contains a multi-page or single website structure option, and a live preview that permits you to have the information before you get your hands on it.

The entire encounter is structured to near excellence, as you can set up your structure straight in your web browser. There are over 30 segments for content material, assisting a great consumer encounter, as the client has unlimited opportunities to work with. There are over 7 different skin features, but nothing is having you from writing your own. Moving from a boxed to a complete width layout structure has never been easier, as it entails only 1 click. A slider Revolution plug-in is roofed, which helps the execution of an amazing slider homepage. There are several headlines templates layouts to choose from, and you get to pick the one that you think is best, as you can always convince you later.



If you want a WordPress theme that performs exceptionally well in visible style and speed, be sure to check out Notio. However, it never drops its attraction as a theme that is designed for everyone. This high availability is a point of pleasure, as Notio does not demand prior technological knowledge to function. Setting it up is very simple and it does not take lots of a chance to complete the procedure. Once the one-click set up installer is chosen, it will begin by publishing web pages, theme options, pictures, slider mobile phones and icons.

Notio works with WordPress 4.0+, and it can be converted into several ‘languages’. This interpretation is available for both your web page written text, and the parts of your online store. That store is created possible by the popular WooCommerce plug-in, one of the most efficient improvements of any decent theme. Modifying your web site is just as simple as uncomplicated procedure, thanks to the Visual Composer, and the Drag & Drop ability. Just as the name indicates, you simply need to simply click something and drag it along the screen in order to arrange and change the site. It is recommended that you don’t rush and effort, and style a web page that is representative of your business. Notio is entirely Retina Ready, so it looks great on Retina Shows. The documentation of Notio is enough to tell you, and turn any user into an overnight professional. Other key features include interface with most internet browsers, full responsiveness, and an amazing Revolution Slider plug-in.



Compared with other specialist styles themes, this one takes its motivation from real-world exhibits. You can use it as an internet based continue or profile, or simply turn it into a system where marketing your paintings or service. Directing this theme is extremely user-friendly, as it is made to be simple to use and very personalized. You can form it into anything; only creativity and a short while of your time are required. Also, the execution that permits you to display paintings in Full screen display will make it seem more impressive; helping the possibility that someone will want to buy it. As earlier described, you may turn your site into an internet based store, and that is possible thanks to the amazing Woocommerce plug-in.

It provides a safe and manageable atmosphere for your dealings. If you are a cellular phone customer, you will not have any problem navigating the recommended content, because Reverzo is completely appropriate for your system. Moreover to all of these functions, the theme comes with some important design theme choices that allow the consumer to easily change the design and benefit of the web page. Despite the fact that the theme is focused towards innovative types, it is also extremely useful for more professional configurations and business environments.



If you are looking for a great WordPress concept theme, look no further than Contrast. Although its features give it enough versatility to fit any objective, it is most effective for photography and profile web pages. This theme can let you show yourself in every way you wish, without restrictions in conditions of structure issues or programming restrictions. It encompasses features and encourages your works of art, allowing people see them just as they are. The designers used the latest CSS3 and JavaScript technical to make sleek changes. They also eliminated all of the components that might intervene with proper search engine results positioning results or things that might slowly down the running times. You web page will have both straight and horizontally grid lines templates layouts, where your images will take their place. Regardless of their source, be it photography, artwork or design style, they will look awesome on any system or system. The style and style tries not to surpass your content, or disturb from it, a fact confirmed by the healthy amount of empty space left on web pages and content. It would have been easy to just toss an effect or color shade in there, but that would beat the reason of the site entirely.



Nerva is an attractive, well enhanced WordPress concept theme. It functions an active customizer choice, a highly versatile administration board, and simple to use short code creator. If you wish to example the changes that you make, before you actually apply them, an active live preview choices also available. There’s no question that the designers worry about their product, as they have applied and beautiful customer care and attention system that is filled with helpful and properly qualified associates. This care and attention is considered, as the customers themselves compliment the high requirements of the designers.

Nerva includes many functions, each designed to improve the consumer encounter and help them achieve their targeted number of sales or opinions. The personalization encounter has been made very easy, as Nerva has a Live Theme customizer, and a highly effective, simple to use administration board. Although most details can be changed by the customer, the concept has 2 main styles: one light, and one dark. Enjoy its full screen layout structure and the 2 different footer/header color combinations. There is a single typeface font choice, and a variety of 439 symbols icons to choose from. The theme is based on the famous Bootstrap 3.2 structure which makes it fully responsive.



