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Sponsored Reviews
We publish detailed unbiased reviews of product and services. Through reviews we try to highlight the features of the product, if it is good or bad and some details about how to use the product.

We will try each product we review and get a feel of the product before we go ahead and publish the review article.

Price: $150

Banner Ads
We also provide you option to promote your products through banner ads which will be placed in the right sidebar and will be visible on every page of the site.

300 X 250 Banner :
Price – $190 for 30 days

This is a site-wide banner which will be placed in the right sidebar of the site and all the traffic which lands on the homepage or the single page articles will see your ad.

125 X 125 Banner :
Price – $90 for 30 days

These are the sticky ads in the right sidebar, these ads will register the maximum impression as they will stick in the right sidebar of the site even if the user scrolls down the page.


The reviews and sponsored posts will be labelled as sponsored posts and the links will have ‘rel=nofollow’ tag.

We will try our best to bring your reviewed article to as many users as possible through our incoming traffic, social media and by sharing on third party communities, but we don’t guarantee any specific amount of traffic or sales.

And we also reserve the right to cancel your work by refunding your amount.

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