20 Best Google Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes For Blog, Magazine and Business Websites 2016

Adsense marketing is a great way to increase your click-through amount, by technological innovation little information which matter. Things like positioning of advertisements and the size of the ads themselves are important, even though it might seem like an insignificant matter. Several companies have been making an effort to provide WordPress styles which are enhanced to increase your click-through amount. The secret to success is to get the perfect balance between advertisements and material.

The advertisements must be present but not obnoxious; the information must still be master. Adsense is by far the simplest money making means for a simple website such as blogs, market sites, journal, and information and boards because it doesn’t require any technological information to installation and use. It is also the best spending CPC/PPC system due to its great reputation as well as competitors between promoters.

AdSense and SEO goes turn available and you can get much greater CPC from natural visitors that comes from Search engines than from public or immediate visitors because natural visitors is much more focused.

Enough about AdSense itself because you are here looking for a AdSense Enhanced WordPress concept theme and here you will find the best ones. I kept out spam looking styles that are meant to technique people to simply just click ads and remaining those that are well developed with great consumer experience and with a good rule platform. Enjoy!

After choosing one of these WordPress Google Adsense Themes, you will need a self-hosted WordPress website in order to use it.

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  3. Install WordPress: At some hosts you have to manually install WordPress. Not at Bluehost. Just log into your dashboard and click the install button and everything is take care of for you.
  4. Install Your Theme: Now for the fun part. Choose your favourite theme from this list and follow these directions on how to install it.


WordX is a sophisticated, moderate WordPress concept theme, best employed by online publications, material aggregators, travel blogs and perhaps photojournalists. WordX is constructed to manage large amounts of material and large, high quality pictures and press, foundations of content-based websites. The common design viewpoint behind WordX is complete user control of issues as different as color, print designs, fonts, child designs, and pretty much all that can be visited (or hovered) can be modified to fit your website’s visual or overall tone. Developing on this excessive personalization potential, WordX then combines a sequence of features for building your website from a catch-all of personalized resources to a glowing shining example of material for your entire designed census.

Right off the bat is the terminology interpretation function, which immediately provides your posts in a multitude of ‘languages’ verbal in many countries by enormous amounts of customers. Add to this WordX’s effective SEO marketing, and you’ll have a countless new customers each day, stuttering upon your posts on their preferred search engines Google. WordX’s popularly low jump prices will keep the greater part of these in your website, where the Slide carousel function will show them the very best you have to offer, getting you early subscribers easily. And all of this nourishes into WordX’s local AdSense incorporation, switching this whole go to a successful once, all of a sudden!



Pinstagram is a responsive, widget-ready, SEO-ready, multi-language, WordPress 4.1+ suitable concept theme. In brief, it has everything that every other concept theme has too, making the most essential concerns regarding whether the individual who is purchasing it actually prefers how it looks. Or is that true? Well, Pinstagram actually statements to be packed filled with emotional chicanery which causes visitors to get with the information. It is along with for each marketing that seems like an actual devil of a concept. Appear to be you’d get that back the next day from Adsense. Or maybe that’s just emotional chicanery. Anyway, it is a very cute concept theme so you wouldn’t be ‘losing money’ in the most stringent feeling of the word.



Sahifa is the WordPress equal to a Europe Military Blade. This awesome concept theme is full of awesome features, each applied in order to improve your website. Sahifa offers the best of both planets, as it is highly effective, yet wonderful and user-friendly. Such advancement usually comes at a cost. With other styles, many complicated website components can have trouble changing the smaller displays of cellular phones. Fortunately, Sahifa has removed all resizing and interface problems. Product and smartphone customers will be able to easily access your content. In addition, design will work with any web browser and operating system. There is no limit to this theme’s flexibility.

Your site structure will have 3 variations: Boxed, Wide, and Framed. You can quickly change these configurations at any time. For many small businesses, marketing is a significant part of their business strategy plan. Sahifa has integrated the WooCommerce plug-in, enabling for the development of on the internet business online shops. This is a very efficient product, given that countless numbers of sites from across the world have selected WooCommerce. Large webpages can only develop if they can hold many of customers. With WPML abilities, you can now focuses on people from non-English discussing viewers, in order to increase your perspective depend.



Newspaper is an amazing WordPress Concept theme that is made to be both convenient and responsive. It is best suited for content-rich websites like blogs which it arranges well in different ways in different groups. It has innovative typography and several fonts print styles, shades and background scenes. Its smooth look and experience is sure to thrill. Now for a little bit of money anyone can have an expertly looking website.