Shutter is an amazingly wonderful and remarkably well organized, creatively eye-catching and very natural, technically enhanced and enhanced, user-friendly and very user and website owner friendly, simple and moderate, stylish and classy, practical and innovative, highly personalized sensitive WordPress multi-purpose art and photography website concept theme. Shutter is an exclusively innovative and responsive theme with vast potential for stylish innovative appearance through the significant and purposeful demonstration of highly effective visible content in a sleek, liquid collection or profile setting.

Shutter is an ideal theme for art websites of any kind or regards to the industry, from art exhibits and art admiration cultures to art educational institutions or even personal art domain portfolios, due to Shutter’s constantly configurable, personalized, comprehensive collection and profile templates designs, with a great number of unique and conceptually created collection designs ready to display your best selection of ravishing works to the world at large. Shutter is intentionally easy to use and very well recorded, with comprehensive help information as well as read training videos easily available to make sure you get the most out of Shutter, regarding of your background or capability. No programming is required at any point with Shutter, while the results are so efficiently efficient and easily eye-catching, they truly speak for themselves.



Being a freelance worker is one of the most relieving encounters possible. You think that you hold the reins of your own failing or success, and you often get to show yourself more than in any other expert atmosphere. However, there are definitely some disadvantages to this situation as well, because you regularly have to depend on your ability to persuade new customers of your top quality and professionalism and reliability. Considering all of these needs, the designers of Skills have truly designed a WordPress concept theme that can stand the ages.

They have also engaged an option that allows customers review the concept theme, and example the content. That way, they can make an advised decision regarding a future purchase. Talking about buys, Skills is reasonable, considering the large amount of functions that it provides. A simple look at the theme’s main web page is enough to persuade you of the standard, as the designers have engaged real customer feedback. This reveals that most people are very happy with their product, and also with the engaged and expert team of client care associates. It is actually easier to apply capturing design and changes, than to modify every single information. That is the purpose of beauty, as Skills concentrates more on information and typography, causing in a very elegant sense of the web page. Other important functions include a responsive grid lines for your profile, legitimate HTML5 programming, assistance for video clips, pictures and exhibits, and some very comprehensive documentation.



Atjeh is a WordPress theme that is intended to be completely responsive and enhanced for all cellular phones. Building your website can often be a daunting encounter, especially if you are not very technical savvy. Fortunately, Atjeh uses a Drag and drop website designer. Just as its name indicates, simply clicking a structure function and pulling it to where you wish it to be is enough. An active review function are involved as well, so you can see changes as you make them, making it simpler to modify the visual feel of your online information. The management board is simple to use, and it also provides complex options in a simple and easy to understand way. As long as you can read, you will have no problems using it. Every single factor of your website can customized typography, with over 600 Google fonts’ styles that are especially concept. Just so you are not left in the dark; the designers have put together some very useful documentation. No matter how big or small a problem is, the designers have set up a useful and beneficial support group that is desperate to help you through any issue. Opinions can only provide a simplified viewpoint, so if you wish to encounter these styles themes, check out its stay review.



It has gotten to the point where the market is soaked with a variety of greyish, dark or dark shade styles, which aim for an inactive color of professionalism, reliability, reliability that really suffocates creativeness. It is relaxing to see a theme that efforts to break that design, and present a more brilliant and design option into that market. It may not work for a wide business website or a big organization, but it performs exceptionally well at providing a feeling of personality and independence of appearance. The best part about Vibes is that it maintains that professional WordPress existence, even though it seems less heavy and based on a more informal feel.

For those that are not on WordPress, a HTML5 edition can also be bought. Another amazing function is the ultimate attention to details when it comes to client care. Most styles themes are disregard with just an assistance line, but Vibes tries to deal with problems on several methodologies. First, the client can access some very useful online documents which provide an in depth guide of set up. Second, a private texting function is incorporated, where the consumer can deliver important information or delicate questions, away from the sight of the public.

Even the ranking system, in inclusion to providing the skin an overall ranking, tell designers what they are doing wrong, and if changes are necessary. A short rule creator is involved, in inclusion to a modern website designer that never stops to surprise. The features themselves are pretty conventional, but the simple to use characteristics of the experience definitely raises it past what can be regarded average. It is generally an Aqua page website designer builder with the inclusion of drag and drop performance. Design is completely delicate, responsive enabling for the content to be shown on all gadgets.



Rosie is a WordPress theme that is designed to be fully responsive, as it increases your capabilities and allows you to focus on broader viewers. Although it can be used for any types of website, it can be especially useful for blog writers, photography lovers, business web webpages and service getting sites. It is simple to use and you can set it up very quickly, regardless of your technical qualifications. Its personalization functions are quite extensive, as it provides prolonged options for typography, a huge scheme of shades, Typekit support and segments which can be customized. Rosie contains state of the art technology, with components such as parallax effects, clear components and customized choices, powerful qualifications, and costly scrolling functions.