NewsPaper provides various publish templates layouts and press wealthy functions which can display an amazing array of material. There is a demo available which reveals what a wonderful website it can make. Design is nice and convenient, working well on all gadgets devices. It is enhanced for rate and to work well with other websites, it also has seo integrated. The material can be quickly converted into other ‘languages’ so your website can be utilized by anyone, anywhere. It has a user-friendly navigation routing with an eye which makes it simple to find your way around. With the amount of choices and functions there’s no end to the things you can do with it. It has many useful segments such as a function area to display your best new material and a writer area so people can adhere to their preferred members.



Flick is a press focused concept from the cut-price MyThemeShop. Despite their low costs, these styles come with exactly the same opportunities offered by the designers from other companies, preserve for WooCommerce, since it is to be predicted they are too far in competitors with WooThemes to want to pander to them. The concept theme is, like every other concept right now, Adsense enhanced, with a responsive structure and a fresh, personalized style. Gone are the periods of those firm styles which were not enhanced for anything and offered only one typeface (Times New Roman). This is the new age, and this concept keeps up with that very well. This styles from the designer, it’s value a try. You’re likely to see something you think is value having.



Interactive is a grounded, affordable WordPress concept theme that allows anyone to easily style their ideal, top quality web page. The design style viewpoint behind Interactive is suitable to website owners that have a need to go to town in an enchanting establishing to their visitors, enabling for a boasting connections. A veritable cornucopia of realistic options and features are available for improving web page. These highly effective, flexible tools will definitely make an indication on your audiences, attractive them to sign up to your content. If you wish to get a feel for the concept theme itself before putting out anything, there is a live demo of it applied currently available.

Options for making your website get noticed are limitless and assurance that no two sites using this concept theme will look as well. Unlimited combinations of colors, an amount of Google Fonts exceeding 630 automated language terminology interpretation features to globalize your effect and effect across latitudes and longitudes, this concept theme definitely has it all. And an unusual feature; the off fabric mobile selection that conceals instantly when not in use will pleasure your customers.

In addition, Interactive is designed to have minimal bounce rates and no apparent lag, parsing at light speed. Running times are rather rapid, to the significant advantage of your online search engine results positioning positions. A multiple of performance and convenience with the best of both planets, this theme is certainly one to watch.



TruePixel is constructed on MyThemeShop’s signature structure, which is product new and was launched not long back. The advantages consist of enhanced running time on the site and with the icons, amongst other awesome pieces of information such as the fact that it has been hand-written with HTML5 and CSS3, and cleared up for included legibility. The site, of course, is responsive and Adsense enhanced as well as SEO enhanced and every other type of optimization you can think of. In short, it is optimal. It is a very as well as simple concept theme. MyThemeShop also provides opportunity to get all 67 of their themes. I don’t anticipate many people buy just one.



ADMAG is an extremely intelligent and smartly written, designer friendly and greatly efficient, very practical and lightning-fast, professional and efficient, brilliant and younger, clean and fresh-faced sensitive WordPress blog and journal concept theme. ADMAG is a wonderfully highly effective concept theme that features prosperity of features to relieve the process of developing and keeping your own weblog or journal web page, as well as many other similar web page tasks, with no programming experience required and amazing visible results every single time. Where ADMAG truly performs exceptionally well, however, is when it comes to earning cash your web page businesses?

ADMAG is a really and exclusively AdSense-optimized theme, thoroughly completed with practical ad placement prevents, banner ads and choices for subtler or more powerful ad placement choices. Plenty of personalization choices are plentiful when it comes to developing your ADMAG website with AdSense, as well as with many other suitable ad placement income systems. ADMAG is very versatile in that way, with a completely stated and substantially recorded program code that can easily be tailored to any need or need you may experience. ADMAG has been built on a Bootstrap base that makes it naturally responsive across a wide range of devices, internet web browsers and screen sizes. Make a lot of money with ADMAG!



Well, with this concept theme they certainly know how to attraction to the sluggish Adsense customer. They say “No more fiddling around with complicated ad places and concept modifying. The ad areas are all widget zed, significance you can just click and preserve for ad placements”. Appears to be amazing. Published in HTML5 and CSS3, this responsive, enhanced concept theme will stay clean for a few years yet. It has public networking interface and facilitates endless colors and background scenes. They’ve even included some awesome specs to the back-end of the theme, enabling you to completely personalize your own dash panel to make it “prettier to look at”. The website is fast and SEO enhanced, guaranteeing that after you’ve attracted your client to the website you don’t carried them with patiently waiting times.


The Voux

The Voux is a very responsive, retina-ready and extensive journal concept theme for WordPress. Web pages are completely personalized through the Visual Composer from which user-friendly headers may be designed, together with super choices which make use of labels, sub-categories and/or groups as an origin. Place the ‘Home’ header either in the middle or on the left of the web page and also include an ‘In information detail’ web page header.