These are just a few of its impressive functions, so check out its live preview for more information. It has a huge data source of customized print styles operated by Google font styles. If you wish to totally reset your site’s settings but do not wish to lose all your content, the Import/Export resources can take your content, material and choices and convert them to your new installation. The administration customer interface is extremely user-friendly, as the designers make an effort to provide an experience that is both technically innovative, and does not prevent customers.



If you are looking for a WordPress theme that has 6 layer PSD information and a design that is both stylish and eye-catching, Kappe is just right for you. Designed by a popular writer, Kappe also contains a live preview that allows the potential client try out the information before determining on a purchase. The costs are very good, given the great amount of material and the excessive attention to details. The developer’s experience really reveals, as an excellent support system is roofed as well. Continuous up-dates and modifications can also be predicted, as the product will be enhanced in the future. The structure is completely responsive, and your web page can show up on any system, without jeopardizing problems with quality and programming interface.

If you just want to set up a fascinating blog without some of the gadgets of other channels, this theme has a fascinating way of catching the human sight and guiding it to essential areas of your web page. Currently, Kappe uses the masonry blog structure, leading to a web page where your customers can get missing for hours. Surfing around through your content post. The skin has a large color shade variety, and a visible short rule creator. Although modifying color shades seems like an insignificant thing, they are one of the most highly effective psychological activates, and must be used smartly. All popular images and sites have tactically chosen their styles themes, and you should do the same. However, even the best of styles can run into trouble, when trying to adjust to different system. Coding and the wedding between software and components can often present a unique set of difficulties. Fortunately, this theme is fully appropriate for all types of gadgets, such as smartphones and tablets.



A very amazing WordPress theme, featuring a live preview so you can example it functions before making an informed decision. It allows the consumer to functions his material on a background that is both beautiful intriguing. Regardless of the device of the consumer, Bedford will not experience any interface issues, as it is fully responsive. The overall structure is built upon a standard Grid Lines system, and produced with state of the art HTML5 markups.

Design is also Retina-ready, causing in high quality symbols and material. It can be used for all types of business, but it is best suited for the pages of Freelance workers, Performers, photography lovers and start-ups. The designers are basically giving you an empty standing and plenty of color, the tools needed for appearance and the production of something that is exclusively yours. The addition of a drag and drop website designer accomplish that process, as it turns website development into something similar to an organizing game. Bedford is appropriate for several internet web browsers and is examined in Opera, Firefox, Firefox and Opera. Its layouts are well arranged and the design information is extensively recorded.



MIMESI is a WordPress theme designed for professional domain portfolios and freelance workers. This can act as an amazing background for your work, an eye-catching appearance that increases your already amazing style. Think of it like the appearance on a present: if you get it right, the existing itself is so much better. The after sales have a style administrator which has a variety of choices, providing you to modify the most important features of your web design.

This will certainly improve its visible and efficient attraction. On a more personal note, you have the satisfaction of understanding that your web page is wonderful, compared with any other in the world. The HTML5 programming is semantic, clean and legitimate, design is retina ready, and the style and style choices are fully suitable for any given device, regardless of quality, programming or producer. The visual choices are incredible, as you are able to modify the shades, font styles, features and so on. It takes complete advantage of web safe Google font styles, and it contains complete localization support. The information choices are also quite comprehensive, leading to an account that will leave potential companies and customers seeking more. There are unlimited search implementations that fill more content on the fly, and a layered PSD is also included for those looking to create another exclusive style based on this theme.



Nikka is a huge package of functions hidden as a WordPress theme. The wide range of material that it offers is truly amazing, allowing any user the various resources needed for the production of a great on the internet user profile. It provides over 40 kinds of user profile items, it is retina ready, and it functions innovative theme choices with versatile animation. In the internet, you must know how to sell both yourself and your product, and the Ajax user profile and blog configurations will help you make a long-lasting impact. Nikka can be used by any type of innovative person that wants to determine a web page, and even by organizations that aim to enhance those people. The reason for its reputation is that it meets a primary need: the need to show your material in the most attractive and beautiful way. Even those that want to write can take advantage the highly effective AJAX functions. The convenience of the design allows for an increased degree of versatility, assisting you to attract the audience. Remember, you have only seconds to make an impact on someone, so use them smartly. The designers have involved an amazing number of 40 different variety templates layouts, and versatile movement where you may modify the speed and effects. Everywhere you look you will find sensible choices, such as off canvas navigation menus routing choices.


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