Browsing through information content on the site is ideally designed for users as the next article loads while they search scroll down. The link on the internet browser also up-dates as the site being viewed changes. This feature is possible from unlimited scrolling. Besides information content, the theme also features stylish full-screen galleries.

The Voux also features public media plug-ins such as Facebook, tweets, Google plus, and Pinterest which is a first for ThemeForest. Discussing information is saved via WordPress and is noticeable even on the after sales. Storage cache period for the information and choice of public social networking sites to be used can be customized through Concept theme Options. Lastly, the theme can be seen on all gadgets without limiting the quality of the page or any of the components.


Meganews Responsive AdSense WordPress Magazine Theme

Meganews has a lot of functions, and it doesn’t think twice to tell you about them. It has a responsive design, drag and drop layout builder structure designer, several publish structure, endless sidebars and colors, it is retina prepared and has several publish icons and widgets. Now that’s over, let’s see what else it can do. Compared with the other ThemeForest styles I considered formerly, this one is only appropriate for bbPress, not the variety other plug-ins promoted formerly. There’s also no reference to Bootstrap which is a little concerning. It comes along with the WPML multilingual plug-in, which reveals up an actual globe of possibilities to its entrepreneurs and guests. Merge this with a sneakily placed ad, and you’re onto a champion. This concept theme seems like it might be good. It’s difficult to tell when every concept theme is operating almost exactly the same requirements, though.



If you are looking for WordPress concept theme that could help you effectively generate income from your style, information or journal web page. This theme is completely responsive and resizes sleekly different types of gadgets and display dimensions. It provides customers easy-to-customize concept theme structure, thanks to its highly effective structure operated by Tweets Bootstrap technological innovation. Giant WordPress concept theme allows you to set up your web page just the way you want through the Planetshine Control Board.

The theme’s wonderful typography helps you gain the attention of your focus on web guests as well as deliver your brand concept across the web. This theme comes with highly effective short codes and icons, customizable sidebar and let web page administration modify appearance of Goliath using live visible editor manager. It also offers a unique compound parallax background to make your site qualifications come in existence. Developing, organizing and planning certain factor in your web site are simple and fast thanks to Visual Composer that is fully incorporated in the concept theme. Including creatively attractive slider mobile phones to your web site is also trouble-free because Giant WordPress concept comes with Slider Revolution plug-in.

This contemporary and adsense-optimized concept theme contains a drag and drop mega menu super selection to improve the design of your site and improve routing in your site. Goliath also contains Product Review function designed for reviewers. Moreover, this theme is WooCommerce prepared so you can set up an online store within your site without a hassle. With its bbPress plug-in incorporation, you are able to make your site become more public and entertaining. This theme is also WPML Ready, contains PSD information, contemporary exhibits, Auto hot articles and Smart Sidebar. This concept theme comes with amazing ads management function that lets you set up and arranges the banner ads or Google Ads in your site. This theme is features a strong public networking incorporation and fully enhanced for Search Engine Optimization.


Truemag: AD & AdSense Optimized Magazine

Truemag features greatest monetization; you’d certainly wish so. In exercise, the advertisements do slide in and out, weaving between the content and border into your side-line perspective. The concept theme is responsive, guaranteeing the existence of ads regardless of the system being used. It comes with two different styles, based on a tone of the site you might want to either use light or black. What’s more, the theme is appropriate for WooCommerce – how’s that for greatest monetization? Fortunately, for those who like remodeling the styles right at the origin, the rule has been effectively published and is in accordance to W3C requirements. In fact, most of the compliment obtained is regarding their extremely fresh rule. That makes a big consist of some other concept theme suppliers.



In many ways, the web is like the Crazy West: only those with an business soul can endure. GoodLife is an AdSense WordPress concept theme for customers who understand the requirements of the market. It allows you to art jaw-dropping sites that are sure to make an impression on many guests. A great balance must be hit with marketing, because too many ads can actually prevent people from often visiting your page. Effective entrepreneurs understand that the position of ads is the first thing. Fortunately, the Visual Composer plug-in makes it simple for online marketers to arrange ads and personalize their templates.

Upon installation, GoodLife will have perfect Jetpack and Public Incorporation. Social networking profiles are recovered in durations which are determined by the manager. You can even track your position on online search engine results positioning positions, due to the Rankie WordPress plug-in. In addition, this concept has the Essential Grid plug-in, which allows users to display multiple material types in an individualized grid. GoodLife is compatible with any device, regardless of its monitor size. Your posts can be displayed on mobile phones, laptop computers, tablets, or personal computers. Be sure to access the concept theme preview, for more information.



The internet is the new frontier for committed business owners. Many popular websites handle to get an incredible number of opinions, and that attention can be promoted. Divi is an AdSense Enhanced WordPress concept theme that is aware of on the internet marketing and ad positioning. Its excellent design and stunning templates will be able to draw in ratings of clients and supporters. With Divi, the sky’s the limit! When trying to obtain income via on the internet marketing, you must attempt to gain mass-appeal. Divi allows online marketers to focus on international census, given that it is fully-translatable. It even facilitates right to left writing.

With this concept theme, you can relax understanding that resizing mistakes were removed. Indeed, your content and ads can be presented on the displays of mobile phones, personal computer systems, laptop computer systems and tablets. Cross-browser interface was involved as well. Generally, Divi is a versatile solution for any skilled business owner. In conditions of personalization, the owner is given overall independence. There are lots of possible configurations and options for web site. You can either build templates on your own, or transfer pre-made editions. Regardless of your choice, the result will look amazing. For those who wish to example Divi without having to spend any money, a live concept theme preview was included.


ProStore – Modern Magazine Theme

The designers don’t have that much to say about ProStore, but it certainly looks excellent from the stay live demo. The advertisements are simple and discreet, but maybe that’s because they’re encased out as a less heavy color of greyish with the language ‘advertisement’ in small red written text. Actually, an advertisement is a blinking and eye-catching image, not just a different color and small writing. The concept theme is completely responsive and appropriate for WooCommerce, bbPress and BuddyPress, to name a few. It is retina ready; SEO enhanced and will convert well into other ‘languages’. It’s uncertain how these statements can be done about a text-less concept theme, but okay. This theme is only a few several weeks old, but it has been consistently repaired, displaying that the designers do at least proper worry about it.



This is a paper idea which is enhanced for Adsense. It means to increase income, which would be an eye-catching idea if Adsense income didn’t almost entirely rely on how well-known your site is in the first place… Anyway, maybe the typography, endless background scenes, colors and responsive structure will help you get well-known in the end so you can lastly benefit from the Adsense benefits. Developed with HTML5 and CSS3, this theme idea is nice and fresh up to date. It was hand-written with clean rule which must be one of the most considerations there is, even if it is believed to just be a lot of rubbish under the outer lining. It’s a fascinating idea to look at, with fascinating styles in MyThemeShop’s collection.



Newspaper is an amazing WordPress Concept theme that is made to be both convenient and responsive. It is best suited for content-rich websites like blogs which it arranges well in different ways in different groups. It has innovative typography and several fonts print styles, shades and background scenes. Its smooth look and experience is sure to thrill. Now for a little bit of money anyone can have an expertly looking website.

NewsPaper provides various publish templates layouts and press wealthy functions which can display an amazing array of material. There is a demo available which reveals what a wonderful website it can make. Design is nice and convenient, working well on all gadgets devices. It is enhanced for rate and to work well with other websites, it also has seo integrated. The material can be quickly converted into other ‘languages’ so your website can be utilized by anyone, anywhere. It has a user-friendly navigation routing with an eye which makes it simple to find your way around. With the amount of choices and functions there’s no end to the things you can do with it. It has many useful segments such as a function area to display your best new material and a writer area so people can adhere to their preferred members.


Magazine – Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme

As the market conventional goes, this is a responsive Bootstrap WordPress concept theme, SEO enhanced, works with WooCommerce, AJAX and a vast number of icons and widgets. Of course it is, though; you can believe everything has these functions these days, or no one would buy it. Who’s going to scroll back and forth on their iPhone to complete the end of the sentence? The functions record is almost too long to search down don’t worry about study – features consist of endless print styles and colors, kid concept assistance and 7+ website templates layouts with assistance from 8 customized widgets which have been rewritten especially for Journal. Is it another concept theme which creates it audio like your site will be a printed out publication? Yes. Does it look worth? Actually, yes.



This is your own writing a blog concept which means to “transform your regular looking web page into an overall stunner”. I wouldn’t like to be the one to tell them that this actually looks exactly like a regular looking web page. Regardless of how enhanced it is, it is a little bit boring to look at. And not in an inactive way, in a way that allows you to think this is actually just old looking and definitely frustrating. Maybe it’s the colors and images used on the demo concept theme, and if that is the situation, there is the regular choice to select from endless colors and personalize the concept so it is entirely unrecognizable in its unique type. This theme would look a lot more intense with ads on it, so that could hardly be known as enhanced. There isn’t even any area for them. This concept theme as part of a package of 67 other styles themes from MyThemeShop.


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